Weekly Musings #6

Hi Everyone! I have not been great at keeping up with these Weekly Musings! I am back today though with some really fun and inspiring things.

I have been taking many more photographs and it feels so good. Capturing things that inspire me keeps me inspired.

My current hair-care routine has consisted of four products(two from one brand and two from another) and it is been such an easy routine, but the difference in how my hair feels, looks and smells is crazy!!! My scalp is no longer dry or itchy, my hair is shinier, it feels stronger, and it smells SO GOOD. I use this shampoo and this conditioner followed by this scalp treatment that I apply directly to my scalp and massage in (it does not leave over any type of residue). I then apply this dreamy creation to the middle and ends of my damp hair, braid it and then go to sleep and wake up with the healthiest looking hair. The three of these work so beautifully together, I find the scent combined to be completely addicting. 

If you are looking for a good Holiday gift for any woman in your life; this is it! (my full review is here).

BREAKOUTS BE GONE! I started using two new products and I haven’t had a single breakout since (knock on wood). THIS is the best cleanser I have used in years. Yes, I said that right: YEARS. It also doubles as a face mask. I also the Active Body Wash. I keep both in my shower and have used them every single day since trying. I’m obsessed.

Ever since seeing Lacy post about this nightshirt, I have had it on my wishlist. I’d love it in any color, really, but I am especially drawn towards the dark green, especially for this time of year.

I am in awe of the dancing/dancer in this music video and I cannot stop listening to this song.

The most comprehensive article on organic skincare that I’ve read in ages. A must read.

Another must-read article on skincare and essential oils that is so important.

Currently re-reading this book and am reminded of how much I need it in my life. I have learned so much about proper breathing for anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, you name it. I highly encourage everyone to read this.

Speaking of proper breathing; I started seeing a brilliant woman who works with Biofeedback and she has been teaching me different breathing techniques and so much more when it comes to dealing with anxiety and chronic pain. More to come on this very soon!

I am currently taking this tonic twice a day in my water (it’s delicious!) and it is one of the best things I have come across for gut and skin health. There are so many products on the market for “gut health” and “glowing skin” that I have tried and often feel don’t do anything at all, or take a LONG time to feel anything from, but with this product, I felt it with the first dose. Bloating went down and I digested my food better. My skin is clearer and I look forward to it in my water because of how good it tastes. I am looking forward to trying more from the line!

Just made another purchase on Pact. I cannot get enough of their clothes. I am especially excited about this sleep romper, even with the weather being cooler- I know I will get so much wear out of this. I will pair it with these knee-high socks and this cardigan and it will be perfect!

This is one of the best shows I have seen. I finished it within two days and now I am really sad I finished it so soon. If you’re looking for a hilariously brilliant, often uncomfortably vulnerable show to binge-watch, this is it!

Now I am currently watching this and really loving it!


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  1. I’m really tired of chemical products and therefore, now have switched to Nyassa Bath and Body Works natural products. So,i’ve been using Nyassa Hibiscus Shampoo and Conditioner. I have thick hair and they are straight from upwards and curls down towards the end. Please tell me if i’m on the right path.

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