Interview with Dr. Sarah Villafranco of Osmia Organics

I hope you’re all enjoying my in-depth interviews with some of the most important and inspiring women in the green beauty industry as much as I am!

I get so excited to learn the why and how they began their personal journey to create and turn their ideas into thriving business ventures.

I’m going to go ahead and say it, these women that I interview really embody the definition of Superwomen. Sarah Villafranco fits the the description perfectly.”A woman with exceptional strength or ability, especially one who successfully manages a home, brings up children, and has a full-time job”.


Sarah was one of the first people to send me some of her incredible products to review. I’ll never forget how excited I was when I received her package in the mail. The first thing that impressed me was how beautiful the products looked not to mention the love I felt from the hand written personal note she included. Then of course the products performing at the one hundred percent level solidified it for me. The rest is history as they say. I’m an Osmia Girl for life, that’s for sure. I love every single product I’ve tried from her line. Sara’s love and creativity are apparent and literally felt from each soap, lotion, oil and each item she created from Osmia.

I can’t wait to someday stop by the Osmia Organics studio in Carbondale, CO, for tour and a real face to face visit with Sarah. I also can’t wait to see her at the next ‘A Night For Green Beauty’ Event in LA in August 2014!

It’s with so much respect and humble gratitude I introduce you to, the wonderful Sarah Villafranco~


1.) What event or moment made you first realize that you wanted to create Osmia Organics? Was it a “moment” you had? Or an innate feeling you had forever that lead you to this specialized artisan industry?

I think it was when I took my first soap making class.  The second I saw soap being born, I began obsessing over making it myself.  I have always been fascinated with chemistry, and combining it with luxury skin care and the therapeutic effects of pure essential oils is my fantasy job!  Now, the business provides multiple channels though which I hope to educate and encourage people about healthy living, non-toxic skin care, and environmental responsibility – in a sense, I’m practicing the medicine I always wanted to practice.




2.) We all have to know; what does your daily beauty ritual consist of? Please do tell! Include all products…

I wash my face with Black Clay Facial Soap  - it seems to keep my perioral dermatitis symptoms at bay. I wash my hair with an SLS-free shampoo (I like the Broo and Desert Essence lines for my thick, crazy hair).  I use either the Detox or Protein Exfoliating Mask once a week.  In between, I use our Luz Facial Smoothing Powder (for Spring release) if I need a quick little polish – and, it’s great for the lips.  Out of the shower, I use our Active Gel Toner, followed by the Purely Simple Face Cream.  For the body, I follow with whichever oil I’ve picked from our collection, and slather it on when my skin is still sopping wet.  I usually finish with Honey Myrrh Lip Repair.  As for “styling”, I sleep on my wet hair, wake up with what my daughters call Wild-Woman-Hair, and hope it settles into Loosely-Tousled-Hippie-Girl-Hair by the time I leave the house.  I am not much of a makeup user.  I have never worn foundation, and I wear eye makeup about once a month.  I almost always wear one of our lip glosses (Whisper lately), and I whip out the eyelash curler when I want to feel super fancy.


3.) If I were to unbeknownst to you, follow you for a day, what would a typical daily schedule look like? Example: what time do you wake? What are your go to meals? Exercise of choice?

I’m up by about 6:45, no alarm needed (unless you count the adorable 7 and 10 year old alarms that live with me).  If I’m taking the girls to school, we leave the house by 7:45.  I usually manage 2 pieces of GF toast and a cup of Earl Grey tea with almond milk most mornings.  I drop them and try to fit in a workout before going to the store.  Typical workout?  Run, either on the bike path or hiking trails, for about 60-80 minutes. Sometimes I sprinkle 100 burpees through the workout – they make you feel so strong!  In our short but gorgeous summer, I ride my road bike 25-30 miles in the mountains – the incredible scenery takes my mind off my exploding lungs.  I shoot for outdoor exercise whenever possible, but if I have a super busy day ahead, I hit the treadmill, bike, or yoga mat before I leave the house.   This is my sanity – I almost never sacrifice a workout.

Then, I’m at OO for the rest of the day – answering emails, helping customers in the shop, trying to keep up with phone calls and social media, planning our expansion, strategizing with the team about OO’s growth and future plans. I don’t really stop for lunch – a habit from the ER.  I just graze and snack all day on nuts, fruit, energy bars, etc.  Home by 6-6:30 most nights, where my amazing husband (who is a full-time lawyer) can often be found stirring a delicious vegetarian concoction on the stove.  I have a meal with him while we catch up on our day, then I head down to read stories with the girls (usually in 13 different accents). I tuck them in around 8, then work a couple hours on the computer, trying to get on top of my inbox.  (I never do).  I try to get to bed by 11, and I’m working on making it earlier – we all need more beauty sleep!



