Since this post went live the harassment died down a bit. I thought maybe just maybe things were better. However they recently got bad again and I have added more things to this post and will continue to do so as long as this person continues to lie and try to defame my character. ……

I am writing this for all of you because it has been a long time coming and this has been a huge nightmare in my life and many other bloggers and brands were brought into this and wondering what happened. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I have suffered so much with bullying and harassment from another blogger in our community for the past few years but that started all the way back in 2008.
This blogger also happens to be my ex-girlfriend. We were in a very serious relationship. She goes by “taraamackey” and “organiclifeblog”. Within that time I found out about multiple indiscretions she had been having and one of the people I connected with during that time was Matthew (my fiancé whom I have been with for almost 8 years.)

After ending my relationship with this woman due to her disturbing behaviour and starting a new relationship with Matthew, she had a serious personal vendetta against me that began in 2009 but slowly started to escalate after I started my blog. Within weeks of starting my blog she began emailing me (which was not unusual as I tried to keep things as cordial with her as possible after our breakup.) asking how I went about reviews and if I received free products. She had absolutely NO idea about anything organic during that time and was going through serious addiction issues which I tried to help her through as a friend. I told her about my success with blogging and three months later she created her own blog which closely resembled mine, she even started making posts and logos almost identical to mine. To this day my current logo is what she also uses (she changed it around a little after I called her out on it but it is still extremely obvious.) I would receive emails from companies telling me that within minutes of reviewing their products they received emails from her asking to also review their products, at this time I mainly worked with Etsy companies and many of these companies had never worked with any other bloggers so she was always the second person to reach out. At first I found this to be strange but then thought maybe she was inspired and was happy to see that she was following what seemed to be a passion of hers, regardless of her ripping off so much of my content. At that time it was all still petty and did not affect my life.


I felt I had a handle of things until the harassment progressed when I received a call from her the day before The Night For Green Beauty Event in NYC in 2013. The call was very alarming and she was trying to warn me of her appearance. After that night, I started receiving emails from more brands and friends but this time saying that she was claiming horrible things about me as a person. If I was featured on any sites in interviews, they would start to receive comments back to back about how I was a “fake” and had massive plastic surgery. It got to the point where I had to start emailing brands to warn them about someone possibly getting in touch after they featured me. I never used her name but most of the time these companies could figure it out because like clockwork, after any feature or review, they would hear from this person.

I tried to handle it with her directly but could never get through to her and decided to finally hire a lawyer who served this individual with a Cease and Desist order and was warned repeatedly to stop contacting me or anyone else in regards to me. I thought things were getting better until I announced my engagement in May of 2016, and that is when things got even worse.

I never, ever gave up hope that justice would prevail though my health took a huge plummet because of this stress which I am still working very hard to get back to feeling better. I have had to seek out counselling and biofeedback due to the ongoing trauma this has caused me. I’m beyond thankful that Justice really and truly has prevailed. For those of you that know me personally or have followed me over the years and have always supported and believed in me, well it’s finally over (for now. I have no choice but to take every day one day at a time with a situation like this). I have always believed and positively manifested that the “Truth will Prevail”, and it has.

Many of you have received emails defaming my character with all sorts of allegations. You may also have recent direct messages, Facebook comments, even phone calls. Sometimes from the actual person saying their real identity and other times using many false aliases. She will often claim to have never met me or dated me (despite hundreds of photograph and videos of us together and witnesses such as my entire family, her family and many friends who knew us as a couple). These are all ridiculous lies to make me appear as though I am some random stranger to her. All of the claims stated in court have been proven false. She has not only lied to brands, bloggers, friends but to the Law as well. The defamation started out as petty things but turned into absolutely horrendous, harmful and downright disturbing attacks on my character.

Does this look like someone I never met or dated? 

( Again there are hundreds of photos and videos of us together over the years. )
The MO of this individual who hides behind a mask of authenticity, has a blog that promotes living an organic life, and even has a book about healing themselves naturally has been to either email people directly and encourage those to not engage with me or work with me due to ME causing harassment to this person. It is basically my story being stolen and used for their cover upThe next MO is sending emails either from their own account, again trying to discredit me or send fraudulent documents and also under fake aliases which has so far been concerned mothers for their children. These “mothers” are clearly not real nor are the identities or stories that go along with them. They are down right upsetting to even read, never mind being accused of.

