In Love With: True Relaxation Stress Remedy by Hope Gillerman

I have talked (and raved) about the True Relaxation Stress Remedy for quite some time now, so imagine my surprise when I realized I never dedicated an entire post to this miracle worker? Shame on me. This oil deserves so much praise and I am going to give it just that. I am a huge fan of Hope Gillerman and am very passionate about spreading the word about how important essential oils are.

I don’t go a day without using Essential Oils in one way or another. There are so many ways to use them and I will share below the many ways I use this particular potent oil blend. I recommend this for anyone with stress, nervousness, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, or if you just want to smell lovely! I also highly recommend checking out all of the blends of Hope Gillerman! I have reviews coming up soon for the Sinus Remedy and Jaw Clenching Remedy which I use daily as well.



100% USDA certified, organic essential oils of;

  • Lavender - Lavender essential oil has a calming scent which makes it an excellent tonic for the nerves and anxiety issues. Therefore, it can also be helpful in treating migraines, headaches, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress. The refreshing aroma removes nervous exhaustion and restlessness while also increasing mental activity. It has a well-researched impact on the autonomic nervous system, which is why it is frequently used as a treatment for insomnia and also as a way to regulate heart-rate variability.
  • Lavandin Grosso – The most important chemical components of Lavandin essential oil are camphor, lavandulol, camphene, cineole, linalyl acetate, limonene, terpinene, linalool, caryophyllene, ocimene and dipentene. These components contribute to its remedial properties like antiseptic, antidepressant, analgesic, vulnerary, expectorant, cicatrisant, nervine, antispasmodic and stimulant.
  • Lavender Vera – Its sweet, floral scent of true lavender (and essential oil made from it) provides a variety of aromatherapy properties, ranging from soothing, calming, and relaxing, to normalizing, balancing, and healing.
  • Vetiver - The essential oil of vetiver is a well known sedative. It sedates nervous irritations, afflictions, convulsions and emotional outbursts such as anger, anxiety, epileptic and hysteric attacks, restlessness, and nervousness. It even benefits patients that suffer from insomnia.
  • Red Mandarin - Although the oil is a common sedative, its sedating action is more prominent in relaxing and calming nervous afflictions and disturbances. It can calm attacks of epilepsy, hysteria and convulsions. Furthermore, it removes stress and anxiety.
  • Tangerine – The essential oil of tangerine soothes the body. It soothes all types of inflammation and hyperactivity in the organ systems functioning in the body, namely the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, and excretory systems. It sedates inflammation from fever, intrusion of poisonous substances in the blood stream from external sources, convulsions, anxiety, stress, and hypersensitivity of allergies. It also sedates depression, anger and impulsive responses.
  • Sandalwood - This oil sedates inflammation, anxiety, fear, stress, and restlessness. Furthermore, it induces relaxation, calmness, concentration, inner vision, and positive thoughts.
  • Blood Orange – The very smell of orange essential oil reminds you of happy moments and brings pleasant thoughts to mind. That is why this oil is so frequently used in aromatherapy. It creates a happy, relaxed feeling and works as a mood lifter, perfect for people who suffer from depression or chronic anxiety.
  • Clary Sage – Clary Sage oil can induce a feeling of immense joy, confidence, pleasure and high spirits and fill you with the desire to live your life to the fullest. This is why it is frequently used to cure depression or chronic stress and anxiety. It is great for your nerves and It sedates nervous convulsions and other disorders such as nervousness, vertigo, anxiety, and hysteria.


This blend helps you find the composure to make thoughtful choices, so your day can flow smoothly. The serene lavender/citrus/woodsy scent soothe your senses.

The way you carry your bag or hold the steering wheel has an effect on your stress level throughout the day. See poster-sized insert for more relaxation tips and exercises.

Suffering from Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks?

I have personally found the Stress Remedy blend to be very helpful in both minor and severe situations involving stressful situations in my life. I have spoken openly on my blog about many of my health issues, including panic disorder which I have had on and off for years. In the past year, the panic came back stronger than ever and I have been doing whatever I can do to find natural ways to remedy the panic.

