ANNOUNCEMENT – Change of Path


Hi Everyone!,

You may notice that my Instagram name has changed. It is the same account but it is now @britaniefaith and no longer @beautybybritanie.

After much thought I have decided to change my Instagram name as well as my path. This is more than just taking “beauty” out of my name. This is a big step for me, my career and it’s something that I feel I need to do. 

It has been something I have considered for awhile now but after experiencing some moments that to me appeared to be signs that it was finally time to make the change. Since just changing my name back to my actual name on Instagram and announcing this, I feel so full of inspiration!!

I’ve been wanting to change and branch out. Right now my blog name is the same, I have not decided what to do about that just yet, but I will be working on that as well. Content will be different: less beauty reviews and more focus on personal life, wellness, musings, photograph, fashion, a little bit of everything! 

Before I started BeautybyBritanie in 2011, I actually had other blogs. I used to journal every day musings and share a lot from my personal life. I spent more time writing about what I was truly happy or inspired about in life and not just with products. I took more photographs and I didn’t feel confined in a circle of labels; “green beauty blogger”, “beauty blogger”, etc. 

I have felt compelled to spread my wings in the world of creativity and I want to be seen as more than a natural or organic beauty. (There is nothing wrong with this, it just doesn’t feel right with my path anymore to have these labels). 

I love beauty, I love makeup, I love skincare but I have so many other passions that I want to share with all of you. I’m growing with a focus for my life on all things balance. 

Although I have always shared more than just beauty here, I feel that most people associate me with outer beauty. I have so much more to offer and there are amazing things in the works and I am so very inspired for this next journey and I hope you will join me as I go into this next chapter!!



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Blog of Britanie Faith. Organic and Natural Beauty Advocate, Green Makeup Artist, Herbalist, Photographer, Lover of Fashion and Vintage-Finds, Creator of Concoctions, Health and Wellness Enthusiast. This blog features original and inspired concoctions, recipes, tips, product reviews, life updates, musings, makeup looks, fashion, vintage finds, and my everyday life and all of it's joys and struggles.

6 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT – Change of Path

  1. Can’t wait to see what is next in store for you! Looking forward to sharing your journey. Best, Judy

    On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 2:09 PM, Beauty By Britanie wrote:

    > Britanie posted: ” Hi Everyone!, You may notice that my Instagram name has > changed. It is the same account but it is now @britaniefaith and no longer > @beautybybritanie. After much thought I have decided to change my Instagram > name as well as my path. This is more than” >

  2. congratulations for the change! I decided to branch out as well early this year after taking a short break from youtube and thinking about what direction I want to go in. I felt I waned to share so much more than just my makeup and skincare. It’s been fun brainstorming and changing my IG up. It’s been slower in the youtube production just because mom life is so busy but I have a “Green your home” video I’m editing right now that I’m super excited to post this Friday! I’m looking forward to your new content!! ❤

  3. Good for you, Britanie. Although you’re obviously physically beautiful, your inner beauty/personality always set you apart from many “beauty bloggers” to me 🙂

  4. That’s awesome! I love your inspirational quotes and personal posts. And of course I’m really interested in green beauty now as well! I like to keep your product list bookmarked. 🙂 That’s why I chose a blog name that would allow other things, personal posting related to my health and chronic pain, and product reviews of beauty without excluding other products. But I think you can still be considered a beauty blogger. You’re so knowledgeable! I’m so happy for you, and can’t wait to see what’s in store. 🙂

  5. Britanie,

    I have been following you for some time! I am happy to get this email because i recently launched Cor Pendant. Please take a look at I’d love to send you a pendant to test out! I created it out of a need for a beautiful modern and discreet vessel to experience the benefits of essential oils(which I am passionate about!) It sounds like you are transitioning to be more lifestyle. I’d love you to share Cor with your followers!

    Best of luck in your new path. Let me know if you would like to hear more about Cor and if you’d like one!

    Thanks for your time,

    Coreena D’Alessandro Cor Creator | Aromatherapist

    C 203.947.4396


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