HANA Organic Skincare Review


This Eco Lux pure skincare line was created on beautiful Bainbridge Island off the coast of Washington State. I’m really loving this entire line, which I would describe as being incredibly delicate, gentle and really effective. My skin has been drinking these beautiful ingredients right up! The line is not only gluten free (I’m gluten-sensitive) but uses certified organic and Demeter Biodynamic ingredients! There will be a discount code at the end of this review!

My favorite product from this line has to be the Luxe Serum. Pump two to three drops of this loveliness and it glides right in from the combination of the oils of jojoba, apricot, and rose hip seed. It smells earthy/sweet and really delicate as the lavender, neroli, frankincense and rose otto oils share with you their aromatherapy as well as skin rejuvenating  benefits. Rich and lovely are the two words that come to mind when I smooth this on my face and neck. I’ve been using this now for the past six weeks and I’m impressed. I had some redness and irritation and now it’s gone.


Lavender Grains
I love taking one HANA scoop ( wait till you see how adorable this ceramic scoop is) with a tablespoon of raw honey. I warm the mixture up in my hand before I gently apply to my face. I use it as a weekly mask. There is something about the combination of the white clay, organic oats, almonds, poppy seeds, rose, lavender & calendula with the raw honey that makes my skin so plump and sooo soft! I leave it on for 15 minutes ( I lie down and use this time to unwind). I use a warm wet baby washcloth to remove and follow with Gentle Toner and Renew Creme.

Gentle Cleanser
This liquid cleanser was such a surprise to me. It smells so subtle with the rose hydrosol, castile soap, jojoba oil with geranium and neroli essential oils. Its such a nice light liquid, and being soap based, didn’t dry my skin at all. I applied a small amount to my damp skin. I was left with a refreshed and moisturized squeaky clean face. No soap residue whatsoever!

Eye Oil
I’m a bit fanatical when it comes to the area around my eyes. I remember reading years ago how truly delicate the area is. Not to mention I believe an ounce of prevention early can really help ward off the crinkly dryness if you are disciplined and really follow a complete skin care regimen. This oil is so nourishing with it’s organic jojoba and rosehip seed oils as well as Vitamin E and rose essential oil. It’s not all greasy. The nourishment sinks in immediately as if your skin was waiting for it’s nightly treatment. A little goes a long way.


I love when companies make adorable travel kits. It’s so convenient and it simplifies the packing for vacations. Also this is a great way to be introduced to this very special line! The travel bags are handmade by Karen’s sister Kathy.

I’m so in love with this entire line!

Karen Ries is a certified herbalist who created HANA Organic Skincare back in 2011. What started in her kitchen/ laboratory  using her  garden medicinal herbs has grown to include her own studio where the creating continues. All handmade  in small batches to guarantee freshness as well as to be able to have the quality control in her own hands.

She named the company after her daughter, Hana. The company continues to grow with the help of Natalie Berry.

HANA Organic Skincare is a wonderful innovative company. Karen and Natalie have taken the finest organic ingredients, and made an entire gluten free line that is compatible for all skin types.
Their commitment is ” to provide pure, simple products for your radiant health and wellbeing.”

I would say to them, job well done!


The wonderful ladies of Hana Organics are offering a 15% off code for my readers! The code is “BBB15” and can be applied to all full size products. Also free shipping on orders of $50!

Have you ever tried anything from HANA Organic Skincare?

*Flower Crown shown in the photos is by the wonderful Gardens Of Whimsy  on Etsy.*


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  1. I’ve been curious about this line. Thanks for the discount code. I’ve just ordered Lavender Grains and used the discount. I can’t wait to try this product!

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