DIY | Natural and Non-Toxic Black Eyeliner

There are many amazing eyeliners on the market but many of them contain extremely harmful ingredients. I have searched for really clean eyeliners that work well and don’t irritate my eyes and although I have come across a few eye pencils that I do love, my current favorite gel eyeliner from 100% Pure that I use regularly. I also like the idea of having my own back-up recipe in case I run out of the eyeliner or if I just want an even more natural eyeliner to use. I really love to create glamorous, cat-eye looks. I was tempted to make something myself that was not only affordable but easy to create, that would last me all day! Let’s face it, raccoon eyes are not ideal!

I decided to try Activated Charcoal as I have bottles of the capsules around my house (activated charcoal has amazing benefits for the stomach, intestines and is sufficient at pulling toxins out of our bodies). I noticed how rich and black the powder in the capsules were and thought to mix it with water to make an eyeliner. After researching online I found out that it is a pretty popular ingredient to create homemade eyeliners.  You can make the eyeliner with just the charcoal and water but I find that the oil helps to make the liner more creamy and long-lasting, almost like a gel-liner or liquid-liner. This liner lasted me all day without smudging or getting runny!! I’m impressed!



This recipe calls for only two ingredients and is extremely easy to make, a little messy, but oh-so worth it for cleopatra-like eyes ;)

What You Need:

What To Do:

  • Open up 1-3 charcoal capsule and pour the powder into a tiny bowl or empty eyeshadow pot.
  • Add in a 1/2 teaspoon of Coconut Oil. (more or less depending on how thick you want your liner to be)
  • Stir the charcoal and the coconut oil with your finger, a spoon, sticks or an eyeliner brush until the eyeliner is liquid and paint-like.
  • Store the mixture in an empty eyeshadow pan or pot or any type of jar with a lid that you can keep the eyeliner in.
  • Use an eyeliner brush to apply the liner to your eyes and you’re all done!


  • For blacker liner: Add more activated charcoal to mixture
  • For thicker liner: Add less coconut oil to mixture

Notes: Making this eyeliner can be a bit messy as you can see above. Try not to get it on your clothes! It will wash off skin but you will see that it is very long-wearing as it took me a few washes to get the mixture off of my fingers and hands!! The coconut oil makes the liner last longer than if it were just mixed with water. You can also make mascara and eyeshadow using these ingredients.


Have you ever made your own eyeliner or other makeup products?

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  1. Very interesting. And how is the staying power?

    • It depends on how much charcoal and coconut oil you use. I find that for me it lasts very well throughout the day but it also depends on your skin type and how oily your eye lids are!

  2. That’s definitely something I should try since I use an eyeliner almost every day!

  3. That’s a genius idea.

  4. Hi Britanie! I LOVE your Eye liner and can’t wait to try it. How creative. or

  5. Reblogged this on –Rubber Ducky Leaked– and commented:
    Natural Eyeliner recipe! my favourite!

  6. <3 this! I've been wanting to try this but it's hard to get activated charcoal here in Singapore. I have eyelid eczema so there are very few liquid eyeliners that can work for me. How long does it last on your eyelids? :)

    • I have recently had bouts of eyelid eczema and it’s so annoying. I feel your pain. I think this would be good for you because the Coconut oil is so soothing and Charcoal is non-toxic. It lasts quite awhile for me but it depends on your eyelids, etc.

  7. i wanna see pics of you wearing this, b!

  8. Haha wow, i seriously cannot believe two lil things canmake eyeliner! i concur make a post with your pretty self wearing your own eyeliner!

  9. Amazing tip! We call it Kajal here in pakistan, which is more or less made the same way, but mixed in pure butter instead of oil. I cant wait to make it.

  10. This is amazing! I love your concoctions. I use an activated charcoal mask.. It’s wonderful to learn other ways to use it. xoxo

  11. so creative my dear


  13. Reblogged this on Sincerely, Whitney and commented:
    check out this AMAZING homemade eyeliner! im in LOVE and cant wait to try this out!

  14. I never actually realised you could make makeup (other than flavoured vaseline everyone makes as a kid), this is amazing.
    i’d really appreciate some constructive criticism on my blog?

  15. Natanya Green says:

    Yes! Thanks Britanie – I totally need a replacement eyeliner and hate the idea of spending money on something toxic. The eyeliner I’ve been buying at Target has AMAZING staying power (I can swim with it even!) so its so cool to hear that this also lasted all day. Will definitely be trying it out soon.


  16. I tried this and it smudged very easily. :(

  17. Mix in some beeswax, and you’ll have longer staying power for those oily lids! :)

  18. Anonymous says:

    What do you think about adding witch hazel? Would that mix okay?

  19. Thank you for the recipe, it sounds so easy to make. :-) My question is Can you use it inside the eye? I like to use eyeliner inside the eye only.

  20. We do this in India all the time!! Its safe inside the eye & also for infants

  21. Is it save to use on the waterline?

    • Yes. It is safe but with anything, you should test it out first because anyone can be sensitive to something. Charcoal is non-toxic so it won’t harm you but you could have a sensitivity. I would patch test it first.

  22. I love this!! I did it today on my waterline, and it lasted all day! Even after I washed my face with olive oil. Thank you! I love your blog. I just started switching over to a non toxic life, about 3 weeks ago. I started with making all of my own “home” products, and eating clean. I’m also a make-up artist, so it just makes sense that I should be putting non toxic things on my face too. Thanks again!!

  23. What’s the shelf life for this product?

  24. How long does it last ??

  25. This sounds great, I’ve been looking for a good natural eyeliner. I’m just concerned about its safety. I’ve heard if you get activated charcoal in your eye you need to seek medical attention immediately: Have you heard of this?

  26. Mya Anjumma says:

    Can I use vaseline instead of coconut oil?

  27. Is it safe for infants? My daughters 2 months and shes going to be a kitty cat for halloween I want to add litttle baby wiskers on her face. I wanna use somethimg natural and thats less harmful to her skin

  28. What is the shelf life for this? Does it need to be refrigerated?


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