Of course I cannot tell anyone what will and work for them but I can share with you what has worked for me and what I have seen work for people around me. This blend is in my top 3 favorite Essential Oil blends out there and if you had any idea how many single and essential oils blends I own, you would know how much that means. This is a blend I can absolutely not be without and would (and do) recommend to anyone struggling with any type of anxiety, be it minor or severe.

I had a situation arise recently where I was in a public place and out of nowhere had a panic attack just hit me. If you’ve ever experienced a panic attack, you will know that feeling of overwhelming and all-consuming fear that comes over you and the confusion about why this is happening. Instead of taking prescription medicines, I reached for my Stress Remedy and I, albeit a bit franticly and shakily, dropped 2-3 drops into my hands, rubbed them together, and put them in front of my face. I sat there and just took deep breaths, over and over again. I then took my scarf which was around my neck and added another drop to that. I pulled the scarf closer to my face and the calming, warming scent of the blend started to make me calm down. My hands stopped shaking as much, my heart beat relaxed and I was able to get myself together.

How I use ‘Stress Remedy':

When I am having an anxiety attack or just feeling generally stressed, I will add a drop to the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and cusp my hands over my face while taking a deep breath. I repeat this 5-10 times.

If I am going out for the day and not necessarily feeling anxious at the moment but want to prevent any panic from hitting, I add a drop to my wrist and neck as I would with a perfume. This blend smells so delicious and although at first is very strong, over time it wears down to a subtle Lavender scent with hints of Vetiver that is both calming and grounding. I have had people ask me what perfume I am wearing many times when wearing this blend!

Rub on the bottom of my feet right before bed. So relaxing and makes your feet feel incredibly soft. I dilute with fractionated coconut oil when using as a massage oil on my feet, back of neck or any other larger area of skin to avoid sensitivity.


Credit Sources: 1, 2,

Have you ever tried Stress Remedy or any other blends from Hope Gillerman? What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments!



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Wellness | Sleeping Monk Herbal Formulas for Health, Vitality and Beauty


The secret is to be proactive with our health, (as opposed to reactive). This idea was described by the ancient modality of Chinese Tonic Herbalism, which states: ‘Assist the positive to eliminate the noxious.’ By taking responsibility of our health in this way, we become so fortified, balanced and protected that disease doesn’t come near us. Sleeping Monk’s High Potency Herbal formulas use many SuperTonic herbs, (the highest class of health-building herbs on the planet), to assist us in optimizing the physical, mental and spiritual components of our being to achieve health that is truly transformative. Through our products and philosophy, our mission is to assist you in the best ways possible to “Be Healthy, Have More Fun!”

This to me is one of my most exciting reviews because I’m so truly passionate about this brand and these special formulas. I first became aware of Sleeping Monk through one of my favorite blogs: Free + Native. When I saw the mention of the beautiful ingredients, I became immediately interested and went directly to the Sleeping Monk website and read until my eyes hurt. I was so intrigued that I had to reach out. I contacted Louis Lenard, owner and creator of Sleeping Monk, and he was extremely helpful and was kind enough to send me his original tonics to try out.

You can read here Louis’s very inspiring story about what he personally went through and how he came about creating these original and life-changing formulas.

First I began my experimentation with the Immortal and Well-Rested Formulas. These were the only tw0 products they were selling at the time so I continued for a few months with very positive and noticeable results.When I heard that Sleeping Monk was going to be releasing two new formulas: I immediately bought both! The Super Immunity Tonic and the Mind Sharpener Tonic are the two newest additions to the Sleeping Monk family and they are just as phenomenal as the first two…. Keep reading to find out how madly in love with these I really am!!  [Read more…]

Wellness | GEM+REMEDY

GEM+REMEDY – For Metaphysical Enhancements

I first discovered Gem+Remedy on instagram and was instantly attracted to the designs. I have always been very fascinated with gemstone healing and have started my own little gemstone collection recently! I was so happy to come across these wonderful bracelets.

