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Sweet Almond Body Lotion

$10.00 for 6oz recyclable/reusable, squeezable bottle!

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Description: This delicious smelling lotion is formulated with organic aloe and organic almond oil, as well as organic coconut oil and organic geranium water for the softest skin ever. This delightful body lotion is formaldehyde and paraben free, and free from petroleum products. Nourishing, light textured, never greasy, natural fragrance, preserved naturally too! Bitter almond essential oil is blended with vanilla and bergamot essential oils for the most delicious smelling body lotion. If you need a reason to pamper your skin, this is it! The scent will make you crave its goodness everyday. Packed with nourishing organic oils and organic aloe it will leave your skin silky soft and plumped…never greasy!

Ingredients: Distilled water, Organic aloe, Organic Almond Oil, Organic Geranium Hydrosol, Organic Coconut oil, Kosher vegetable Glycerin, Organic Cocoa Butter, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Palm Stearic Acid, Essential Oil, geoguard, soy wax, rosemary extract, organic soy lecithin, Xanthan gum.

My Thoughts: I am so happy that I found this body lotion. It has helped my dry skin so much. I use Coconut Oil and other oils after I shower which are usually enough for me but with the weather getting colder, the oils just haven’t been cutting it for me and they have not been enough to really coat my dry skin. The Organic Aloe and Almond Oil in this lotion are incredibly hydrating for the skin. After applying this lotion sinks into my skin within minutes and doesn’t feel even slightly greasy. It has a very strong almond smell when first applying (which I love) but after awhile the scent dies down and becomes much more subtle but still apparent. I have been using this every night after my showers and have not had any dry skin since. I also love that this is only $10.00! The 6oz bottle will definitely last me awhile but I will have to stock up on these so that I do not run out this Winter! You can purchase this body lotion for $10.00 on Rainwater Botanicals Etsy Shop

Have you ever tried anything from Rainwater Botanicals? What are your must-have body lotions for Winter?



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10 thoughts on “Beauty Buzz | Rainwater Botanicals Sweet Almond Body Lotion

  1. aloe and almond oil sound dreamy! im actually not much into body lotions because im lazy about applying them … im better with oils, straight out of the shower. but with the winter weather finally zapping all my moisture, i *have* been using a little extra body lotion on my legs at night. this one sounds great & is affordable!!!

    1. I am the same way when it comes to body lotions – I usually try to skip them and just use oils straight out of the shower but in the winter my skin just needs extra or it will literally itch and be so dry all day. This lotion is perfect because it sinks in within minutes and doesn’t leave that greasy residue left over like many lotions do! If you are going to try one I suggest this. It’s an added bonus that it’s so affordable!

    2. Hi Body lotion is usulaly a more moisterizing content which could be used on the face if your skin is normal to dry but only now then.If you have combination to oily skin, you wouldn’t want to use moisterizing cream on your face.Its not just marketing although I see why you’d think so:Think of your face like material: Your eye area is cashmere, your face is 100% cotton your neck your body are more like canvas or denim.

  2. argh, i dont think my last comment went through. sorry if im double posting! but essentially, im not a body lotion person (bc im too lazy) but ive been better about extra moisturizing at night with body lotion since it’s so dang dry. this lotion sounds dreamy with aloe and sweet almond oil, and the price is perfect.

    1. I bought some for the first time in July (it’s witenr here, so I was a bit pale).I applied it each day for three days straight after my shower heaps of people kept asking me where I’d been on holidays.Don’t forget to exfoliate.Don’t forget to wash your palms afterward. If you don’t, you’ll get yellow lines across your lifeline etc.Also, don’t do too much washing up. It will soak off the hand colour faster than on the rest of your body looks WEIRD!Apply daily for 3-4 days, then when you’ve got the colour you want, drop back to once every 2-3 days.It is such a good product!

  3. This lotion looks amazing! I’m always on the hunt for great body lotions. Right now I’m using Kiehl’s Creme de Corps which works wonders on my dry winter skin. I rotate between that and coconut oil. I’m definitely going to give this a try!

  4. It\’s good to exfoliate your skin, and just use it liaerblly as a moisturiser after every shower, or daily. You stop using it when you feel your colour is dark enough, and reapply when it fades. As it\’s mild, you can\’t go wrong or use too much, so dont be afraid to slather it on.

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