What I’m Loving Lately: 9/22/12

I was inspired to start doing a  “What I’m Loving Lately” post after meeting the lovely Natanya today and reading her blog where she posts about things she loves every Thursday. I thought that was a great idea but instead of Thursday’s I will be posting what I love every Saturday!

This week I really have been appreciating the little things a lot.

Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses. It is not only amazing for Anemia as it contains a high Iron content but also contains magnesium phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, cooper, manganese, selenium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and choline. It is a natural remedy for heartburn, cancerous fibroids, menstrual cramps, the list goes on. It’s amazing. It has helped my heartburn a lot. I have been drinking in either on its own with warm water or I mix it into Coffee or Tea in place of sugar. For those of you who are sugar weary, blackstrap molasses has a low glycemic index. The glucose and carbohydrates are metabolized slowly and in turn demand less insulin production and stabilize blood sugar. It’s a great alternative to those who are diabetic or sensitive to sugar. It is an acquired taste for most but I personally love the taste of molasses and I actually find myself craving it which makes me think my body must need the nutrients in it.

Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin K-Cup Coffee. Although it is full of artificial flavors I am not against indulging every now and then, in fact I encourage it. It’s the perfect coffee for fall and I add a tiny bit of coconut creamer and it’s delicious.

♥ Hats. I love wearing hats in the fall and winter. They are the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit. My favorite right now is the Wool Floppy Hat from American Eagle.

Non-Acidic Vitamin C. I have always been a fan of Vitamin C for immune support and to help with Anemia but it’s always aggravated my stomach as it’s very acidic. I found the perfect supplement that is non-acidic and I have been taking it daily and so far no stomach upset!! I am really excited about adding Vitamin C into my diet again because I always notice a drastic improvement in my immunity after taking it on a daily basis.

♥ Grey’s Anatomy. I used to be obsessed with this show but I stopped watching it in the middle of season 4. I recently started watching it again as it’s available instant on Netflix. I am now on season 7! I cannot stop watching it. I literally don’t watch anything else but Grey’s Anatomy right now. So good.

Fuel Coffee Shop in Great Barrington. I discovered this little Coffee Shop this week as it says “Gluten Free” on the window. I went in with my mom and I love their selection of foods and they have so many gluten free options. It reminds me of Northampton quite a bit. it’s really adorable and everyone who works there is super friendly. It’s my new favorite spot. They have the most delicious gluten free maple chocolate banana bread that is to die for!

♥ Badger Vanilla Bean Lip Balm. This stuff is addicting. Super moisturizing and super delicious. It smells so good and I am tempted to lick it off my lips every time I wear it because it’s Vanilla! It’s Organic and Non-Toxic and will not harm you if you happen to give in and lick your lips a little 😉 I carry this in my purse with me all the time.

♥ Emailing with Nour ♥ My heating pad ♥ Soups ♥ Baking ♥ My 2 month old nephew smiling at me ♥ Staying positive despite setbacks ♥

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and I’d love to hear what you have all been loving this week!



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