Created using the metaphysical theories of color and gemstone therapy, these intention bracelets are handmade in Los Angeles California on 100% Silk Thread, With Real Gemstones, Sterling Silver and Gold Beads.


After reading about the wonderful intentions of these bracelets, I contacted the owner and she was kind enough to make me my own customized bracelet.

My bracelet is for Health, Grounding, Love + Protection and is made with Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz and Garnet.

  • Amethyst can replenish lost energy eroded by depressive episodes or physical harm. It can also increase your energy levels.
  • Smokey Quartz is a very protective and grounding stone. It brings physical and psychic protection. It is also an excellent stone for protection from negative energy, as It removes negativity and negative energy of any kind and transforms them to positive energy.
  • Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. The high energy of quartz gives rose quartz the property of enhancing love in virtually any situation. Bringing love in to life and daily situations not only brings inner warmth, but it also lowers stress and soothes those around it. Rose quartz is a very happy and loving stone.
  • Garnet is a stone of regeneration and stability.  It is said to bring positive thoughts and be excellent for manifestation and bringing abundance. Garnet can boost the entire system’s energy and remove negative energy from the chakras. It is said to be stabilizing in that it can bring order to chaos whether internal or external.

These bracelets attract to the wearer different energetic properties the gemstones and silk colors possess. All bracelets come packaged in apothecary glass bottles with all their info printed on the label so you’ll never forget what energies you’re drawing in! a portion of all profits go to LA women’s shelters.


I find great comfort in wearing this bracelet throughout my day, especially in times of high-anxiety which I have been recently struggling with. It also looks so beautiful with other pieces of jewelry and I find myself stopping to look at the beautiful bright colors which instantly brightens my mood.

Tip: I find that when I am having a panic attack or feeling very stressed, rubbing each stone helps to relieve some anxiety and help to distract my thoughts and aim my attention to the healing energies of the stones.

Note: make sure to always wash your gemstones after use as they can carry negative energy and anxiety in them. I wash mine under running water although there are many ways to wash your stones!

You can check out all of the beautiful bracelets designed for different desires and needs on the Gem+Remedy website. You can also ask for your own customized bracelet!

Love & Blessings,


Alexis Smart Flower Remedies – Safe And Sound


Safe and Sound is just one of many flower remedies offered by the beautiful Alexis Smart. Alexis is a flower remedy practitioner who studied Bach flower remedies for more than a decade, working with mentors in the direct lineage of Dr. Bach. She also studied homeopathy and has learned the link between emotional trauma and physical illness, and the miracle of healing when emotional balance is restored. I first discovered this brand after researching Dr. Bach’s Flower Remedies. When I came across Alexis’s site, I fell in love with her descriptions of every blend. I also really related to her natural approach.

Harmless and non-toxic, flower remedies are a great choice for families who wish not to use drugs, chemicals or even harsh herbal preparations or homeopathics, which may cause side effects in babies and sensitive individuals.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Safe And Sound…


  • Panic attacks
  • Fear
  • Apprehension


  • Safe
  • Calm
  • Secure


4 drops, 4 times a day under the tongue.
*May be taken more frequently as needed.


Organic brandy, spring water, flower essences of: aspen, clematis, heather, honeysuckle, mimulus, rock rose, star of Bethlehem

*Note: Available in alcohol-free option. Please specify in the order notes if you would prefer vegetable glycerine.

My Results:

I have now been taking the Safe and Sound every day, four times a  day for two weeks. The understanding with most natural remedies is that they can take awhile to really show results. That was not the case for me with this blend. After just two days of using this blend I noticed a difference in my anxiety. After a week I noticed that I was having to take less medication for my anxiety.

I have been experiencing increased anxiety and panic attacks after dealing with an inner ear imbalance which had caused me to live with chronic vertigo for the last three months. This condition was making it almost impossible for me to go anywhere without having panic attacks because the dizziness was so incapacitating. Many of you who have read my blog for awhile know that I suffer from chronic health issues but I haven’t spoken much about my vertigo publicly.