4.) What/Who inspires you to keep going and to innovate such creative products?

Sometimes I create products to address certain skin concerns or issues.  Sometimes I’m grabbed by a scent in nature – I stand and close my eyes and try to compose a perfume in my mind while I’m surrounded by its inspiration (like Juniper Fire and Prima).  And, sometimes it’s just the ingredients themselves; working with such beautiful materials is like being an artist surrounded by fresh tubes of paint – you just can’t help yourself.


5.) What is a perfect day for you? You have a day all to yourself, what would you do? You have a day with your family how would you spend it?

Hmmm. A day all to myself?  First, I would drink my tea and get outside to exercise.  Then I’d crank music at Osmia, and tinker at my perfume table all day.  In the evening, I’d make myself a giant salad and pour a glass of wine, and then snuggle with my puppies and watch Jimmy Fallon.

With the family, I’d start the same way, but add a hike with the girls, taking an annoying number of pictures of them and the dogs, cook with my hubbie, read books with everyone, and maybe have an impromptu dance party.

In general, I try to fit as many pieces of my Perfect Day in to my Every Day as possible.


6.) What is your favorite Osmia Organics product and why?

Oh, now, that’s just not a fair question and you know it.  But, for today, I’ll say our Body Oils.  They have replaced lotion (often loaded with chemicals and preservatives) for most of our customers.  They comprise 11 antioxidant, skin-rejuvenating, botanical oils.  There is a scent for every mood – essential oil blends that can take you to wonderful places.  And they leave you feeling velvety and pampered.


7.) What image or feeling do you hope people will affiliate with Osmia Organics?

Nurturing yourself and the Earth, really.  You owe it to yourself to be happy and healthy in this life.  And you owe it to the planet to care about your impact while you’re here.

8.) What do you see as well as hope for the future growth of your incredible coveted brand?

I want to grow at a pace we can barely keep up with, but stay in control of the choices we make as a company.  I’m not out to make the most money possible in the shortest time possible.  I want to DO this for a living.  I want to make gorgeous products without harmful ingredients. I want to give great jobs to great people.  I want our brand to represent a beautifully-lived, cherished, healthy life.  And I want to inspire our customers to slow down, nourish themselves, notice the world around them, and squeeze every drop of joy out of their lives.


XO to you (and all green beauty bloggers) – you do such a wonderful job at educating people, and helping them become informed (and wonderful smelling) consumers!



Thank you so much Sarah for allowing me to interview you!!

Have you ever tried any of Sarah’s products? Did this interview inspire you as much as it did me??! Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Keep in touch with Sarah:

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Spring is finally here and what better way to welcome the new season by owning a copy of Jolene Hart’s new book, “Eat Pretty, Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out” as well as a few other healthy Spring goodies!


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HANA Organic Skincare Review


This Eco Lux pure skincare line was created on beautiful Bainbridge Island off the coast of Washington State. I’m really loving this entire line, which I would describe as being incredibly delicate, gentle and really effective. My skin has been drinking these beautiful ingredients right up! The line is not only gluten free (I’m gluten-sensitive) but uses certified organic and Demeter Biodynamic ingredients! There will be a discount code at the end of this review! [Read more...]

Saffron Rouge Beauty Haul


I was drawn in to order from Saffron Rouge recently after hearing about the promotion they have going on. Orders $95 and over receive a Tallulah Perfume 4ml absolutely free (a $33 value)! Enter the code CLASSY during checkout and the item will be added to your order automatically. I believe this promotion is still going on!

That promotion really sold me because I had already been wanting to order from Saffron Rouge and I also really wanted to try Tallulah Jane, so I ended up buying these goodies…

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Makeup Look: Dramatic Winged Eyeliner + Pretty Pink Lips!

Hi Loves!

I apologize for my absence lately. Sometimes you need to just “unplug” yourself and I felt like I needed a break from the internet and took some time for myself. I originally had posted a photo of me on instagram mentioning this look and said it would be up in a few days and I really apologize for the delay. Many of you were curious as to what I used to achieve such a dramatic eyeliner look and I think you will be surprised at how few products it took to achieve this glamorous look.


