life update | I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

October is my favorite month in the world. I love the yellow and rich red leaves on the ground. The cool, crisp air. Layering clothes and wearing boots everyday. It’s been absolutely freezing out the past few days and I feel Winter nearing sooner than I would like it to. If only Fall could last forever. I still want to go apple picking, paint some pumpkins and take some beautiful fall photos. Matthew is coming here tomorrow (finally) he has been away in Europe for almost two weeks. It’s been really hard not seeing each other for so long and especially during my transfusions. I had my second iron transfusion on Wednesday and it was pretty rough. I had a dizzy spell from all the medications they gave me and I ended up staying in the hospital longer than expected. You know that you are on too many medications when they serve you hospital food and you think it’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten!

Today is the first day I actually feel like I have a little bit of energy. I think this is the first time I have worn makeup in a few weeks or have had any ounce of energy to put myself together nicely. I hope this is a sign of more good days to come. I’m staying positive as always!

“Sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think
“I’m not going to make it” but you laugh inside
— remembering all the times you’ve felt that way.”

I was featured on one of my favorite blogs The Clean Beauty Blog where I talked in-depth about my current skincare routine. It’s been so fun to collaborate with other blogs and I have a few more things coming up soon that I will be working on that I am really excited about.

[outfit: melika boots from, sweater from american eagle, blazer from the gap, hat from h&m, dress is thrifted, calla lily earrings from]

[face: Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream (this is seriously the best foundation I have used in ages!!!!), Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer, Pure + simple Blush, TheBalm Shady Lady Palette No. 2, lipstick in the color “Galaxy” by ZuZu Luxe and Ardell Demi Lashes.]

Presents from the lovely May Lindstrom. I will be doing a very in-depth review of every product from her line coming soon! So far I am absolutely madly in love with everything she sent me. Her packaging and products are so luxurious and she is one of the sweetest people in the world. Such an inspiration.

I knew they were secretly in love. I don’t think they meant to get caught but they did. cutest thing ever.

I put together this huge tin of organic loose lavender and chamomile tea and I’ve been drinking it every night before bed. It really helps to relax me. I love these two herbs on their own but I find that they work amazingly well in conjunction. I like to add a little bit of honey too, it’s a nice night time treat for the senses.

I looked after my 10 week old lovely nephew yesterday and it was the highlight of my week. his smile kills me!

and then to add to my happiness my sister in law sent me this photo of carter!! I said YES of course!!!

bukowski knew his stuff.



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10 thoughts on “life update | I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

  1. love you. you are such an inspiration. and omg i posted that bukowski poem on evolutionyou today before i realized that you had posted it here! this happens all the time, britanie. so many times you post things and then i think–ahhh i was just going to post that. we are absolutely on the same wavelength.

    always, always, love. ❤

  2. I hope you do your May Lindstrom review soon. I have bought 2 of her products and want to buy the third youth dew but its very costly. Want to make sure its worth the money.

    1. Hi there!! I will be posting my review on May’s products within the next few weeks. i want to try everything out for at least a few weeks to have an accurate opinion! So far I am loving everything and the Youth Dew is really great. I will have more info on it once the review is up but I think it is indeed worth the money!

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