The moment I realized my panic attacks were out of control was when I went into my local grocery store and while I was in one of the isle’s looking at food, I was hit by a horrible dizzy spell. The room felt like it was moving and I started to panic. My entire body went numb.  I ended up leaving my grocery basket,  full of food,  and running out of the store crying. People were looking at me. It was horrible. I decided after that incident that I needed to seriously find something that would help me with the panic attacks.

Safe and Sound has been helping me to better deal with anxiety.  Having to deal with chronic anxiety is exhausting and most people don’t talk about it.  We live in a time when we are all supposed to have it all together! Some people judge anxiety as a weakness. The truth of the matter is we live in a complicated time with a lot of outside expectations as well as the self imposed ones as well. Anxiety issues are complex and manifest differently for everyone. Some people get extroverted because of nerves. For others, they need to restrict too much intensity because it’s overwhelming to their delicate nervous system. And they need to retreat to calm down.  It’s as varied as people are and nothing to be ashamed of.

We all need to be kinder to ourselves. I’m just so happy I  discovered Alexis Smart’s Flower Remedies. You (and I) can rest assured that her “Safe and Sound” is now sitting happily in my daily arsenal of helpful living tools!

I find that I just feel better when I take this blend every day. I am almost running out and plan to re-purchase. I also have my eye on a few of her other blends, especially My Personal Assistant and Beauty Formula No.8

Have you ever tried any of Alexis Smart’s Flower Blends or any other flower remedies? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section!



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*All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. I am never paid to give my honest opinions and will only review and recommend products and brands I love and use myself! All Photographs are (C) Britanie Faith unless stated otherwise.*

All Is Well – The Power Of Positive Affirmations


I posted this photo a few days ago after reading “All Is Well” by Louise Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz. If you haven’t read this or any of her other books I highly recommend you do so. She is an incredible person and a huge inspiration in my life. She has helped to heal many people from chronic health issues, pain and anxiety. I have suffered from chronic pain and anxiety disorder for years and I am constantly researching natural ways to heal myself. Positive affirmations have been such a huge help in my life.

Positive affirmations may seem ridiculous to some but there is scientific proof that they work at healing the entire mind and body. I have touched on the importance of positive affirmations before but I have to say I am even more convinced now than I ever was before. I have been successfully using the tools I have learned from Louise Hay in my every day life and I have had less anxiety attacks and have experienced more self-confidence and joy. It may seem to good to be true but I assure you, it works.

Here is a brief description of All Is Well:

In this healing tour de force, best-selling authors Louise L. Hay and Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz have teamed up for an exciting reexamination of the quintessential teachings from Heal Your Body. All Is Well brings together Louise’s proven affirmation system with Mona Lisa’s knowledge of both medical science and the body’s intuition to create an easy-to-follow guide for health and well-being. And, for the first time ever, they present scientific evidence showing the undeniable link between the mind and body that makes these healing methods work. Bringing focus and clarity to the effects of emotions on the body, All Is Well separates the body into seven distinct groups of organs—or emotional centers—that are connected by their relationship to certain emotions. Structured around these emotional centers, the authors outline common imbalances and probable mental causes for physical illness. They also include case studies that show a complete program for healing that draws from all disciplines, including both traditional and alternative medicine, affirmations, nutritional changes, and so much more. Using the self-assessment quiz, the holistic health advice, and an expanded version of Louise’s original affirmation chart, you can learn how to heal your mind and body with affirmations and intuition and live a balanced, healthy life.



How Positive Affirmations Work:

Positive affirmations are a great tool to reprogram your unconscious mind from negative thinking to positive. Positive affirmations are a quick and easy way to de-stress your body and your life. Saying a mantra can make the difference in your day by setting a sense of balance to all that you do. Research has shown that every thought and emotion creates a chemical reaction because it immediately changes our neurochemicals that affect our mental, physical and spiritual health. Whenever a negative thought pops up you have the ability and the power to cancel it out by replacing it with a positive one.

