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I was inspired to start doing Wishlist posts after constantly adding things to my wishlist thanks to the lovely Seed To Serum and her weekly wishlists that I am always going crazy over. I am not sure I will do it every week but definitely at least every month or at least when I have enough products I am obsessing over, which is quite honestly, all the time. I am a self-proclaimed product junkie and the only thing that makes me feel better about my addiction is the fact that the products I obsess over are all healthy and good for your skin!

Onto the goodies…

  1. Ilia Beauty Multi-Stick in “All Of Me” – Ilia is one of the natural brands I still have yet to try but have been eying for a very long time. I hear so many rave reviews about their multi-sticks and I have seen many fellow natural bloggers wearing and raving about this specific shade which looks right up my alley.
  2. Roots Rose Radish Blue Chamomile Face Cream – I have been oogling and ogling at this company for quite a few months now. Between the beautiful name of the company, their stunning packaging and the clean ingredients, this brand is one that I must try eventually, especially this cream which sounds like heaven.
  3. Kjaer West Mascara – So I still have yet to find “THE” best natural mascara out there (I am on a constant hunt) and this new mascara which is rich in clean ingredients really, really caught my eye. The brush looks like something I would really love and the packaging is just so classy.
  4. Ilia Beauty Lipstick Crayon in “Karma Chameleon” – Another Ilia product I am dying to try. These lip crayons are a new release and it seems like almost everyone in the natural community is talking about these. I am personally drooling over this specific color because it looks so bright and beautiful for Spring and Summer!
  5. RMS Beauty Oil – Oh how I love RMS Beauty. I have yet to try any of Rose-Marie’s skincare products from the line and this facial oil sounds so decadent that I just must have it! I have heard it works wonders with the “Un” Cover-Up which is a daily essential of mine, so it makes me need this product even more. (see how I justify my addictions?) 🙂
  6. Kjaer West Eyeshadow in “Cloud Nine” – The entire collection of Kjaer West eyeshadows look so delicate and luxurious. I am a sucker for packaging and their packaging is so sleek and classy. This shade seems like it would be the perfect all over lid color as well as a wonderful highlighting shade! WANT!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? Any products you are lusting over? I’d love to know what is on all of your wishlists!



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18 thoughts on “What’s on my Wishlist…

  1. I just ordered a bunch of things from Spirit Beauty Lounge for summer, including the Kjaer Weis mascara. Hopefully it is a winner! I had been using the Bare Minerals Curl & Lengthen mascara, but hoped to find something with an even better ingredient list. I am a huge fan of Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioners — definitely on my must-have list. Keep us posted if you end up trying the items on your wishlist!

    1. I need to make an order on SBL soon – There are so many sample I want to try from Ilia and other companies. Let me know what you think of the Kjaer mascara! Which Ilia lip conditioner is your favorite? I will definitely keep you updated if I end up getting any of these products I am lusting after! xx

      1. Blossom Lady is my favorite of the Ilia lip conditioners. It’s a medium rose-pink, good for everyday wear. If you like more nude colors, Nobody’s Baby is a great one. During the fall and winter I sometimes wear Arabian Nights, but it’s a bit dark for me!

  2. This could be my wishlist as well 🙂 You know I am a huge fan of Ilia, and All of Me is supposed to be the perfect every day blush for most skin tones. I guess that would be a great buy! Also, I have tried some samples of KW eyeshadows and I liked them a lot. I really want the full size now!

    1. Your posts about Ilia make me want to try the line even more. What one product would you recommend from them? All of Me seems SO beautiful but I have heard great things about their bronzer also. Which Kjaer shadows are your favorite? I want all of them – If only I had the money!

  3. I’m wearing Karma Chameleon right now on my lips and I love the colour, it looks very happy and fresh. Personally I crave to try out a product by RMS beauty, but I’m not sure which one should be my first.

    1. I’m jealous! I want to try it so badly. Have you tried any RMS products yet? If not I definitely suggest their Un-Cover Up! It’s my favorite. Also their lip2cheek in Promise and Smile are beauuutiful. I am obsessed with RMS products.

  4. I so need to try out more Ilia Beauty products too! Their multi-stick is a must have, I want their shade All of Me and I Put a Spell on You. I am also really curious about their lip crayons… hmmmm.

    You need to try RMS Beauty oil asap, Britaine! The texture feels quite heavy but it is actually light once it’s on. Especially since Vanilla is your type of scent I think you will adore it.

  5. I have the RMS Beauty oil and it is such an amazing treatment for dry skin, I think you will love this oil (and you don’t need much, just a few drops for your face and neck). The KW eyeshadows are super smooth and soft, I have two and like them as well. Can’t wait for your thoughts. I am also interested in the ILIA crayon karma chameleon, looks like a nice colour xxx

  6. I also have been eyeing the kjaer weis eyeshadows mainly the darker ones and their mascara. You have to get on that ilia bandwagon you won’t regret it 😉

  7. My lust have list is So Pure Skincare: Nourishing Balm Cleanser, Radiance Flower Nectar, Rejuvenating Eye serum, Anti Aging Nutrient Elixir, Purifying & Balancing Concentrate as the Rejuvenating Body Elixir

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