Also possible is receiving DMs on Instagram from fake aliases often disguised as bloggers or makeup artists pretending to be concerned about before and after photos of me which were stolen images (full post on that here). These messages go on to say that I promote unhealthy behaviour and am a scam artist. Again, all fake people and stories. The photos of me ARE real and the weight loss I had was real. Me being a scam artist is obviously not. I am on a few weight loss sites, as many of you know I used to be heavily into the Raw food community and struggled with an eating disorder when I was 20 years old. Many photos have since been stolen and used for diet scams. I of course am not involved in any of this and cannot control who uses my photos, though I did seek legal counsel about this and most photos were taken down. This person saved them, however, and continues to send them around to make it look as though it’s something different. 

If those slanderous claims weren’t enough, it recently got so bad that this person actually created hundreds of fake documents with my photos, emails and even and apparent “IP address” (all which was proved to be false by IT specialist) and sent themselves anonymous comments on tumblr saying horrendous, devastating things and then trying to convince people it was from me. In these emails she sent to almost everyone I work with and know, she “implored” people to read these false documents where she claimed I was trying to commit serious crimes. With no actual evidence other than that which she herself created. This person even involved another blogger who is very well known and respected in the green beauty and wellness community and also happens to be a dear friend of mine. She tried to claim that she was also a “threat” to her and tried to discredit her character as well.

I am happy to report that I had my day in court to defend myself and I’m here today to say that I won the case. The Judge saw through all the lies, jealousy and slander and this person was found to have perjured herself in court. While Justice has prevailed, I will always have to look over my shoulder and be careful of this person as it is in my opinion that this individual suffers from severe mental illnesses that although she believes treating naturally are helping, I strongly disagree with. It is my belief that I have personally been the recipient of the decline of her mental state over the years and the resulting behaviors that go along with that. Despite her seemingly “successful” outward appearance.

I took her back to Superior Court in San Diego on December 19th, 2016, to sue for Lawyer fees and I won that as well. 

This is another thing about social media. Anyone can fake credentials and write books about whatever they want. I knew her during the time she claims she cured herself in her book and none of it adds up. So much is exaggerated or completely made up. She is not a scientist nor does she have a medical background. Please be mindful of this whenever you get involved with someone. I would not be surprised if this individual started emailing people after seeing this post and deny all of it. But the truth is the truth and I have the verdict to prove it. I also have lawyers willing to speak to any company that has questions.

My intention with this post is to share my truth after having such horrendous slanderous things spread about me. After dealing with such ongoing harassment I felt it only right to speak out. It’s not easy to speak up about things like this but it has been even harder for me to stay quiet. I have full intentions to stay as far away from this individual as possible, while I know this is hard because we work in the same industry, I am having to change around who I work with and where I attend events and gatherings. All I want is to move on with my life and I wish this person a full healing and I truly hope they are able to get help.

Thank you to all of you that knew right from the start that the things being said were untrue and your support for me never ever wavered. I cannot express deeply enough how much that meant to me over the years. I will never forget how much you had my back during those dark days.

I want everyone to know that you should never give up! It took a lot of help from my family and friends to stay strong through this ordeal. My health took a serious plunge during the past few years of all of this intense stress to my reputation and to my very core. 

Now it’s healing time. This clean beauty and wellness community is so important to me. I will keep working hard for you and continue to bring you the best I can find in green beauty, wellness and fashion.  May each of you that has sent me messages, emails and phone calls to help support me, know that I’m so grateful to you.

The person goes by organiclifeblog or taraamackey on social media. I had originally not named this person but after the advise of friends and other victims who have suffered from this type of harassment, after I have seen this person continue the actions and not take an ounce of responsibility for what they have done, I have decided it is time to no longer stay silent.

Many of you already knew who they because you have received the damaging emails.

The point is to never give up when you know that an injustice is happening in your life, or someone else’s, always fight for what is right, just do it the ethical and legal way. With your own name and with the truth. 

“To ignore evil is to become accomplice to it.” – MLK

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26 thoughts on “JUSTICE.

  1. I am so very happy to hear that you are doing well and that justice prevailed. Stay true to yourself and never give up! I enjoy your blog and your positivity so much!

  2. Sounds like you got involved with a Narcissist. They are relentless and are not happy until they totally annihilate the human being they feel slighted them. Good idea to stay away and ignore as they like to bait their victims. Love and light!

