This is my current personal facial care routine. To SHOP my other favorites as well as recommendations for specific skin treatments please go here. I will be editing this page as I make any changes to my routine at all!

MY SKIN For reference my skin is SENSITIVE. When I say sensitive, I mean it is easily irritated by too many essential oils or ingredients. It gets red easily, especially on my cheeks. I am prone to Periorial Dermatitis and Eczema  during stressful times. I also experience hormonal acne usually around my mouth and chin area. I also deal with hyperpigmentation. If I had to pick a skin “type” I would say I am dry to combo. I am very picky about what I use as my skin does NOT like too many products! It may seem like I am listing a lot of products in this routine, but keep in mind many are only used once a week or every few weeks, and some are switched up throughout my routine. Simplicity is the best!

CLEANSER | I always double-cleanse. It it one of my biggest skincare tips in order to keep your skin as clean and clear as possible. If you wear makeup, you should double cleanse every time you wash your face. I wash my face at night only. This is a personal preference that works best for my skin type.

In the morning I simply spray my face with Rosewater and wipe down with cotton pads. At night, I start by removing all of my makeup with an oil-based cleanser. I love the Leven Rose Jojoba Oil and use this to remove all makeup (including eye makeup). I then go in with the Laurel Skin Cleanser which is for combo to oily skin and really purifies my skin.

I do like to switch up my second cleanser in my routine once a week, this helps my perioral dermatitis flare-ups to calm down. It also helps immensely with hormonal acne. I use this soap in place of the Laurel cleanser once a week.

SCRUB | I have to use a gentle exfoliant at least once a week otherwise I feel like my skin isn’t properly absorbing the beautiful nutrients I put on it. I have tried many exfoliants that range from $10-$200 and so far I keep going back to the Acure Brightening Scrub because it works wonderfully, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and always leaves me with a glow! I leave this product in my shower as it can be a bit messy so I use it whenever I take a shower! The green color always makes me so happy. (tip: a little goes a long way!!)

TREATMENTS | Twice a week I use the Epi-Peel. It is expensive but worth it. It also lasts a very long time. It is more of an exfoliant than a peel as you do not peel anything off of the skin. I leave it on for 5 mins max and then scrub and remove with warm water. The reason I use this and the acure scrub mentioned above is because the Acure is more of an every day, every other day scrub.

The Epi-Peel is more intense and really, really clears the skin. It is one of the only intense treatments I can use on my skin with zero irritations. It helps to clear clogged pores and milia which can be caused by using too many oil-based products. It also helps to get rid of acne and scars. I try to use it twice a week, though I am tempted to use it every night.

I also like to use a mask every few weeks. Most masks tend to dry my skin out but my favorite one that doesn’t cause any dryness and helps my complexion is the Osmia Organics Detox Exfoliating Mask.

SPOT TREATMENT | For spot treating acne, this is my go-to. If I am having a really bad breakout or my skin is super stressed, I will use this game-changing antimacrobial clarifying cream. I especially love to use the Zyderma cream once a month when I know I’m prone to breakouts. It helps to keep them at bay!

TONER | I could not live without Rose water or beautiful hydrosols. They not only smell delicious but they help to keep my skin clear and glowing. My favorite to use throughout the day is the Rose Geranium Facial Hydrosol helps to balance pH, locks in moisture, helps fight acne and irritation and smells so good! I also love to use the Rosewater and Glycerin Spray which is wonderful for those seeking extra hydration. Perfect as a makeup setting spray also!

MOISTURIZE | I use two oil serums from the same line as both compliment the other. They have been life-savers for my skin and I have been recommending them to absolutely everyone with every skin type. I literally have no idea how I ever managed without these two products. I haven’t raved about skincare products like this in quite some time.

I use the Maya Chia Supercritical Chia Oil (2 drops) and apply all over my face. I then go back in with Maya Chia The Super Couple (3-4 drops) and apply all over my skin. Both of these serums help immensely with hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scars, wrinkles, etc

*Due to the fact that I recommend these oils so much I wanted to get a code for my readers to help save you some money. So make sure to use code BEAUTYBYBRITANIE at to save you store wide.*

I think it’s really important to have a good cream, even if you are using mainly oils. I like to always have a cream just in case my skin is feeling extra dry and the oils aren’t cutting it on that particular day/night.  I also sometimes like to wear a cream for a few days and skip the oils and then go back to the oils and no cream. My skin seems to respond best to rotating my must-have products. The cream that I keep going back to, especially after dealing with some acne and perioral dermatitis is the Osmia Organics Purely Simple Face Cream. If you ever used Cetaphil, this is like the organic dupe. It’s the best!!

