GIVEAWAY! Jane Iredale Goodies + Other Treats! *CLOSED*


Just because summer is technically over doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be using SPF daily and preserving a healthy summer glow. So today I bring you a wonderful giveaway to help with that. This giveaway features some amazing products from Jane Iredale which I use daily and absolutely love. The Powder-Me SPF is perfect for on-the go SPF touch ups and never leaves over a white cast. The Pommist is so refreshing and the LipDrink is delightful and helps to keep your lips protected from the sun while moisturizing at the same time!

I also added in a few goodies including the most delicious brown sugar candle and some healthy and yummy teas to enjoy during the Fall and Winter months!


What You Will Win:

  • Jane Iredale POMMIST Hydration Spray (full size)
  • Jane Iredale Tantasia  (two sample sizes)
  • Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF30  (sample size)
  • Jane Iredale LipDrink (full size AND sample size)
  • Jane Iredale Cosmetic Bag
  • Flora & Fauna Brown Sugar Cinnamon Hand Poured Soy Candle
  • Wisdom Nectar Wake-Up Teas (Black Sage Tea, Purifying & Rejuvenating Tea and Happy Qi Tea)

How To Win:

  1. Leave a comment telling me if you are familiar with Jane Iredale products and if you love them as much as I do!
  2. “Like” my Facebook page (If you already like it, please share this giveaway on your wall or with friends. If you don’t have a Facebook page then subscribe to my blog via email which is located on the sidebar of the main page.)

The winner will be randomly picked and announced back here on this post on 11/10/13


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  1. I have never tried Jane Iredale products. This is such a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I have yet to try Jane Iredale products but would love the opportunity to give them a try! :)
    Love your blog by the way!

  3. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying any JI products yet!

  4. Jennifer H. says:

    I’ve tried a couple of Jane Iredale products, but would love to try some more. Great giveaway, Britanie!

  5. I’m new to Jane Iredale’s products as I only have 2. I have one of the new Pure Moist Lipsticks in Hannah (beautiful shade) & Jane Iredale Active Light Under-eye Concealer, No 2. I’d love to try more of her line. I’ll be subscribing to your blog via email next. Thanks for the opportunity. Is the candle available online?

  6. I love Jane Iredale! I use her BB cream everyday and swear it makes my skin look better and better with every use! I also use Amazing Base pressed powder daily. One of my go to eye shadows is Dawn by Jane. It’s a perfect taupe and lasts all day! During the summer months I wear Jane’s blush in Whisper. One word-beautiful. I can’t say enough about Jane Iredale and her thoughtful, beautiful products. She is a genius!

  7. I have not tried any of the Jane Iredale products yet. But based on your reviews, it has been added to my list of brands to try. I am excited about this giveaway ~ but even if I am not the lucky winner – I will be trying them soon! <3

  8. gahh your giveaways have been especially wonderful lately! this giveaway makes me so excited! i’ve been looking for a new quality candle, am a tea obsessive and have been dying to try a jane iredale product for a long time. i have heard so much about her products from the blogosphere but just haven’t taken the plunge yet
    thank you so much for the chance + love your blog and how informative + passionate you are about the organic, natural world of beauty <3

  9. Marlena M says:

    I’m familiar with this line but I’ve yet to try it. This is a seriously great giveaway! Liking on FB too.

  10. Wow- I love my Jane Iredale lip definer in spice. (It perfectly matches my lips so I don’t look like a clown when my lip gloss wears off!) I also have the botanical brush cleaner. It smells amazing and keeps my brushes bacteria free!

  11. I have only ever tried the Lip Gloss and loved it. Would like to try more!

  12. I have never heard jane iredale but I would love to try them out!! Thank you for the generous give away xxx

  13. I LOVE Jane Iredale products. The powder me SPF sunscreen is my go-to for my face every day. I like the liquid liners, shadows, tinted moisturizer, and mineral foundation. I haven’t tried any of their lip products and I have been eyeing that hydration spray for a while now. I’d love to give them a go. Plus, those teas sound delish! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Twitter: @EC0diva
    Facebook: Heather Ecoholic-Diva
    P.S. Loved your post on becoming a natural beauty warrior!

  14. I love Jane iredale! I was introduced to their products 3 years ago. My favorite is their multicolor in “L.A.”.

  15. I have heard of Jane Iredale products, but have yet to try them. I am slowly switching over to more natural products in regards to skin care and beauty and would love to find good natural beauty products that work! :)

  16. Jane Iredale is awesome! I’ve got really sensitive skin and I’ve never had a reaction from JI products. I’m just getting into natural cosmetics and wish I had sooner.

  17. I love Jane Iredale, they are one of the only companies I have found that is good for your skin and actually matches my very pale skin. I use their pressed foundation and on occasion when skin is misbehaving (which is quite often lately) their BB cream-flawless finish!!!