    1. Hi Veronica!

      That is my belief wholeheartedly. Though I cannot make a claim that someone suffers from a specific illness nor would I make that claim without proof, I can say that given what this person has written in their own book about their battles with mental illness combined with the horror I have experienced, it is my opinion and belief that it very much seems like narcissistic behavior and I have actually been seeking counseling for narcissistic abuse from the on-going trauma of all of this. My plan is to stay far away. I wanted to get my truth out and move on with my life but I cannot wait until the day I won’t have to look over my shoulder anymore. I pray for that relief every day! I very much appreciate your support.

  3. Brit-I am very aware of this sick person only bc she made herself known to me.It was and is very,very obvious that she had an agenda and I have and always will stand behind you,as Im very sure the rest of us will as well.
    I love you and everything you stand for.
    Your kindness and generosity,as well as the genuine nature behind everything you do,stands out and shines through everything you say.
    I hope this person will someday find peace,and am so glad for you that this is finally over.
    You are beautiful,Britanie.Inside and out.I have only had the pleasure of knowing you on Instagram,and on your blog here,but I hope we can continue to be friends as you are one of the kindest,most unique and unfiltered people I’ve found.
    Lots of love to you and I wish you nothing but peace and happiness,always.
    PS-I ran out of my B of Love Lipgloss,even the tiny ones! Such a beautiful color,Brit.I think that’s the first time I actually finished an entire lipgloss since middle school,and that was Lipsmackers Vanilla Frosting, lol. You have made some beautiful products and I know you will continue to do amazing things. You’re so special.😊

  4. …while I have many more things I would like to say on the subject of this sick person,I will not put them out here,because I won’t feed into her negativity.I just want you to know that,Britanie.I am forever on your side,though. Just know that,please.
    I felt the need to put this up.

  5. I am so sorry this happened to you and the toll it has taken on your health and well being. I am so glad that justice prevailed and hope you have no more harassment and bullying. I wish you all the best in your journey back to health.

  6. I’m glad you seem to be in a better place now, Britanie. This strange feud between you two was so, so toxic and no matter who is the catalyst for it, it’s not healthy for either of you. I wish you both peace, healing, and happiness wherever you are. And I wish you a speedy recovery. Stress can do some really messed up things to our health and mental state so I’m sorry you had to go through that, but I am glad you seem to be doing a lot better. Wishing you a lovely holiday 🙂

    1. Hi Tianna. Thank you! I agree, it’s been incredibly toxic and embarrassing for business. I have tried everything in my power to stop this. While I know she may appear like she had some ground to stand on, after this court case, she does not. The catalyst IS this individual as she was found to be a liar in court. There is no way around that. The truth is continuing to coming out and I’m just happy that others are able to see this as she has caused so much harm to not just me but many others. I do hope she is able to get help but until then, this behavior is not something to be take lightly. It’s horrible how many brands and bloggers got drawn into this mess. I hope she will be able to move on with her life. Thank you for the well wishes and support!!

  7. Hi Britanie,

    I was one of the bloggers that received her emails. She sent apparent documents (but I could even tell many were cut and chopped and pasted) with serious claims and her intro in the email to me was the same thing she sent to everyone. I spoke to some other bloggers about it and she just switched around our names but kept the same intro basically telling all of us how much she was inspired by us and that she wanted us to know how crazy you were. Honestly, just from reading the things she said about you I knew it couldn’t be true. You’ve been nothing but a sweetheart and I can tell just from watching your videos and looking at your photos that your energy is pure. I felt bad when I got the email and I wish now I would have sent it to you but I was worried to start any more drama for you. I also did find it beyond strange that she was showing “proof” by way of anonymous tumblr messages. It looked like a lot of effort to try and hurt someone. I am sorry for all you’ve gone through but just know there are so many behind you. Many of us can see through people like her and her fakeness by way of “evidence” and even her “followers”. Sheesh. Keep your head up, beautiful.

  8. I agree with the comment above. I don’t want to put my info on here as you know who I am and I do not want this person to come after me if I share my info. She also emailed me with the same “You inspire me” blah blah info that she just used to send to every one in order to make you look bad but build all of us up first so we were on her side, I am assuming that was her motive? I didn’t even know her or follow her blog so I found it bizarre she would even email me. Not to mention I am not a big blogger in this community but have always commented on your posts and been a fan. I heard a lot of gossip about this but did not doubt you, even though I was very disturbed that all of this was happening. She has always seemed like a fake to me, tbh, and I think at this point everyone knows she buys her followers. How she can have a book about healing is really scary to me. I have her blocked and will never interact with her. Good for you for being honest and while I am sure many who don’t know who she is would love to know, I think you’re awesome for not outting her when you could. Let her out herself… it will keep happening.