How To Start:

I recommend saying an affirmation upon waking in the morning. This will help to affect all of your decision making for the day as well as your all-over attitude. Don’t stress about remembering the mantra word for word. The goal is to help de-stress. Slowly read the affirmation daily and nightly and eventually you won’t need to look at anything to remember it, it will be ingrained in you! When I first started with affirmations I would accidentally switch words around but after lots of repetition and practice, I now know them by heart. You can also say them silently when you are out in public. It’s a good stress remedy that you can always carry with you wherever you go!

Which Mantras To Choose:

Your affirmations and mantras can be unique and your own. Or they can be chosen from something you read that inspired you. I personally say mantras that I learned from Louise Hay. I picked the ones that really resonated the most with me. You can create your own or mix it up with other mantras you find elsewhere. Think about what you are trying to create or accomplish in your life. Are you looking to feel more empowered? To be more at peace? To be energized? Focus on what it is that you are trying to achieve right now and the right affirmations will fall into place.


Do you use Positive Affirmations in your daily routine? Have you ever read any of Louise Hay’s work? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!



Quick Stress Relievers (that are always in my bag):

I’ve talked about anxiety and stress on my blog before and also did a post on Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Stress a year ago. So, I wanted to do a little bit of a follow up on that. I still recommend all of the products in that post but I am constantly trying new things and researching myriad ways to help cope with anxiety. I deal with chronic pain and health issues that have caused my body to be in a some-what of a constant fight or flight mode and this does not make for an easy time. I’m naturally a very sensitive person.  When you combine that with chronic pain, well let’s just say I struggle with severe anxiety and often very bad panic attacks. I have a ” little” bit of an obsession with all things aromatherapy. It’s amazing to me how a quick sniff of a beautiful essential oil can lift ones mood or calm ones senses. I never cease to be fascinated by the immense benefits of aromatherapy!

I’m so happy to share with all of you the blends that I currently love and carry around with me in my bag at all times:

1460054_614318488632132_1544134178_n copy

  1. Badger Balm Stress Soother –  key ingredients: tangerine, rosemary, roman chamomile, cedarwood, spearmint.  benefits: “Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil deeply moisturizes while pure essential oils uplift and encourage you. In traditional aromatherapy, Rosemary instills clear thinking and confidence; Tangerine and Spearmint are uplifting and cheering; Cedarwood helps build inner strength; Roman Chamomile and Lavender are soothing and relaxing, and Rose is all about love and forgiveness.”
  2. H. Gillerman Organics Stress Remedykey ingredients: lavender, vetiver, red mandarin, sandalwood, clary sage, tangerine, blood orange. benefits: “This blend helps you find the composure to make thoughtful choices, so your day can flow smoothly. The serene lavender/citrus/woodsy scent soothe your senses.”
  3. Aveda Stress Fixkey ingredients: french lavender, lavandin and clary sage. benefits: “Reach for this rollerball whenever life gets stressful. The aroma proven to relieve feelings of stress-includes essences of lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms and is formulated using the science of aromaologyTM and the power of pure essential oils.”
  4. Bach Rescue Remedy Spraykey ingredients: star of bethlehem, rock rose, cherry plum. benefits:has been used successfully on stressful days where we suffer from impatience, tension and pressure. It has also been used successfully with children to stop a tantrum, before a speech or job interview. Rescue® Remedy helps us relax, get focused and get the needed calmness”

What I want to try next: Alexis Smart Flower Remedies


Have you ever tried any of these remedies? Do you have any personal favorite anxiety and stress relievers of your own? I love recommendations!



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*All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. I am never paid to give my honest opinions and will only review and recommend products and brands I love and use myself! All Photographs are (C) Britanie Faith unless stated otherwise.*

In Love With: Frankincense Oil


Oh, where to begin with this heavenly oil? This oil is miraculous and perhaps the most precious of the ancient oils. Frankincense Oil is renown for it’s many incredible healing benefits due to it’s properties as an antiseptic, disinfectant, astringent, carminative, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, digestive, diuretic, emenagogue, expectorant, sedative, tonic, uterine and vulnerary substance.

