“I do not think there is a woman in whom the roots of passion shoot deeper than in me.” – Edna St. Vincent Millay

My name is Britanie Faith and I am Natural Beauty Advocate, Makeup artist, Photographer, Herbalist and Health and Wellness Enthusiast.

I have suffered from chronic pain and chronic, often debilitating illnesses due to Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Meniere’s Disease and numerous Digestive Issues. Having these conditions has increased my passion for helping others to deal with their own personal health issues in a positive way. I am constantly researching to find natural ways to heal myself and others through herbs, aromatherapy, acupuncture, holistic medicine, chinese medicine, yoga, pilates, diet, exercise and meditation.

I am very passionate about spreading the importance of beauty from the inside, out. I believe in applying and ingesting the least amount of chemicals possible which has led me on a path of researching and reviewing many green, organic and non toxic makeup, skincare and health products as possible. I am somewhat of a natural product junkie. I also love to support small businesses and handmade jewelry, accessories and eco friendly clothing brands. I love jewelry, fashion, vintage-finds, cooking, creating concoctions, reading, yoga, meditation, animals and the little things in life.

I have gained a great deal of knowledge through my dedication to learn as much as possible about chronic health conditions and it was through that researching process that I became interested in not only what I was putting in my body but what I was putting on my body as well.

I am very much committed to sharing my experiences, likes and dislikes in regards to everything from day to day life, health, beauty, and where I get my inspiration and positive outlook on life from beauty of all kinds. I try to see every day as an opportunity to radiate happiness and love into the world and onto others.

Because I endeavor each day to live a clean and positive lifestyle, in 2008, I completed Natalia Rose‘s Intensive Teacher Training Program in NYC. Natalia also asked me to be her Intern and help her with different projects involving her book, “Detox 4 Women“, that was published in 2009, which I gratefully accepted.

I have seen the way a detoxed way of life is transformational and I continue to work at making my life as beautiful and healthy as possible.

To learn more about me or to get in touch with me please visit my Contact, FAQ & Disclosure, and Press pages to learn more!

Aside from running Beauty By Britanie, I am also a regular contributer at Organic Beauty Talk and Lucky Magazine. To see other contributes, interviews & press related content please go here.

Love is the axis and breath of my life.
I love. I love. I love.




  1. Love Natalia Rose’s work!! Love your blog! x

  2. Jeni Johnson says:

    I love holistic products and try to use them as much as possible. Oh how I miss Whole Foods! Anyhow sorry to hear of your ailments but you seem so well informed and leveled to its causes and aiding those symptoms. Be well lovely. :)

    • Thank you so much darling!!! Whole Foods is my favorite! I could shop there all day long! Thank you for your kind words… thankfully dealing with chronic pain has definitely made me a much stronger person. <3

  3. Thank you for following my blog, loving yours and looking forward to your new posts! Avril xXx

  4. You’re gorgeous! I’m totally into organic foods and beauty too, it’s the best way! <3

  5. Agree with you 100% – It’s funny how our health problems can actually make us change our lives for the better, Sensitive skin, allergies, IBS & hypothyroidism made me change mine too :-) Love your blog & looking forward to reading your posts! <3

    • Thank you so much. It’s so true that health issues make you stronger. By learning to cope with pain on a daily basis it can eventually either break you down or make you stronger. I am sorry to hear you deal with chronic health issues as well. Keep staying strong. So happy to have found your blog <3

      • I’m sorry to hear that you have health issues too but I’m so glad to have found your blog as well! It’s great to see how we can use the power of the mind to overcome the power of our ailments :) This year I’m erasing all negativity and focusing on healing instead. Really getting into essential oils, wondering if I’m turning into a hippy! ;) Love your makeup posts, I’m getting back into my love for makeup again, so looking forward to your YouTube videos :) Never let life get you down. Live for the moment and be strong <3

  6. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do specifically for your endo? I’m on the mini pill for mine currently but would love to explore more options…
    Thanks dear! :)

  7. Your site is delightful and I am looking forward to following because I love all things natural. My gratitude is yours, Allie.

  8. Hi,
    I really enjoyed reading through your blog posts as I am a beauty fanatic myself! <3 I look forward to reading more! <3


  9. Simply just desired to mention I’m just happy I came upon your webpage.

  10. Hey Britanie, I love your blog! I was wondering, do you live in the LA area? My boss, the creator of ying and yang living is looking for an organic beauty guru to come and do a show with us in the end of March and I was wondering if you will be interested! Please email me (:

  11. Hey!
    I’ve nominated you for a lovely award, you can read the details in my blog. I apologize if you’ve already been nominated. :)


  12. Mirror of your Health says:

    Your website is adorable,love it.

  13. You’re such a beautiful person. A true delight to be around! <3


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