Can flower power really transform your life?


Let Katie Hess, Goddess & Creator of Lotus Wei Help You Transform Yourself & Your World

Hi Beauties!

You know how much I love introducing you to my favorite things. I’m all about alternative health options and using Mother Nature’s gifts to assist me whenever possible. Flower elixirs and essences have had an immense part in my healing journey. And I’m ever so grateful to the special people who have felt the calling to educate themselves and to share with all of us the inherent knowledge and potential that these gifts of nature can provide to us. We just have to have an open heart and be ready to receive the healing.

I’m a huge fan of Lotus Wei’s formulas and have been using them for the past year specifically the Inner Peace and Serum help me to feel more emotionally grounded and relaxed. I also keep a bottle of Pure Energy Mist near my computer and have been known to indulge myself quite often when doing blog posts! (I’m spraying it all around me right now!). Even sprayed a bit near my dog Tayo to enjoy! If you get near me, I’ll spray you as well 😉

The beautiful Katie Hess

One person who has mastered the art of using flower essences for transformation and living a cosmic life is Katie Hess, owner of Lotus Wei. Her flower essences and elixirs are sold at retail stores all over the world, at some of the world’s leading hotels and transformational spas, and to people like YOU.  Katie has been personally working with flower remedies for over 15 years and she knows that flowers are powerful catalysts for transformation. 

She has seen how people hold themselves back with self-limiting patterns. Knowing how powerful and effortless flower elixirs can be, she wanted to help people to shift their subconscious fear and old patterns that can hinder their personal goals.

Katie has now created a newly released program called FlowerEvolution! It’s a six month flower elixir acceleration program to dissolve self-limiting patters, activate your desires and open to personal shifts. All effortlessly, with ease and fun. She created this program for you to love yourself fully and recognize your inner beauty and talents. All with a little help from a delicious elixir made from nature. It literally takes under one minute total per day to use!

As soon as I found out about this program I signed up!

I love to recommend natural things that work quickly. FlowerEvolution doors are only open until tomorrow, October 16th, so if this is something that speaks to you, I would definitely sign up.

Find out all about the FLOWEREVOLUTION, a Six-Month Flower Elixir Program here. Just reading about it will positively affect your energy. It’s designed for change-makers, innovators, creatives and people who want to change the world from the inside out.

What’s included in the FlowerEvolution?

  • Transformative limited edition elixirs delivered to your door
  • Live monthly online gatherings
  • Flower Insights
  • Digital floral wallpapers
  • Journal play sheets
  • Inspirational interviews
  • Discounts and free entries to succulent spas and more

noname (1)

I really hope you will join Katie and sign up for this program like I just did! It will be a group filled with kindred spirits that are passionate about personal growth & making life easier and more beautiful. I absolutely want to feel my best and know that I’ve had the most positive effect on others around me. I feel like this is going to be an incredible learning experience. Added benefit: The elixirs are delicious~ I’ll see you on the monthly online gathering very soon!

*Lotus Wei has created a six-month acceleration program to dissolve self-limiting patterns, up your game and open to personal breakthroughs – effortlessly, with ease and fun.
Learn more about #flowerevolution here:

In Beauty and Health,
xoxo, Britanie

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10 thoughts on “Can flower power really transform your life?

  1. In your personal experience, would the Inner Peace be good for occasional anxiety? This is something I deal with – not to the point where I need a prescription right now, but anything natural that would help to truly calm and mellow me out would be fantastic.

    1. In my personal experience, Yes I believe it wold help anxiety. I can’t claim that but I can tell you that for me it has helped me to feel less-stressed and more grounded. I put it in my water bottle and drink it throughout the day. I also use the serum on my feet before bed, it helps to relax me. I would definitely recommend this for you.

  2. How would you say these compare to the sleeping monk herbal extracts you posted about previously? Both sound lovely but I can’t decide which to try first! Thank you for your informative posts 🙂

    1. Hi Alyssa, Thank you for your comment! The Sleeping Monk Herbal Extracts and the Lotus Wei Flower Elixirs are very different and yet, alike in the way that they help to heal the body and can work as an adapt genic. Sleeping Monk uses herbal ingredients and focuses on potent extracts. Lotus Wei uses flower essences. I would recommend implementing both into your routine. That’s what I do. What is it you are looking to achieve? Are you stressed out, anxious, etc? I can help to further guide you to find the right product if you are interested in sharing with me what it is you are looking to achieve. For instance if you want to boost your immunity, I would recommend the Sleeping Monk Supper Immunity tonic. Let me know if I can help you further!!! 🙂

  3. Thank you for the response! I haven’t been having a problem sleeping in particular, but I am a high anxiety person and have been grinding my teeth at night- so I end up not feeling well rested and compensate with extra coffee during the day. I’ve also been on a quest to balance horomones and balance my skin. I only just started breaking out on my chin about a year ago but it was persistent (those deep painful ones that leave scars, yikes!). After doing research I started using a tincture of chastetree berry(regulate hormones) and milk thistle for liver support and eliminating “bad estrogens”. I’ve only been using them for three weeks and while my skin is still healing, I have not had one deep pimple! This really woke me up to how effective herbs can be. The jaw clenching is my next adventure in healing ❤ would love to know your thoughts! Love your posts!

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