  9. Wait, she tried to deny knowing or being with you!? I followed both of you on livejournal in 2008 and you were all over her journal… how can she deny all of those poses about how in love with you she was? All of those photos and videos? That’s insanity. she was always off, I followed her on livejournal way back in 2005 and she was always in and out of relationships and friendships and never balanced. I knew she was unstable but denying being with someone that posted about all the time!? That’s just sad and scary.

  10. Britanie, the way you’ve handled this ordeal speaks volumes about your character. You are clearly extremely resilient. Having your character, and ethics attacked when it is not only tied to your identity, but so closely related to the work you do would be absolutely devastating. I can completely understand how compromising this must have been to your health. My sisters and I are very new to the clean beauty community, however, if you are a reflection of those within it we are very grateful to be joining. Wishing you the best of health, and a long happy life. ❤

  11. I am so happy you got your “justice” in court. And I am truly happy you are able to share your story with everyone. I am happy you are somewhat able to move on from such horrid behavior and still maintain your light. I was never quite shure what to say or do reguarding this conflict. But I can see to do nothing is just as bad. I can honestly say you have my support and positive vibes. Although you wish to not name names, I always felt to name your attacker(which is what she was basically doing over and over again) is to reveal the crime and replace victim with survivor. But whatever you need for your own health is what only you know is best. 🖖🏼

  12. I knew all along it was Tara because I received the nastiest emails that made no sense at all. I noticed how any time you wouldn’t mention a brand, next day she would. I found that strange but what is weirder is she seems to try to become different people on her social media. One day she is all about yoga, the next she says she has scoliosis, but then she says she is cured completely. I notice many of this coincides with what you post, when you talk about your health issues she all of a sudden has them? When you post gemstones she has photos of gemstones. Please be careful, she seems to have a serious obsession with you and it’s very clear to me she does not know who she really is as an individual. Sending you high vibes and energy.

  13. Britanie, like many others I am not comfortable using my real name. I knew Tara briefly but followed her online for years. I got a bad vibe from her almost instantly. She appeared to be super bubbly and sweet but there was something off about her. I also knew her ex boyfriend and saw how she just moved on from one to the next. It didn’t take me long to notice little things like the fake followers and comments. Her posts are just flooded with them now and worse I see her doing the same comments to people over and over and I didn’t understand until you said many people can buy automatic comments? I looked into and it’s so shady!!! Now it all makes sense.

    I also wanted to add that it’s a terrible shame to see anyone support her but at the same time she seems to be holding onto her “wellness story” and apparent “sobriety” with all she can because she has gone through so many different careers. Nothing seems to stick. It’s alarming and I don’t know if she can be helped. I hope more people have tour strength to come forward. I wish you the best!!

  14. Wow. Had no clue this was happening to you to this extent. Not entirely surprised though. That girl was NOT sober or anywhere near a place of trying to be during the years she claims that she was in her story. I won’t get into the grit of it all but let’s just say I know she was on stuff for a long time and never saw any type of detox from anything at all. She hitched a ride to Cali with a chill dude who had connections out there. Wheh I saw her blog start up it was funny af to me because she was always eating crap food and complaining about her life and all of a sudden she’s organic and healed. Nah. Not buying it. There’s a reason she lost all her friends in New York, she burned every bridge. Thats probably why she peaced out in the first place!

  15. Wow! So glad this is finally getting resolved.
    I still see many in the green beauty industry are still following her on instagram. I hope they see this and unfollow her. That type of behavior should not be supported.

  16. I’m reading this and getting chills because I lived through something similar, but I never had the courage to confront or take measures to stop the person. I hurt me so deeply and lasted for like 2 years until I moved out of the country… You are so brave! Just out of curiosity I check this person’s website and noticed she disabled her comments section, guess she doesn’t want people calling her out o her platform… wonder how she can live with herself. What pains me the most is EXACTLY that image she’s portraying, ALL OPPOSITE of who she truly is, OMG, it pains me to see that she gets so much media coverage, don’t people do their due-diligence before featuring a person on their websites or tv shows? Is disgusting to think that a person like this can get away with it.

    Just out of curiosity, what was her punishment for being found guilty? Did the judge at least make her issue a PUBLIC apology? Can’t believe this went out unpunished, just her paying your attorney fees. Please tell me she’s paying for what she’s done toy you! Sending you lots of light and good vibes!

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