Frankincense Oil is extracted from the gum or resin from Frankincense or Olibanum trees, whose scientific name is Boswellia Carteri.  Frankincense has been a popular ingredient in cosmetics and incense burners for centuries. It has even been found in the remains of ancient Egyptian and Anglo-Saxon civilizations. It is closely associated with religious traditions and rites, particularly in the Christian tradition. Frankincense oil has been used to awaken our spiritual awareness and connect with spirit for 5000 years or more. It will help us release parts of our ego which hold us back from connecting with our soul, as well as feelings of unworthiness and insecurity.

Skin Health:

  • tones and lifts skin, heals and protects skin (against  boils, wounds, acne and other skin maladies), fades and heals scars
  • promotes regeneration of healthy cells and keeps existing cells and tissues health
  • eliminates germs (either by burning resin or applying oil topically)

Frankincense Oil promotes regeneration of healthy cells and also keeps the existing cells and tissues healthy. When you combine this aspect of frankincense oil with its powerful astringent capabilities, you have a potent anti-aging quality that frankincense oil is often used for. It can help you to eliminate sun spots, remove micro-wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks, and generally tone and tighten skin all over your body, while simultaneously replacing old or dying cells with new, healthy ones!

Internal Health:

  • acts as a sedative, great for insomnia, helps anxiety, anger and stress.
  • relieves pain associated with rheumatism, arthritis, etc., soothes inflammation.
  • improves digestion and alleviates gas, abnormal sweating, uneasiness, and indigestion
  • promotes urination to purify the body and reduce bloating
  • helps regulate estrogen production and delayed menstruation. Helps PMS symptoms and pain.
  • relieves cough and phlegm, bronchitis, and congestion
  • relieves body pain, headache, toothache and rise in body temperature (fever) associated with sickness
  • tones up all the systems operating in the body: respiratory, digestive, nervous and excretory systems
  • strengthens absorption of nutrients in the body

Overall, Frankincense essential oil tones and boosts health and is therefore considered a tonic. It benefits all the systems operating in the body, including the respiratory, digestive,  nervous and excretory systems, while also increasing strength by aiding the absorption of nutrients into the body. Furthermore, frankincense oil strengthens the immune system and keeps you strong and protected for the future.

Suffering from Anxiety or Stress?

Frankincense Oil is very effective as a sedative, because it induces a feeling of mental peace, relaxation, satisfaction and spirituality. It also awakens insight, makes you more introspective and lowers anxiety, anger and stress. When feeling anxious or if you anticipate some sort of stressful episode, add some frankincense oil to a diffuser or a vaporizer. Frankincense essential oil promotes deep breathing and relaxation, which can open your breathing passages and reduce blood pressure, moving your mental state back to calmness.


How I use Frankincense Oil:

I have both undiluted frankincense oil and frankincense oil that is diluted in jojoba oil (pictured above). Both of these are great but I like to use them for different reasons.

I use undiluted frankincense oil directly on my skin and it has never caused any irritation though you should always patch test when using essential oils. If I have a stubborn pimple or any patch of redness, I directly apply the undiluted oil to the spot with a cotton pad and within 1-2 nights the pimple and/or irritation is gone. The biggest difference I have noticed in my skin since using this oil is that when I wake up my skin literally glows and feels so incredibly soft.

I use the diluted oil as a treatment for Fibromyalgia. I apply a generous amount to the back of my neck before bed and it has helped to reduce my pain greatly. I also like to apply it to my stomach whenever I am having discomfort as it has many digestive benefits. Because this oil can be so beneficial for chronic pain, I have started to apply it to my lower abdomen/uterus area every other night to hopefully help with my Endometriosis pain.

When I am having an anxiety attack or just feeling generally stressed, I put some undiluted oil on a cotton pad and take a deep breath. I will also leave the cotton pad under my pillow case to help me have a deep sleep. It is amazing how just a few whiffs of this oil can help immediately reduce stress and anxiety.  Another great way to use this oil is to put a few drops in your bath and soak in it. It will help to relax your muscles and your mind! I am researching taking this oil internally and plan to take 1-2 drops daily for digestive and immune health but want to make sure I am using the best brand before I do that.

