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Protein Exfoliating Mask

Description: Organic, protein-rich adzuki beans and quinoa, as well as precious essential oils, give the skin an enzymatic exfoliation, while moisturizing deeper layers of the skin.

For: All skin types

How To Use:  Combine 2 teaspoons of masque with 1.5 teaspoons of water, and stir to make an even paste in the ceramic bowl.  Gently spread the paste over your clean face and neck, leave on the skin for 10-15 minutes, and rinse off in the shower.  Use gentle circular motions with the fingertips while rinsing for extra exfoliation.  Use once or twice a week.  Comes with small ceramic mixing bowl and spatula.

Ingredients: adzuki beans*, quinoa*, wildcrafted pterocarpus soy auxll (red sandalwood) powder, proprietary blend of essential oils*

Price: You can buy the Protein Exfoliating Mask here for $40.00



My Thoughts: If you have read my blog or follow me on any other social network, then it should be no surprise to you how much I love Osmia Organics products. I have yet to be disappointed with any product I have ever used from the line (and I have tried almost everything!). I recently had a horrible bout of Eczema on my face and my homemade face mask worked wonders but I am still suffering from left over dry patches and this protein mask is also a very calming mask for eczema prone skin. I am a sucker for Face Masks and although I love to create my own, I do have a few masks that I always end up going back to. This Protein Exfoliating Mask is one that I find myself reaching for whenever I want to really treat my skin. I love that you can use this as not only a mask but as a scrub as well. It dries within fifteen minutes of applying but doesn’t cause too much tightness which I find many masks tend to do. This mask is gentle and yet powerful at the same time. I love the scent – The notes of Sandalwood, Adzuki Beans and essential oils is absolutely divine. I always feel like I am getting an Aromatherapy treatment when I use Osmia products. After washing this mask off, my skin looks so much clearer and has a beautiful glow to it! I have absolutely no dryness left over after applying. I like to apply a serum after using this, specifically the Calibration Serum also from Osmia. Don’t be swayed by the price which is $40.00, because although that may seem pricey to some, you have to keep in mind that you are not only getting the cleanest of organic ingredients, but that a little bit of this mask goes a long way and should last you a very long time. This mask is definitely worth the price and has quickly become a staple in my skincare routine. I look forward to using this every week for a little at-home face treatment 🙂 This face mask is also super calming for sensitive or eczema-prone skin!

Also keep a look out for an Osmia Organics Giveaway coming up soon!

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9 thoughts on “Beauty Buzz | Osmia Organics Protein Exfoliating Mask

  1. love osmia! this mask looks awesome. $40 aint too shabby — way cheaper than getting a pro facial, and you can use a mask more than once! i hope your skin is feeling better babe!

    1. The little bit of this needed for the amount given makes it so worth the $40. You should definitely try it. My skin is feeling better, still not 100% but getting there! thanks love ❤

  2. This sounds fantastic!! Ever since you started featuring Osmia, I’ve wanted to get everything! I’m pretty sure I need this! I hope you’re eczema is getting better! :] I also wanted to thank you for being so kind and helpful, so I nominated you for an award! :]

      1. Maybe I’ll splurge for my birthday coming up! :] It sounds too amazing to not try! No problem! You’re one of my favorite bloggers, and I wanted to thank you for being so wonderful! :]

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