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As a self-proclaimed ginger addict, I was immediately attracted to the name of GingerChi when they contacted me. Suffering from chronic nausea and stomach issues, I take Ginger every single day, without fail. I take it in capsules before meals to help aid in digestion, I also carry around ginger candies for travel and I have ginger powder for tea. I love Ginger and the benefits of this powerful herb are endless. I never thought to use it on my skin but with such amazing and revitalizing properties, it is no wonder that this herb is the main component in GingerChi’s products. As I read more about the brand and their products, I knew I had to give them a try.

GingerChi. The way of beauty:

“GingerChi products are made with fresh ginger oil to harness ginger’s revitalizing effect on Chi and the body systems that directly influence the appearance of skin. Pure plant oils and essential oils are selected for their direct benefit to the skin and for their ability to support the internal function of ginger.

It’s this mindful balance of yin and yang between the selected ingredients, working in harmony with each other, that creates a unique beauty regimen. With regular use, you’ll reap results on more levels than one.

GingerChi’s products are preserved naturally without the use of synthetic chemicals or toxic additives. GingerChi brings you the healing power of ginger in its most natural form to support beauty from the inside out. You will experience greater vitality inside the body and healthy, glowing skin outside.”


Replenishing Juniper Oil

I am more than halfway through this delicious body oil. It is in a spray bottle which makes it brilliant for applying to wet or damp skin right out of the shower and within minutes it sinks in and leaves a beautiful glossy sheen to your skin (without feeling greasy). Along with Ginger to stimulate Chi, this Replenishing Body Oil also contains Juniper and Cypress which assist with detoxification by ridding the body of excess water.  Grapefruit helps break up fatty tissue while Lemon strengthens veins and assists with the prevention of variscosities.

Argan Wrinkle Roller

It is never too early to help fight wrinkles. This portable roll-on oil is super convenient and easy to apply to targeted areas. With a mixture of Argan, Rosehip, Hemp and essential oils like the powerful Frankincense and Myrrh, this oil is wonderful for anti-aging and for very dry or sensitive skin.

Purifying Oil Cleanser

Haven’t tried oil cleansing yet? You are missing out.  This specific concoction of oils is wonderful for deep-cleansing the skin. It’s also wonderful for removing makeup and works even with waterproof mascara. With oils like Camellia, Jojoba, Castor, and essential oils of Fresh Ginger, Lavender and Grapefruit this oil will not only pull out all impurities but leave your skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. This is a must-have.


I am so happy to have discovered this brand and am looking forward to trying their Revitalizing Sugar Scrub, Ginseng Toner, and Regenerating Face Serum.

Are you a fan of Ginger? Have you ever tried anything from GingerChi Skincare? Share your thoughts in the comments section!



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*All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. I received these products to review for free from the company but am never paid to give my honest opinions and will only review and recommend products and brands I love and use myself! All Photographs are (C) Britanie Faith unless stated otherwise.*

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3 thoughts on “Beauty Buzz | GingerChi Skincare

  1. Britanie, I love the GingerChi products too. It is a very unique line. The roller lip oil is also one of my favorites. I carry that and the Argan lip roller in my purse for use during the day. They feel so good. The Argan oil smells delicious, doesn’t it? I’ve tried a few more products like the Tummy Tonic that you rub on your stomach and the Oral Detox. Love ’em! I’m glad to see that your a fan now too. They are created with great care and a holistic picture of wellness and beauty. xo

  2. I don’t take ginger supplements but I’m just in love when it comes to cooking with it! Oh a lemon and ginger tea, don’t even get me started….it would be amazing to try GingerChi, never even thought about making it part of my skincare as an active ingredient.

    Mayah x

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