Lately my skin has really been enjoying simplicity. I’m talking only a few products for my entire skincare routine. I’ve re-discovered my Kypris Prismatic Array Beauty Elixir III and have been using it morning and night. It is so extraordinarily beautiful and although I LOVE essential oils, my sensitive face sometimes does not and this formula is EO free. It’s perfect for sensitive skin like mine. It calms redness, helps hyper-pigmentation and works wonders as a moisturizer and makeup primer! I’m in love with it.

Speaking of skincare, I’ve always had a hard time finding any eye cream that I could use around my super sensitive eye area that wouldn’t cause dermatitis, irritation or those dreaded milia seeds that can appear around the eye area from clog-poring eye creams. I finally found the Dr. Alkaitis Eye Cream and although I only have a sample size, it has been lasting me forever and not only making my eye area feel hydrated but it doesn’t cause any irritation and sinks in so quickly. I am still going to purchase the full size though just because I love it so much and I feel it deserves to be purchased in it’s true form (I know, I’m weird).

For those of you who don’t know, I recently teamed up with Modern Minerals Makeup to create the Beauty by Britanie Bohemian Collection with includes the most amazing Lip Gloss and Blush that were infused with flower and gem essences from the magical Lotus Wei. I have been literally wearing the gloss and blush almost every time I put makeup on. Love Love Love.

Speaking of Lotus Wei… I am an avid user of flower essence and right now I have been taking the Radiant Energy Elixir (previously called the Pure Energy Elixir) 5x a day, and it’s been helping me so, so much. It contains specific flowers that help fight fatigue, balance hormones, protect against others energies and make you feel more powerful, protected and awake.

I had been wanting to try the Beauty Dust by Moon Juice Shop for quite some time now after trying another one of their dusts that I am a very big fan of; the Brain Dust. I finally got my hands on it and it really is quite amazing. Only after a few weeks of use my nails are growing longer and thicker. My skin has been smoother and if that wasn’t enough, it also contains ingredients that help to calm the nerves so I like to take a teaspoon of this in my tea mid evening.

I truly am loving all of these products so much right now that I HAD to dedicate a post to them!


Spot any favorites? What are YOU loving right now?



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