Keep reading below for more photos + all products used :)

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Rose Love


I don’t know what it is but lately I just can’t seem to get enough of Rose. Rose tea, Rose water, Rose oil, Rose-scented anything (as long as it’s not that artificial smelling rose – eek). I actually dedicated an entire post to my love for roses called “Beauty and health benefits of roses”.  I shared the benefits of this beautiful flower but wanted to reiterate some of the many amazing benefits of smelling, drinking, bathing and moisturizing in this flower…

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Beauty Buzz | Blue Orchid Botanicals – Wildflower Grains & Citrus Body Scrub

Blue Orchid Botanicals – Mind.Body.Soul Vegan Skin Therapy

The lovely Falon Thomas created this holistic skincare line after the birth of her second daughter who had atopic dermatitis. She was fully inspired to  use her accumulated knowledge and benefits of living a naturally centered and plant based lifestyle for herself and her family. She transitioned into a wellness warrior!

Falon extensively researched herbalism, extracts, and natural ingredients, and then began experimenting with the recipes that would become her product line at Blue Orchid Botanicals. I love her commitment and passion!

I have always believed that whole, natural wellness starts within. My motto is mind,body,soul skin therapy because our state of mind is the source of positive patterns. Beauty is brilliant because it’s state relies on the individual.

When Falon asked me to try two of her products, I was very excited! And here is what I received…

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Makeup Look: Green & Gray Smokey Eyes and Light Pink Lips

I recently received some beautiful all-natural pressed eye shadows from Red Apple Lipstick that I have been absolutely loving. I paired together some green and gray tones to create this Smokey-eye look with a slight winged liner to add some more depth and drama. I paired the eyes with a light pink lip and coral cheeks. Keep reading to see which products I used and how to re-create this look :)

[ click on the photos to see them larger! ]



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Valentine’s Day Giveaway *CLOSED*

Hi Everyone! I wanted to wish each and every one of you the happiest Valentine’s Day tomorrow! This is an occasion to express love and gratitude to the people that we care about. I wanted to tell you, my readers how grateful I am for your support, comments and the deep friendships that have developed through this blog.

Also to all the companies that have asked me to review their natural and organic creations, and put their trust in me, a huge thank you! Valentine’s Day is a celebration whether you’re in a relationship, or you are single. You can be your own Valentine! If you follow my blog and you are making the commitment to switch to natural and earth friendly products, then you deserve to celebrate. You love yourself enough to care about your health! I applaud you and support you!

I purchased these special goodies for this giveaway with the thought that you need to spoil yourself a little! This giveaway is valued at $150.00

Enjoy some of my favorite things-

Have a cup of the Pukka tea in your Lenox “Collage” china tea cup. Remember that even one tiny step in the direction of health is a beginning!

Osmia Organics “Oh so Soap” is gentle and the ingredients are just perfect. Saponified organic oils/butters of olive, castor bean, and mango, African pearl salt, and organic buttermilk powder, that’s it. Try and see the beauty in simplicity.

Pacifica Coconut Crushed Peal luminizing body butter, with coconut oil, pearls and sea minerals helps you shimmer and glow from the inside out. It’s ultra-moisturizing filled with  tropical phytonutrients. You will love this butter.

Suki face exfoliating foaming cleanser (sample) made with lemongrass extract, natural sugar and other beauties smells just incredible. I love the gentleness of this cleanser.

Lucky Brand crystal leaf wrist bracelet with a magnetized ball clasp. I fell in love with this accessory. And included is the matching ring in a size 7. You will love how these pieces accent your outfit.

Remember to tell the people you care about to have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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**This Giveaway is open internationally**


CONGRATS TO THE WINNER, SERENA (Comment #59) and thank you to everyone who tried out for this giveaway!!

Makeup Look: Dark Red Lips and Lots of Lashes!


I recently did an entire green beauty look for Organic Beauty Talk and I wanted to also share it on my blog as I think it’s a perfect look to wear with Valentine’s Day approaching! The dark lip is perfect for a sexy night out.

For this look I wanted to do something dramatic and yet wearable for this winter season. I combined a purple silvery eye shadow with some dark browns to balance out the color, warm rosy cheeks with a subtle glow, and of course, dark lips to complete the look! I’m also wearing some new false lashes from EcoTools and am very excited that they have a non-toxic eyelash glue. Finally, I can wear false lashes again without having to compromise my health standards. Of course, the lashes are optional but I like them on special occasions to add a little more drama to the entire look.

To see the full look and products used go here! or just keep reading below!  [Read more...]


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