10 thoughts on “I’M ENGAGED! + Why We Chose An Ethical & Eco Ring

  1. Congratulations and Best Wishes to both of you on this happy occasion. Health, Happiness, Peace and Blessings to you always


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  2. Brit-I already congratulated you like 37 times on IG,DMed you frantically,etc,but this had to be written one more time…
    Congratulations,sweetie.That was so,so sweet.(And the Cure-you go,girl!)The ring is beaaaauutiful.I would prefer an eco-friendly ring myself,and have pointed them ou to Joe Sr.
    This was beautiful-it gave me chills.
    I know you will have the most beautiful life.
    So many blessings,good vibes,and lotsof love coming your way.
    -Crystal(@justplaincrystal on IG)

  3. Congratulations! Your ring is absolutely beautiful, and most importantly, it sounds like you have a lifetime of happiness in store with your soon-to-be husband. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful way to express love and how generous for you to share these intimate details with your readers! Congratulations and wishing you a blessed long and happy healthy life!!

  5. Aw, Congratulations on your engagement!! Many blessings on the rest of your journey together. You seem like such a lovely person, & a sweet, adoring couple.

    It’s funny because even though I haven’t met my love yet, I already have my ring picked out from I believe that exact same jewelry company. 🙂

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