  18. No, I have never tried anything by Jane Iredale, but I would love to try their products.

  19. I am a big fan of Jane Iredale – I use her mineral pressed powder foundation every day and also the matte powder blush in parfait! Would love to try other products from her line. :)

  20. I would love to try Jane Iredale as it is a natural skincare company that I cannot access locally. I began following your blog to discover a greater variety of natural products and cosmetics to stem the chemical onslaught my skin gets! I any other recommendations from this line would be fab :) x

  21. Would love to try Jane Iredale!

  22. I love Jane Iredale products! especially the Disappear Concealer.

  23. Wow, frankly, I have never heard of them! This is partly why I love following your blog! You always recommend such great products. :) I will be sure to check these out, the powder with the high SPF looks very promising, as I have fair skin and I am having trouble finding a good organic sunblock which I can apply to my face without it causing a greasy effect (my skin also happens to be oily… just my luck…).

  24. Have heard so much about this line but did not yet have the chance to try anything. This is a fantastic giveaway!!

  25. The Jane Iredale products aren’t available where I live, and I have been dying to try them since seeing them featured on your blog many times! I’m sure, that given the opportunity to try them, I would love them as much as you do! Thankyou for your generous spirit, Britanie!

  26. mssuzanne says:

    I have never heard of these products, but am always open to trying new things. :)

  27. Katherine says:

    I’ve never tried Jane Iredale, though I’ve admired some of her products. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Christina says:

    I use and love the lip fixation and the 24 karat gold powders. They work as a highlighter, eye shadow or great to mix in with your body lotion. I have really been wanting to try the powder me SPF so I would love to win this.

  29. Love the brightening undereye concealer!

  30. This is such an incredible giveaway! I use Jane Iredale mineral foundation and LOVE it. I’ve always wanted to try more products from the line.
    The Grass Skirt

  31. I would love to win this for my daughter—I definitely haven’t used a Jane Iredale product and she hasn’t either! Would be great to win this to give to her on her birthday

  32. Jennifer Wilson says:

    I haven’t tried anything from Jane Iredale yet but the products sound wonderful!

  33. Really nice products. I’ve never tried this brand but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I don’t use facebook but I’m already a subscriber of yours. :)

  34. Sadie Gallagher says:

    I love Jane Iredale! Im obsessed with their lash conditioner which I use as a primer, and I have a lot of their products on my wish list! I just talked one of my friends into purchasing the lash conditioner and mascara as well!

  35. I have never tried those products but I would love to! <3 wonderful blog c: thanks so much for the generous giveaway xx <3

  36. Love, Jane Iredale! The corrective colors palette is my favorite!

  37. A new friend of mine recently introduced me to Jane Iredale products. I haven’t ordered it yet, but I’m about to purchase the lash conditioner and Longest Lash mascara. My friends loves the brand and I’m looking forward to trying it, and continuing to convert to more natural beauty products.

  38. I’m relatively new to the line but love their lip products!

  39. Jane Iredale is one of my favorite beauty companies.Her customer service is fantastic!

  40. I have never tried Jane Iredale products. But I am a beauty blogger and love trying and reviewing new things! I’d like to try the lip drink or the powder me. And who wouldn’t want to try the candle!

  41. I have never tried a Jane Iredale product but I would really really like to! Im just beginning to get into organic beauty and save up for some quality products.
    Thank you for another fantastic giveaway, Britanie! You’re the best

  42. ~ I have heard about Jane Iredale Products before but I have never had the chance to actually try any. One of my friends from school recommended me their products especially the mist. She would always say how much she is obsessed with the mist and that her skin had never felt so good and refreshing.
    Thank you Britanie for giving us this amazing opportunity to enter in this giveaway. ~

  43. I’ve never tried Jane Iredale, but I have wanted to for a while now. I’d love to win so I can give them a try!

  44. I have heard so many good things about Jane Iredale but have never been able to try them so winning would be well “winning”!

  45. I actually hadn’t heard of them before but they sound wonderful!

  46. I’ve heard good things about their products but never tired them. I love trying new things and would love to try them. Awesome Giveaway. Hope I win

  47. I never tried Jane Iredale products but i am sure i would love them as much as you do !

  48. I have never tried Jane Irredale but heard MANY great things about the brand. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Xx

  49. This is one beautiful giveway, it already feels like Christmas. Well, coincidently, Jane Iredale was the very first natural beauty product I purchased (I’m actually going to do a post about it soon). It was the Jane Iredale, Zip and Hide Blemish concealer. Now I absolutely love with Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain Forever Pink. Jane Iredale offers such incredible variety of products, but I haven’t tried any of the products of your giveway, which makes it even more exciting :) Thank you for this wonderful giveaway Britanie!

  50. I’ve been dying to try some Jane Iredale products! I have only ever tried the pommist spray in the past, and it’s perfect for setting makeup! I would love the opportunity to try it again :-)

  51. I never tried Jane Iredale but I think a small kiosk just opened up at a mall here in HK :3 definitely curious! Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Jennifer K says:

    I’m familiar with the products and would love to try more. I will be sharing the post on Facebook.

  53. What a phenomenal Giveaway Britney! I work with Jane Iredale every single day! It is such an amazing line.

  54. I’ve never heard of Jane Iredale products but I hope I’ll be able to love them as much as you do too! (: I’m following you via Bloglovin :D

  55. mangomadness says:

    I have not tried any Jane Iredale products but I will in the future.

