Interview with May Lindstrom of May Lindstrom Skin

I am so excited and honored to bring you my very first interview here on BeautybyBritanie. My first interview is with May Lindstrom, owner and founder of the luxurious and completely natural skincare line May Lindstrom Skin which I have reviewed and raved about many times. May is a constant inspiration in my life, a kindred spirit and a friend. I can’t think of someone who embodies the definition of a natural beauty in every way more than May. From modeling to creating her own elite skincare company, being a devoted wife and a dedicated mother, she is truly an inspiration to all and a superwoman in my eyes! I was delighted to interview her and to find out more details regarding her daily essentials.

Read my interview with May below to learn more about what inspires this incredible natural beauty…

Photo Credit: Larry White

Your skin is flawless. Do you ever experiment with makeup and if so, any favorite brands, techniques, or products?

Thank you! My skin is always a work-in-progress. At thirty, it’s finally the best it has ever been. I have extreme chemical sensitivities and so am hyper-aware of what goes into the products I use. Luckily, there are so many incredibly gorgeous lines now that offer beautiful results without any compromises. I adore RMS both for the formulations and the simplicity of the collection. The Un Cover-Up and Living Luminator are staples in my beauty arsenal. Vapour also makes lovely foundation sticks that I love and I have a new crush on Kjaer Weiss cosmetics. I have only used the cream blush (amazing), but the packaging is so divine I have added every piece she makes to my wish list.  As for techniques – keep it light and fresh. For the skin, less is more. Even acneic skin looks better left to breathe, with just a wisp of creamy foundation to even out tone. A dab of color massaged into the cheeks, a highlight on the brow and cheekbone and maybe a little smoke on the eye for the evening. Lips need to be kissed, so I skip high maintenance color there.

What is one skincare rule that you will not compromise on?

Be kind to yourself. It is easy to get swept up in the promises of magical skincare products. The truth is, each person’s skin is so incredibly unique that there is no one answer, no miracle potion. It is always a balance – treating yourself well on the inside allows your radiance to shine on the outside. Nourish your body, feed your soul and treat your skin with tender care.

What does a typical day in the life of May Lindstrom consist of?

I wake up to my hungry baby girl poking my eyelashes or squeezing my lips with her tiny and inquisitive hands. We nurse, I slide a pot of rice onto the stove and gather a couple toys to bring into my studio so Talia can play while I check my morning emails. I make a list of new orders that have come in and pull out stationary to write the notes that are sent out with my packages. If I am running low on inventory, I’ll blend fresh batches of Skin treats or put together boxes. Always, there is wrapping of goodies before they head out the door. A note, a bow, a little something extra, a lot of love.

At some point I’ll remember to eat, take the rice off the stove, toss in some greens, oils, whatever vegetables are floating around in my refrigerator, maybe a big spoonful of kimchi (I’ve started to make it myself, so much fun!) and toasted sesame seeds. This is breakfast, which usually happens more towards lunch.

After, my daughter goes down for a nap and I work as fast as I can. Balancing life as a stay-at-home mom and the founder, formulator and general do-er of all things for my company has proven to be equal parts amazing and challenging. It turns out, I am not superwoman. If emails could collect dust, mine would rival any bunnies that hunker under beds.

Evenings are precious. My husband is home and we get to have family time. Usually I will cook, sometimes we will go for a walk with our yellow lab, Rex. We listen to music, dance around and love on each other. More often that I’d like, we sink into the couch and watch a movie or whatever reality cooking show is airing – Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, etc. It’s entertaining enough and gives me an opportunity to just sit and snuggle my husband. We both tend to do to much, for too many hours of the day, so we let this slide.

Before we fall asleep, my husband writes in his journal and I squeeze in cherished moments of wind-down time in the bath. It’s not always easy to do, but it’s important. I preach this constantly and make a valiant effort to follow my own advice. I believe in caring for yourself well, in taking the time to indulge in something delicious. For me, it’s this ritual. I slip into a bath (sometimes with my little daughter, and other times alone). When it is just me behind a closed door, it’s a full escape. I let the water be verging on too-hot, steam filling the room. The Clean Dirt gets massaged over my face and down to my shoulders, the spices bringing heat and my skin softening and releasing. If I have time, I break out The Problem Solver. 45 minutes with this and I feel and look like I’ve been on a spa vacation. I like my bathwater salty, like the ocean with a drizzle of essential oils that vary with my mood. After, a couple pumps of The Youth Dew go over face, neck and decollete. The Good Stuff from the bust down and an extra pump to smooth over my hair. I go to bed soft, warm, renewed. Bedtime is late. I sleep with my baby girl in my arms, my ankle curved around my husband’s calf.