Frankincense Oil blends well with Lime, Lemon, Orange and other Citrus oils as well as Benzoin, Bergamot, Lavender, Myrrh, Pine and Sandalwood oil but my favorite thing to blend Frankincense with is Myrrh. the two of these oils work like magic together.

Note: There are no known adverse side effects. That being said, frankincense essential oil should not be used during pregnancy, since it does act as an emenagogue and astringent. Check with your doctor before ever using an essential oil internally.

Credit Sources: 1, 2

Have you ever used Frankincense Oil? What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments!



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DIY | Fresh Picked Dandelion Tea


This is such an easy and fun way to make yourself a delicious healthy cup of herbal tea. Dandelions grow in abundance around our yards and most of the time go unnoticed. I love to pick these beautiful flowers to make myself tea, to use in skincare items as well as to decorate my home with. Go around your surroundings and pick yourself a bunch of Dandelion Flowers. Make sure to wash them really well and then pick off each petal and put in a tea strainer. Boil water, pour into the strainer and let the petals steep for 5-10 minutes before drinking. Sweeten with some Raw Honey and you will have yourself a delicious cup of fresh Dandelion Tea that is wonderful for Springtime and for detoxing!

Some of the many benefits of Dandelion Tea:

  • Dandelion tea aids in digestion, and functions well to relieve digestive disorders like constipation and diarrhea.
  • Dandelion tea works great to purify the blood and cleanse the system.
  • Dandelion tea enhances detoxification, by stimulating urination and, in addition, by replacing the potassium lost in that process.
  • Dandelion tea is one of the most effective herbs for getting the bloat out and helping relieve water retention.
  • Dandelion tea has specific action in reducing inflammation, of the gall bladder and of the bile duct, and for rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Dandelion tea improves the function of and maintains optimum liver, kidney, pancreas, spleen, stomach, and gall bladder functions.
  • Dandelion tea helps in treating chronic hepatitis and jaundice disorders, and encourages healing of damaged tissues caused by alcohol liver disease.
  • Dandelion tea helps reduce high cholesterol.
  • Dandelion tea contains antioxidants that help your body fight off toxic bacteria and viruses.
  • Dandelion tea helps with weight control—especially with weight loss.
  • Dandelion tea actively ameliorates disease—it is a potent disease-fighter—and helps the body heal, helps boost immunity, and combat cancer, heart disease, and age-related memory loss.
  • Dandelion tea aids health maintenance for people suffering from Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes.
  • Dandelion tea can be made solely from the blossoms, the leaves, or the roots (roasted or not)—or, the entire plant.
  • Dandelion tea is traditionally served plain (as is), and also made into other beverages—like ale, beer, “coffee”, and wine.
  • Dandelion tea as a face wash cleanses  complexion, improves skin clarity.
  • Dandelion tea makes a great bath addition, especially when made from older, stronger (tougher) leaves.


Be mindful of where you are picking your Dandelion’s from as many people spray pesticides and herbicides on their lawn and you do not want to be eating those chemicals! Try to pick the freshest of Dandelions that you can or grow your own!




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*All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. I am never paid to give my honest opinions and will only recommend products that I love and use myself! All Photographs are (C) Britanie Faith unless stated otherwise.*

Tea Time Thursday | Belight Tea Review and GIVEAWAY! *closed*


For today’s Tea Time post I bring you a review and giveaway of the delicious Belight Tea which is an herbal tea blend of pu-erh tea plus 5 Chinese medicine herbs including: Sacred Lotus Leaf, Chinese Hawthorn Fruit, Gynostemma, Hemp Seeds, and Cassia Seeds.

