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I am not a medical doctor therefore I cannot give medical advice. The information presented herein is not presented with the intention of diagnosing or treating any disease or condition. This information is for educational purposes only. No responsibility is assumed by the author nor anyone connected with this website for the use of this information and no guarantees of any kind are made for the performance or effectiveness of the recommendations provided.

This information has been based solely on the experience and research of the individuals involved, which includes traditional and historical information or on clinical trials not recognized by any government agency or medical organizations. This information has not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration.


Beautybybritanie receives many products for review. I am open to all products from makeup, skincare, holistic, accessories, lifestyle, apparel & more. If I feel a product meets my personal standards and the standards of my blog, it will be reviewed. By accepting products I do not guarantee a review. Every review I post is based off of my own experience and are my own opinions. I will never recommend anything that I do not love and use myself!


In some cases posts on this site may include affiliate links for products that are mentioned in reviews. This means that I will receive a small commission on items that have been purchased through the direct links.

9 thoughts on “DISCLOSURE 

  1. Hey Britanie!

    Just wanted to let you know I love your blog, you, and your ideas and thoughts on cosmetics! We have similar face shapes, eyebrows and eyes so I really get good ideas for my make up + awesome product reviews! Awesome 🙂

  2. Hi Britanie,
    Stumbled across you site when i was googling Iberogast. My stomach bloating started 28 years ago and i have been disabled from this horrible condition for many years. Three months ago i started Iberogast and my life changed for the better in about three weeks. After 3 months it seems taking the Iberogast 3x a day no longer works, and I couldn’t be more disappointed. I am wondering if you know if it’s safe to take more than 3 times a day 2) Do you keep it in the refrigerator, (3) Do you know anyone else that has had relief followed by Iberogast no longer working (4) do you know who is or what website is the best to talk folks about this product
    Thank much and good luck with the green life.

  3. I am so glad I came across your site. I am currently disabled with chronic fatigue syndrome and prefer to eat organic. I have been checking out the other beauty blogs and wondered if there were any for non -chemical products and lifestyles . I do sympathize with your health conditions and small glad you have found a way out of some of your suffering. I have done a lot research myself and am in the midst of some lifestyle changes. All the best to you and keep up the good work!

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