How has being a new mother influenced you in regards to healthy living?

I enjoy healthful living and having a body that feels well fueled and properly nourished. Having Talia has simply reinforced that. I breastfeed and have high awareness that I am building her tiny body solely through what I take in.  There’s power in that and it humbles me. Just as big – my daughter reminds me of the importance of taking those moments of rest even when it feels impossible in my hectic day. She reminds me to appreciate the whirlwind, to be grateful and go all out. And at the end of the day, to let it go. That’s what she does. It’s beautiful to watch her sleep at night, knowing she has held onto nothing, held nothing back. And tomorrow, she’ll go full force again, learning something new, reaching a new milestone without a moment of fear.

What/who keeps you inspired?

My baby girl and my husband. Both who love me so enthusiastically that I literally overflow with it. Being loved like this makes me want to pour love on everyone, all the time. This pushed me to launch my line, to embrace new challenges personally and professionally. I have so much strength on my team. I’m crazy blessed.

Photo Credit: Ashley Douthit

Do you follow a specific philosophy when it comes to food?

(ie: vegan, nutritarian, raw food, paleo, etc)

I follow a primarily plant based diet. I believe in eating the rainbow. Fill your plate with deep greens, rich reds and oranges, bright yellows, deep blue and purple. Nature gives us visual cues to the nutritional density in our foods. My dinners look like a kaleidoscope. Grains and legumes are important and fats cannot be underestimated. I eat a lot, and often. Keep it fresh, think outside the box and mix it up.  Flood your cells with the very best quality food you can find and you will be rewarded in how you look and feel.

What are your favorite herbs and spices to work with?

In cooking, I use a lot of smoked paprika, cumin, warm and earthy spices. Really good salts. As we move into spring and summer, I crave something greener – fresh basil, fennel fronds, thyme. I adore sage.

Favorite beverage of choice? Coffee or Tea drinker?

I love coffee, but it makes me sleepy and jittery at the same time – an unfortunate combination. I do truly enjoy tea, largely for the ritual of preparing it. Nearly always with honey and always in a nice cup with a pretty spoon.

What does “beauty” mean to you?

Beauty is found in loving yourself well, creating your own romance and embracing your light. When we care for ourselves in this way, we radiate from the inside out.

If you had one piece of advice for anyone interested in switching over to all-natural products what would it be?

Focus on letting go of what isn’t contributing to your health, wellness and joy. Release it. New favorites will come in time, as the old ones did. You are embarking on a new adventure – it could be scary or it can be an incredible amount of fun. You choose that. When you let it be fun, it’s a playground! The selection of gorgeous and clean brands is multiplying every day, standards are raised higher all the time and the demand for something that is both beautiful and effective is creating a landscape of incredible options that have never existed like this. Embrace it and get swept up in the delight of discovery!

Photo Credit: Tiana Hunter

A HUGE THANK YOU to May for letting me interview her. You inspire me and so many others with your beautiful soul and your truly unique concoctions!

Have you ever tried any of May’s products? I hope her interview added a daily dose of inspiration to your lives, I know it did for mine!

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10 thoughts on “Interview with May Lindstrom of May Lindstrom Skin

  1. ah she is so is such a beautiful post that i want to read it again and again..i ahve not tried her products but surely they are on top of my lust list..i am saving hard for them (student budget you see)

  2. This is such a sweet interview. I have such a fondness for May as a business woman, Mom, and new friend. To know May is to love her and her gorgeous line is a testament in how she lives her life. An honest beauty.

  3. “I … have high awareness that I am building her tiny body solely through what I take in.” YES! Amazing. Beautiful. I’m a huge advocate of breastfeeding as long as possible, therefore, I am a huge advocate of treating your body right. What a great role model for her daughter & for women!

  4. Britanie! This is such a lovely interview. I love that this interview reveals what her daily routine is like, and also bits and pieces about her favourites.

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