look of the day | subtle purple sparkle

I really love purple eyeshadow especially for brown eyes. I think it really adds a wide awake look to the entire face. I added subtle shimmer to the inner corner of the lids to further brighten the look. This was my first time using the Lip Plumpers from Jane Iredale and I love them! They are super moisturizing and wear really well. This color paired perfectly with the look I was going for.


♥ face:

♥ eyes:

♥ lips:



Do you ever wear purple eyeshadow? If so what is your favorite?



*no products were sponsored in this post.


  1. you look beautiful in these colours! i was wondering, did you get anything from the marilyn mac collection?

    • Thanks so much!! No! I was really wanting to but honestly I really am trying to only use non-toxic beauty products and unfortunately MAC is not non-toxic. I was thinking of buying a few lipsticks to indulge and I still might… we will see :)

  2. beautiful! i love purple shadow on brown eyes (like, ahem, mine and yours, ha!). thanks for posting your makeup list. eyeshadow is one of the last things i need to “clean up” in my cosmetics. i got rid of a ton of old, dirty eyeshadow and am down to my last couple of palettes of colors i love…but aren’t the cleanest. guess this means a shopping trip soon! :)

    • Thank you darling!! Eyeshadow is still something I am working on cleaning up as well.. I have so many urban decay and mac palettes that I don’t use anymore and it makes me sad sometimes because I loved them so much… I like to think that if I really want to indulge that they are there and I can but for the most part I really just haven’t wanted to wear any makeup that has such nasty chemicals in it but I’m not perfect and I cheat sometimes ;) I’m having hard time finding really, really good eyeshadows that are natural though. I fell in love with the eyeshadow palettes from The Balm. have you tried them? They are paraben free and do not contain 95% of harmful ingredients. They were the perfect eyeshadows for me to switch over to when I was cleaning out my beauty items but they still have a few ingredients that are not wonderful so I am in the process of trying to find more. Alima Pure has really good ones and so does jane iredale. If you don’t mind a few ingredients that are iffy then I would definitely suggest trying the shady lady palettes from the balm, I think you’d love them. They really are amazing.

    • oh I forgot to mention Zuzu Luxe eyeshadows! I just bought another tonight.. they are pressed and SUPER pigmented. they remind me of MAC shadows. You should definitely check them out!

  3. I love purple eyeshadows! I haven’t particularly found the one that is truly purple form a natural brand, but I love using the colour ‘taupe’ by Kjaer Weis in Wisdom and RMS Beauty in Magnetic. Kjaer Weis is releasing their true purple eyeshadow, but my local store doesn’t have a stock of it yet, so I will get a hold of that when it’s out. Yay!

    Are zuzu luxe eyeshadows that good? I have been searching for ones that are matte, most of them contain shimmer :(


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