I do this routine both day and night. At night, I do like to add in the Jade Roller to help my oils sink in the skin better, this also helps to depuff, brighten and tone the skin. If using a cream, I will add it on-top of the oils where extra care is needed.

SPF | The cream that I use and the oils I use do not contain SPF so on days that I know I am going to have my face in the sun, I will use the Kari Gran Three Sixty Five Face Sunscreen and LOVE IT. I have a hard time with many SPF products and this SPF has never broken me out or caused any irritation.

EYES | Most eye oils/serums/balms/creams can irritate my sensitive eye area but this eye cream is not only extremely affordable and easy to find but it works just as good as any high-end eye treatment I have used. I also love this Eye Balm which is especially great if you need added moisture.

BROWS | I think taking care of your brows is so important. I have been able to grow back my once sparse brows into thick brows by diligently applying oils or a balm to them every night. At night, I always apply a light layer of the CV Skin Restorative Balm on my brows using a spoolie brush or my fingers. This has helped to keep my brows in the best shape. Another great oil to use is Black Castor Oil. Sometimes I will add a few drops of the castor into the balm or I will use it on it’s own with my fingers or the spoolie.

LIPS | I have tried so many lip products and I cannot get enough of the Osmia Organics Lip Doctor. I actually own four of them so I can keep them all around my house and in my purse, that’s how much I love this product.

INTERNAL | Let’s not forget that beauty comes from the inside, out so it’s imperative that we treat ourselves internally as well! I make sure to take Beauty Dust every day in warm water, tea or even Coffee. I also add one pack of the Vital Proteins Collagen with it. This combination helps to keep my skin, nails & hair healthy. The proper probiotics are essential for healthy skin. I also swear by Tocos, He Shou Wu and Sleeping Monk Immortal for clear skin.




Have you tried any of these products? Please share with me your thoughts and feel free to ask me any questions about my routine!!




I sometimes share affiliate links, but I will never recommend any product, brand or store unless I use and love them myself. I only make a small commission if items that are ordered directly through affiliate links are purchased. These sales help me to keep pursuing my passions and to be able to try more products to test out and recommend to all of you! So if you buy through my links, thank you so much! I provide coupon codes whenever I can to try and help you save money.  I am never paid for any positive reviews and will always give my honest opinion.

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  1. I agree that the Aleavia cleanser and Maya Chia Super Couple are game changers. My skin has been absolutely flawless since using them. Now I gotta get my hands on some Beauty Dust💚. Thanks for the post!

  2. I keep hearing so many great things about he Aleavia cleanser and know I need to try it now. Thank you for sharing about your skincare routine! This beauty dust sounds so interesting too! My skincare has become more about my body internally and less about products which is when I saw the most improvement in my skin. It’s nice to see that Maya Chia includes the percentage of essential oils in their pure supercritical omega-3 chia oil. Lovely post!

  3. These all sound great! I’m trying to re-vamp my routine for myself (and especially for my kids as they’re getting older now :0 ) and this post will help a lot! I was wondering, have you ever tried any herbivore botanicals products? I was considering a few of their products as well. Thanks!

  4. Seriously as I was just reading the top section, I kept thinking to myself: “wow, this girl has skin JUST like mine!” Everything you listed, other than Dermatitis and Eczema, is what my skin is like. It used to be oily but now it’s kind of dry (I surf a lot) and super sensitive to anything. I get hormonal break outs around my mouth and chin area, too. And I have to be very particular about what I put on my face, especially sunscreen.

    Thank you for posting this, glad to hear someone is in the same boat as me!

  5. I have very similar akin to yours and started reading this post because I am always looking for new clean products for my face. My skin is so sensitive even some clean products with great ingredient decks cause issues. I was really surprising that we use so many of the same products (four of the above mentioned) and the same face cleaning ritual. I can not live without the Acure brightening scrub or my Evan Healy facial tonics!

  6. I’ve been really interested in trying the Maya Chia Super Critical Chia Oil, rather than the Super Couple, but nowhere aside from Maya Chia themselves seems to sell it and no one but you seems to have reviewed. Any idea why? If I’m only gonna buy one, what’s the argument for buying one over the other?

  7. I recently tried a sample of Suntegrity and realized it smelled and felt exactly like TruKid Everyday Play sunblock. I looked up the ingredients, and sure enough, they’re almost identical! So, for those wanting a less expensive product, I highly recommend TruKid.

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