A deep understanding of the principles of Chinese medicine indicates the tea and herbs in Belight may:

  • Nourish digestive “Qi” (“Qi” is energy or life force in Chinese medicine)
  • Aid digestion and settle the stomach
  • Minimize cravings for sweet and salty foods
  • Reduce stress response and cortisol production
  • Block storage of dietary fats, particularly when drunk after meals
  • Clear “dampness” (a pathogenic evil thought to lead to excess fat storage)
  • Moisten and move wastes out of the lower digestive tract


I have been drinking this tea for a few weeks now and I love the taste of it. I prefer not using honey to sweeten this tea because it has such a earthy flavor to it that doesn’t require sweetness (although it is delicious with honey as well!) I don’t drink this tea specifically for weight loss but I have noticed that my tummy feels and looks flatter after I drink this regularly and my clothes are fitting better as well. If you aren’t looking to lose weight, you can still drink this tea as it’s benefits are more than just weight loss and are beneficial to have daily for regular and healthy digestion and metabolism.

A little bit more about this tea…

Belight is an herbal tea blend with a formulation based on a lifetime of research by a well-respected doctor of Chinese Medicine, an ancient science more than 2,000 years old. With superb knowledge of Chinese herbs, their effects, and synergies when properly combined, Dr. Zhang developed the formula on which Belight is based to help people control their weight. Each herb in Chinese medicine has countless uses, applications, and functions, but only scholars of Chinese herbs can begin to recognize the nuances and synergistic effects beyond textbook knowledge. It was by developing this expertise and studying more closely how hunger/satiety signals, digestion, elimination, and ultimately body weight responded to various combinations of herbs that Dr. Zhang began his formulation. After yet more years of study and experimentation, the optimal combination and proportions were established. And that is the foundation for Belight.


**This tea is Gluten Free, Sugar Free and does not contain any artificial colorings, flavorings, or additives.**



To win your very own box of Belight Tea, please do the following:

  1. Subscribe to my blog (on the sidebar of the main page there is a section that says to “follow this blog via email”)
  2. Like BeautyByBritanie and BelightTea on Facebook (if you have an account)
  3. Kindly leave a comment including your name, email address and what your favorite teas are!

THAT’S IT! I will pick the winner at random on 4/25/13 and announce it back on this post.





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*All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. I am never paid to give my honest opinions and will only recommend products that I love and use myself! All Photographs are (C) Britanie Faith unless stated otherwise.*

Tea Time Thursday | Organic Loose Leaf Wuyi Oolong, Wildflower Honey and Organic Beauty Talk

IMG_2625 copy

“The Wuyi Mountains are the birthplace of oolong tea in which this classic, dark-roasted oolong is harvested. We create a vintage blend each year from multiple lots of specially roasted Wu Yi varietals to create our signature Wuyi oolong flavor. After blending and curing, we re-roast to make it even and stable.” – Rishi-Tea

Oolong tea benefits have been known for a long time in China:

  • prevention of obesity and active contribution on weight loss
  • combats aging skin
  • prevents heart disease and cancer
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • improves vitality and life span
  • strengthens teeth and prevents tooth decay
  • relieves physical and mental stress
  • improves brain power
  • lowers blood sugar levels
  • treats skin problems such as eczema and rashes

IMG_2636xx copy

I bought this particular Wuyi Oolong tea by Rishi-Tea at my local Whole Foods Market. It is really delicious. I love my vintage rose tea cups. I always feel so happy to bring these out for an afternoon cup of tea. I am obsessed with everything rose and tea related so when the two are combined it’s perfection.




This 100% Raw Wildflower Honey by Vintage Bee is my newest favorite. I fell in love with the adorable bear jars and have not been able to get enough of the delicious and decadent honey. It is the perfect consistency and is possibly the best tasting honey I have ever tried! I found these adorable jars at Home Goods. They are perfect to upcycle and I have been using empty ones for storing my herbs and other concoctions!



I am enjoying my cup of Wuyi Oolong tea while I read the interview I did on Organic Beauty Talk.


I am truly honored to be featured on the site and will be doing monthly makeup looks for the site starting in April. You can check out my entire interview here.




Have you ever tried this or any other Oolong tea? What are your favorite brands?



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*All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. I am never paid to give my honest opinions and will only recommend products that I love and use myself! All Photographs are (C) Britanie Faith unless stated otherwise.*


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