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Pure + simple’s line of Mineral Makeup is made using 100% pressed minerals. Compacts are pressed with organic butters and oils without silicons or petroleum-based derivatives. No chemical fillers, dyes or perfumes to clog or irritate the skin. If that wasn’t amazing enough, each blush with it’s multi-use colors can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips.

“Soleil” – a bronzy, red glow.

This color is not something I would normally gravitate towards as far as blushes are concerned as I usually stick with rose-colored blush or very light pinkish tones. This color has a coral hue to it which adds a really pretty, natural glow to my cheeks. There is no glitter in this blush which I like as I find some glitter blushes to not be very flattering. This blends out to an almost matte finish but is very silky. It lasts all day and night and doesn’t lose its color. I love to wear this color on its own and I find that with my pale skin it’s extremely flattering and makes it look like I am not wearing any blush, it looks like my cheeks are sun-kissed! I also find that this works perfectly with other blushes. I used a rose color cream blush the other day and then layered a bit of Soleil on top and it not only made the cream blush last longer but it added a really beautiful and slightly bronzed look to it! I think this shade is perfect for both summer and winter months and it is also beautiful as an eyeshadow and lip color!

(wearing Soleil on my cheeks. in this photo I am wearing it on my cheeks and eyelids.)

I am really enjoying how versatile this shade and product is and I am really excited to try more of Pure+Simple’s blushes and mineral makeup products. Pure+Simple blushes are $16.95 and you can purchase them here.

Have you tried any of Pure+Simple’s mineral makeup? If so what are your thoughts?



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