Color Combination Love: RMS Beauty “Moment” and Kjaer Weis “Desired Glow”


*I am wearing Kjaer Weis “Desired Glow” on my cheeks and RMS Beauty “Moment” on my lips. I didn’t want to wear any other makeup (including concealer or foundation) so that the colors in each could show through more appropriately although they are even more beautiful in person!*

Every now and then I find a combination of colors that just mesh together so beautifully. Lately I have been loving wearing RMS Beauty’s Lip Shine in “Moment” on my lips and Kjaer Weis’s Cream Blush in “Desired Glow” on the apples of my cheeks. These two products alone are wonderful, but together are something else entirely. They compliment each other so well that lately it’s been difficult for me to reach for one without the other!

Moment is described as a light rose-brown shine that enhances every lip color.” while Desired Glow is described as a natural deep tan.”

Funny enough I was actually apprehensive about both of these products at first due to their more brownish hues. With having such fair skin I just figured I would not be able to pull them off correctly. Boy was I wrong. In person these two colors make me look more awake even when not wearing a speck of anything else on my skin. I sometimes just curl my lashes, dab some Desired Glow on my cheeks and a little bit of Moment on my lips and am out the door! I absolutely love this combination.

Have you ever tried either of these products? What color combinations are you currently loving?



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14 thoughts on “Color Combination Love: RMS Beauty “Moment” and Kjaer Weis “Desired Glow”

  1. Love that blush color. I really like cream blushes. Do you ever wear a primer? I saw that Christopher Drummond carries one that is Dimethicone free and was thinking about trying it. Sometimes it seems like my makeup sinks into my skin.

    1. I don’t usually use a primer just because the moisturizers that I use are very hydrating so majority of the time I don’t need them. In the colder months I usually add some light oil over my moisturizer which helps as a primer for me! If I ever do use one I like to use Jane Iredale’s Brightening primer. I have heard great things about the Christopher Drummond primer though and I love their concealer!

  2. Britanie, do you know of an eyeshadow that is a rose gold color or somewhere close to that? I just want something that will brighten up my brown eyes and thought maybe you might know of something. Thanks!!

  3. Brit, you look beautiful! I have major skin envy over here … you do NOT need to wear concealer or foundation. Your complexion is so glowing and radiant. I love the blush and lippie on you. I have not tried anything from Kjaer Weis yet, and keep hearing Desired Glow come up again and again. I like RMS but don’t have a lippie from Rose Marie yet … changing that soon! Keep these pretty looks coming πŸ™‚

    1. Girl you always make me blush πŸ˜‰ I do need to wear concealer sometimes! I get redness around my nose and I have the worst dark circles – you just can’t see them as much in this photo because of the angle but trust me they are there! You HAVE to try Kjaer Weis. It is unbelievable. it’s an expensive habit but lately I have been purchasing the refillable’s for some of the products and just popping them in z-palettes to save some money! Though nothing compares to the packaging. I think you would LOVE Desired Glow. It’s so flattering one very skin tone. I just love it. Also all the lippies from RMS are amazing… Sublime and Sacred are super pigmented and bright and beautiful!

  4. Wow! I would never pick these colours out normally but seeing how they look on I really want them! I love how natural this looks!
    Lately I’ve been wearing really matte skin with a bit of contour on cheeks and filled in brows, black cat eyeliner and some tinted rose lip balm or red lipstick πŸ™‚

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