5 Remedies To Help Calm Your Nerves 

   Anxiety can be SUCH a bitch. I’m just going to put it like that because to be completely honest, there really is no nice way to convey the discomfort it can bring when it arrives (always uninvited). It can feel debilitating and make you feel like you’re not in control. Ever heard the song […]

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What I’m Loving Lately… (Autumn Edition)


Happy November everyone! Fall is here and it’s beautiful. During this time I like to add more teas and tonics into my daily routine. I am always trying out many different beauty, health, fashion & lifestyle products so whenever I find that there are specific things I keep going back to, I love to do posts like […]

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WELLNESS | Banyan Botanicals Organic Sleep Easy Oil 


Deep Restful Sleep ? I’m in. Why you should be massaging your feet with oils before bed… When it comes to sleeping, it can be an easy and natural thing to attain for some and yet for others it’s something so hard to come by. I personally yearn for a sound sleep. Because of my health […]

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Tips that I use to Stay Positive (AND HOW YOU CAN TOO!)

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Oh, “life” it can be beautiful, can’t it? It’s not always easy, but I don’t really need to tell you that. We all have our own dealings with pain and despair that decide to visit us occasionally as well as various things to deal with in our lives. I’ve been battling chronic illness since I […]

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Can flower power really transform your life?


Let Katie Hess, Goddess & Creator of Lotus Wei Help You Transform Yourself & Your World Hi Beauties! You know how much I love introducing you to my favorite things. I’m all about alternative health options and using Mother Nature’s gifts to assist me whenever possible. Flower elixirs and essences have had an immense part in my […]

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Wellness | Sleeping Monk Herbal Formulas for Health, Vitality and Beauty


The secret is to be proactive with our health, (as opposed to reactive). This idea was described by the ancient modality of Chinese Tonic Herbalism, which states: ‘Assist the positive to eliminate the noxious.’ By taking responsibility of our health in this way, we become so fortified, balanced and protected that disease doesn’t come near […]

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R.L. Linden & Co’s Autumn Box (Limited Edition)


Presenting R.L.Linden & Company’s Limited Edition Autumn Box. On sale late September. (Be patient – this box is worth it, I PROMISE!) “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” -F.Scott Fitzgerald The beautiful souls that make up the R.& L., (Robin and Lynn) behind the name of this company are […]

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Wellness | GEM+REMEDY


GEM+REMEDY – For Metaphysical Enhancements I first discovered Gem+Remedy on instagram and was instantly attracted to the designs. I have always been very fascinated with gemstone healing and have started my own little gemstone collection recently! I was so happy to come across these wonderful bracelets. Created using the metaphysical theories of color and gemstone therapy, these intention […]

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