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I am really excited to be posting a fashion related post. Of course I will be listing what makeup was used as well 🙂 Fashion is a huge love of mine and I am discovering more and more amazing brands that are conscious, eco, ethical and beautiful.

This look was so fun to shoot! My boyfriend is a photographer and we decided to put his skills to the test with this shoot I did for Your Summer Skin to promote this beautiful Fedora hat that is protective against harmful sun-rays.

I am all about the boho-chic look. Comfortable but fashionable. I paired the look with some accessories that wouldn’t take away from the main focus: the hat! I added a belt to this dress as it is naturally a loose fitting dress and I wanted to add some shape to my waist! This is a good tip for anyone else with curves. It just makes the outfit look that much for flattering.

Read below for all the outfit and makeup details (& promo codes!) from this shoot and stay tuned for many more fashion related posts coming up!







American Eagle – Dress, Shirt & Sunglasses

Your Summer Skin Joy Fedora Hat

JORD Wood Watches – Fieldcrest Maple Wood Watch

Indigo Reign – Fluorite Tour Ring



Foundation – Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

Highlighter – Au Naturale Creme Highlighter with  Alima Pure Lumina Highlighter  on top

Bronzer – Alima Pure Maracaibo Bronzer

Lips – Au Naturale Marrakesh Lipstick



Your Summer Skin: code lovebritanie10

Safe & Chic: code beautybybritanie





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  1. I saw this post…loved your hat…went out in the sun all day and got burnt…bought this hat. lol. It came in the mail today and it will be perfect for the festival I’m going to this weekend. Thank you for sharing and may I say you look adorable. I hope to look half as cute <3.

    1. Awww yay!!!! Please let me know how you like the hat. It’s been SO helpful for me!! I wear it almost every single day. You are so sweet and I know you will look amazing in it! xoxo

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