  56. I love Jane Iredale! I use the pressed powder foundation daily and my favorite lipstick is her Relish lip stain/gloss combo.

  57. I love Jane Iredale! I use the pressed powder foundation daily and my favorite lip product is the lip stain/gloss combo in Relish.

  58. I’ve only tried the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt and it is amazing! I’ve wanted to try a few of her actual makeup products for a while now.

  59. I haven’t tried anything from Jane Iredale but I’ve heard amazing things! Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. I’m not familiar with Jane Iredale but I’d like to be!

  61. I haven’t tried any Jane Iredale products but I want to! I have heard great things!

  62. Have not yet tried a Jane Iredale product but I am dying to! I’m obsessed with your blog Britanie and thank you for the chance!

  63. fb fan ana amanti
    i have tried their pencil eyeliner i think in black and still have it . it doesn’t irritate my eyes and is nice .

  64. There’s quite a few Jane Iredale products I’ve been eyeing but haven’t be able to buy yet. But I am so excited to try them out!

    I just love your blog and your makeup looks. It’s definitely inspired me to be more natural in the products I use. :)

  65. Megan Caton says:

    I’ve never tried them, but goodness would I love to!!

    Thank you for doing giveaways!

  66. I’ve tried Jane Iredale mascara and i loooved it!
    Would love to try more of her products :) great giveaway!

  67. I like Jane Iredale matte powder and I really want to try the lash conditioner :)

  68. Wow, another great giveaway! I’ve never tried their products but i’d love to!:)) xx

  69. If this is open internationally, I would love a chance to win. I know nothing of the brand unfortunately and would love to try it

  70. caseycornwellasey says:

    I haven’t tried Jane Iredale’s line yet, but I am starting a slow journey of slowing becoming healthier and more natural in all aspects of my life.

  71. I am not familiar with jane Iredale’s products, but they sound lovely :)

  72. I have never tried Jane Iredale’s products but you make them sound amazing! Would love to try them out! Following on fb! Thanks for having this giveaway : )

  73. What an awesome idea for a giveaway. I do know the brand Jane Iredale, i even reviewd the great loose powder a few weeks ago, which i love using very much. Haven’t had the chance to try the skin care products from the line though.
    (Unfortunatelly i don’t use facebook, but i follow you here & Twitter) :)

  74. I love JI’s products. Their customer service is out of this world amazing! Funny thing is my favorite product of theirs is the brush cleaning spray. Smells soooo good! I’ve tried cheaper versions but always go back. Awesome giveaway! Following on FB!

  75. I’ve never tried Jane Iredale’s products but I’ve always wanted to. I’ve been tempted to purchase some of her stuff online but it is a little pricey. I would love to try her line!

  76. I have honestly never used Jane Iredale’s products. I love refreshing body sprays, anything that hydrates my lips, and I am a tea and candle junkie!

  77. I am OBSESSED with the Jane Iredale mineral bronzer….really subtle shimmer and has some nice blush tones also. Love that all her products are mineral based!

  78. I have been wanting to try some products from Jane Iredale for a while now. I have heard such great reviews about her products!

  79. I haven’t tried Jane Iredale products, but I am inspired by your blog to switch over to natural (and vegan) products. Thank you!

  80. I love the puremoist lipsticks, but I haven’t tried any other products yet. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  81. I haven’t heard of these but they sound lovely, would love to try them out!

  82. Jane Iredale is great! I’m interested in trying her Magic Mitt in the future. Has anyone tried it?

  83. I’m pretty new to “green beauty” so I haven’t tried any Jane Iredale products yet. But I have read about them and can’t wait to give some a shot!

  84. Have switched to organic & natural skincare & makeup. Learning so much from your blog – thanks! Would love to try/win Jane Iredale!

  85. I love Jane Iredale! I’ve only had the opportunity to try her eyeliner and lip stain, but I’d love to try more, especially the SPF powder and the mist. I already liked your page on Facebook and I shared the giveaway on my wall. Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  86. Jane iredale is on my wish list for a long time now. I am email subscriber

  87. I have not used any of the products because they are too expensive for me to afford but i would be greatly blessed it i got the opportunity to be able to use them! Thank you!

  88. Have been wanting to try some Jane iredale! I’ve heard such great things about the line!

  89. I’m not familiar with this line of products but the ingredients list look promising. would love to try them. facebook fan: Shake Maj and have shared publicly.

  90. N. Aguirre says:

    I have only heard AMAZING things about her line but have yet to try them myself….. I am so happy I have come across your blog, love it!!! Thank you :)

  91. I have heard of JI, I love many of their products and use them daily. – rose

  92. I’ve never tried jane iredale before but the brand looks very tempting! I’ve been wanting to try their products, super excited about this giveaway!!! :D

  93. I have never tried Jane Iredale :)

  94. I’ve never tried Jane Iredale products! I liked your Facebook page.

  95. Hi I’ve heard of her products and have been very interested in trying them but the money just hasn’t been available. I think this giveaway is amazing and would be the luckiest girl in the world if I won! but if I don’t that’s ok too since I was lucky enough to stumble onto this blog. Blessings!

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