alima pure | stormy weather eyeshadow collection

Stormy Weather, Alima Pure’s limited edition color collection for fall, features four sultry shades of eyeshadow that are perfect for creating smoky fall looks.

Deluge is a deep grey shimmer with silver sparkle and hints of blue and purple.

Thunder is a deep, matte purple that can line or contour.

Mist is a gold-tinged, white shimmer.

Drizzle is a light, sterling-silver shimmer with a subtle hint of gold.

(one swatch of each shadow with no primer underneath. you can imagine how much more pigmented they are with primer!)

My Thoughts: These are the  first eyeshadows I have ever tried from Alima Pure and I must say that I am very impressed. I am not usually a huge fan of mineral eye shadows as I find them to be messy and not so easy to blend with other colors. These eye shadows have changed my entire view on mineral eye shadows in general. I love how easily these apply and I don’t get much fall out from them at all! The colors are super pigmented and look exactly like their descriptions. These shadows do contain shimmer (Thunder is the only matte shade in this collection) but I do not find them to be too glittery or overpowering. I will absolutely be getting more shades from Alima Pure and am eager to try out other products from them as well!

Notes: I would recommend applying a primer/concealer to your eyelid before applying these shadows as they are loose minerals and will not only last longer with something to adhere to underneath but will also be much more pigmented and more true to their colors! I use brushes to apply these shadows but also find that using my fingers work just as well, especially when packing on color to the lid!

Price and Where To Buy: You can buy the entire Stormy Weather collection here for $36.00Single eyeshadows are $12.50.


What are your favorite mineral eyeshadows?



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11 thoughts on “alima pure | stormy weather eyeshadow collection

    1. I am really impressed with their products!! I am currently trying out their foundation right now!! love it so far. Thank you for the comment! The purple is a beautiful matte shade and works well as an eyeliner as well!

  1. i almost bought some of this stuff the other day, but i just can’t get over my dislike of mineral eyeshadow. it always gets everywhere EXCEPT my eyelids. that’s been the biggest issue with my transitioning to cleaner eyeshadow … all the clean versions are loose minerals 😦 hoping to splurge on some nvey pressed shadows soon. but … maybe ill try one of these …. maybe.

    1. Honestly I had the same problem with mineral eyeshadows! I have SO many from bareminerals which I have a love/hate relationship with because I love how pigmented they are but they fall all over the place! These Alima Pure eyeshadows are the ONLY mineral eyeshadows that have not given me fallout. It shocks me everytime because I keep expecting them to be really messy but they never are! I literally never have fall out from them… I don’t know if it is because I apply concealer to my lids first to prime them or what but so far I have had no issues with fall out. I would definitely try them out!

  2. Hi!

    I used a mineral eyeshadow from Inika…it is a bit messy, but I think using a wet brush might help, though. Also, i really loved the effect it provided (very luminous, it made my eyes pop!)

    Generally, I prefer cream eyeshadows (RMS Beauty being my staple) as they are more easy to use.

    1. Hey!! I have never tried anything from Inika… I will have to check them out! I usually prefer cream shadows too as they are so much easier, however I do find cream shadows tend to crease more and don’t provide as much of a “pop” as you said to the eyes which I find that many mineral shadows do, especially these from Alima. I am really loving how easy they are to apply and if you apply them wet they are almost like cream shadows!

  3. Ohhh! I have been dying to find a mineral eyeshadow that doesn’t fall out! Do you have a look of the day featuring this pallette or can I kindly request one? I’m so excited to see these babies in action & maybe pick up my own set. xoxo

    1. I actually have a face of the day look and possible tutorial coming up very soon using not these specific colors but other Alima Pure eyeshadows from another collection!!!! I will let you know as soon as I post them! They really work wonderfully and I still haven’t had any issues with fallout at all!!

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