MarieNatie Lipgloss Review and Jewelmint “The Giza Ring”

I was sent Lip Gloss by the lovely Mary of to try out and to review for my blog. She was so gracious to send me two lovely colors!!!!

Top to Bottom:

Pretty In Pink
Sexy Red

Product Description:

An all-natural lip gloss providing sparkling colours and shine without the stickiness.  The natural oils will offer moisturizing properties and lasting hydration for your lips.

Now for the simple and healthy ingredients!!

Ingredients Jojoba oil, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, vitamine E and vitamin E Acetate, pomegranate oil, sunflower oil, grapefruit seed oil, mica, essential oil

if that’s not something you want to be putting on your lips and licking off without feeling guilty than I don’t know what is 😉

First Impression: I immediately noticed the scent of these glosses and how delicious they smell!! The scent reminds me somewhat of my favorite glosses by Buxom. It’s like a mix of caramel and vanilla. It’s tempting to lick my lips while I am wearing these because of how delicious they smell but at least I know that if I do eat some of my lip gloss that I am not ingesting any harmful chemicals!!!

It’s made from all natural ingredients and essential oils. It glides on so smooth and it really feels like it’s doing your lips a service by how moisturizing it is!! It reminds me of a mix between a lip balm and lip gloss. I love that it’s smooth and blendable but not too sticky.

On to the photos…

close up of Pretty In Pink (I think that Pretty In Pink is my favorite out of the two. It’s such a beautiful color and almost has caramel highlights in it. It’s shimmery but not anything overpowering for glittery. it’s very subtle. It somewhat reminds me of Nymphette Lipglass by MAC)

close up of Sexy Red (the more layers the more deep the color but on me I feel it shows up more as sheer warm orange color with shimmer)

swatch of Pretty In Pink and Sexy Red (with flash)

All in All:
Price: $18.00
Pro’s: Extremely moisturizing, beautiful shimmer, delicious smell, very portable, good packaging, not too sticky.
Con’s: These aren’t the most long lasting glosses but they are perfect for every day wear and for layering on top of other lip products for an extra shine and shimmer!

I will definitely be purchasing a few other colors of these to carry around in my purse for whenever I want a pretty pop of color or to just have my lips smell like delicious vanilla and essential oils!

Thanks again to for the glosses!

On to my new favorite piece of jewelry…

“The Giza Ring” by Jewelmint

{whats on my face? Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, Vapour Illusionist Concealer, Primitive Lipstick in “Corsica”, MarieNatie Lipgloss in “Pretty In Pink”, Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in “Dollface”, TheBalm Nude ‘Tude Palette, Ardell 120 Lashes}

I really really love this ring. I don’t own anything like it and I think its really unique.

It is a beautiful addition to my jewelry collection.



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4 thoughts on “MarieNatie Lipgloss Review and Jewelmint “The Giza Ring”

    1. Hey!!! Thank you so much for following!! and thank you for the compliments! Which colors did you try?? I think it depends on the color because for me Pretty In Pink is very pigmented and for Sexy Red I have to apply a few coats to get it pigmented. I would suggest trying Pretty In Pink if you havent though, it really is amazing!

      1. I will for sure try it!

        I got cotton candy and nearly wild. I did swatches on my blog if you want to check it out. Nearly wild had a slight reddish tint but definitely not as much as yours. Still beautiful glosses though, I enjoy them!

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