Bloom Into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers


“When we’re in nature, we move toward what elicits our best qualities. When we need a boost of confidence, joy, courage, or love, we’re attracted to those flowers that evoke those qualities within us. After spending time around trees and flowers, we actually feel different; we can feel all kinds of positive qualities rising up […]

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5 Remedies To Help Calm Your Nerves 

   Anxiety can be SUCH a bitch. I’m just going to put it like that because to be completely honest, there really is no nice way to convey the discomfort it can bring when it arrives (always uninvited). It can feel debilitating and make you feel like you’re not in control. Ever heard the song […]

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In Love With: Lavender Oil


  Today I am talking about one of my favorite essential oils. Lavender. I cannot live without it in my daily and nightly routine as it helps to relieve anxiety, stress and insomnia. I also regularly use it for hair care and skincare and as a perfume! I especially am in love with the Bali […]

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HOME | Cleansing Your Space


CLEANSING | The Art Behind “Smudging” Smudging is an ancient and sacred ceremony. Before you begin, you need to center yourself because you want to participate in this process with full, clear awareness and do the smudging in a slow and mindful manner. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you wish. One […]

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I’ve been taking foot baths at least a few times a week for the past year. I must say they have become an absolute MUST for me. A self-nurturing and healing practice that I will continue to indulge in. Foot baths are an interesting and incredibly effective way of detoxifying (and relaxing) your entire system working on […]

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WELLNESS | Favorite Healing Topical Pain Relievers (Part 1.)


When it comes to physical pain, it can be a frustrating & unrelenting issue that can drive a person to complete physical and mental exhaustion. Especially if you opt out of using prescription or over-the-counter pain medications. For some, chronic pain becomes part of day to day life. For those like me who suffer from chronic pain due to […]

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WELLNESS | Banyan Botanicals Organic Sleep Easy Oil 


Deep Restful Sleep ? I’m in. Why you should be massaging your feet with oils before bed… When it comes to sleeping, it can be an easy and natural thing to attain for some and yet for others it’s something so hard to come by. I personally yearn for a sound sleep. Because of my health […]

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In Love With: True Relaxation Stress Remedy by Hope Gillerman


I have talked (and raved) about the True Relaxation Stress Remedy for quite some time now, so imagine my surprise when I realized I never dedicated an entire post to this miracle worker? Shame on me. This oil deserves so much praise and I am going to give it just that. I am a huge […]

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Wellness | Sleeping Monk Herbal Formulas for Health, Vitality and Beauty


The secret is to be proactive with our health, (as opposed to reactive). This idea was described by the ancient modality of Chinese Tonic Herbalism, which states: ‘Assist the positive to eliminate the noxious.’ By taking responsibility of our health in this way, we become so fortified, balanced and protected that disease doesn’t come near […]

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