look of the day | turning over a new leaf

These earrings and necklace are handmade by Soasa Designs. I love to support smaller businesses and handmade brands. These are so lovely and delicate!

I decided to do a quick and easy look wearing the new Black Tie Gala Mineral Eyeshadow collection by Alima Pure and a bright red lipstick!

♥ face:

♥ eyes:

♥ lips:

  • gabriel cosmetics lipstick in “pomegrante”



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19 thoughts on “look of the day | turning over a new leaf

    1. Thank you!!! It is such a great lipstick!!! For being natural it really, really is amazing. It reminds me of MAC lipsticks! I love nature inspired jewelry as well! I am a sucker for it! especially little leaves! so cute.

  1. I really love the brightness of that red lipstick. I have seen that brand at my local Whole Foods – will have to check it out next time. Thanks 🙂

  2. Alima Pure recently just launched here in Singapore and I’ve been meaning to try it.. the distributor is even hosting a makeup class to promote it. but I just bought lots of stuff from Silk Naturals recently o_o

    1. I would definitely try out Alima Pure!!! I am obsessed with their eyeshadows. They blend like a dream and don’t have much fall out at all!! I have to look into Silk Naturals. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. wow, what a beautiful lipstick! I am waiting for some vapour organics products to arrive, I hope they will work for me. It is always nice to have an organic brand that works, rather than using all the chemicals. beautiful!

    1. Thank you!!! It is my new favorite red lipsick. I love it so much. Which Vapour products did you get? I love everything of theirs. I especially love their lipsticks and blushes! So good! I just posted a review of their lipglosses actually! They are such a clean brand. I think you will love their stuff… I can’t imagine how anyone wouldn’t!

      1. Well i think if you have fair skin and dark hair you will always look a bit like Snow White. I know for sure, coz i’m the same 😉 And hey Snow White is pretty! right? 😉

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