GIVEAWAY!! | Osmia Organics Detox Exfoliating Mask *CLOSED*

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*This mask comes as a dry powder with a small, ceramic dish and stirring spatula, as pictured above.*

I am so happy to bring you this exceptional giveaway thanks to the lovely Sarah of Osmia Organics. I posted my review of this wonderful mask yesterday and Sarah was kind enough to offer to giveaway this skin changing mask to one of my lucky readers!


To win your very own Detox Exfoliating Mask that retails for $50.00 US please do the following:

  1. Subscribe to my blog (on the sidebar of the main page there is a section that says to “follow this blog via email”)
  2. Like BeautyByBritanie and Osmia Organics on Facebook
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  5. Kindly leave a comment including your name, email address and what about this mask appeals to you?

THAT’S IT! I will pick the winner at random on 8/10/13 and announce it back on this post. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!


Thank you so much to everyone who tried out and for your lovely comments! Check back for more giveaway’s soon!



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*All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. I am never paid to give my honest opinions and will only recommend products that I love and use myself! All Photographs are (C) Britanie Faith unless stated otherwise.*

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46 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY!! | Osmia Organics Detox Exfoliating Mask *CLOSED*

  1. Everything about Sarah’s line is appealing to me 🙂 I can’t say enough nice things about Sarah. I emailed her asking for advice and she reached out to me asking for pics of my face and asked me to call her-talk about customer service!!! She’s fantastic, she’s like my Jerry Maguire lol. She said things to me that I needed to hear about my health-I needed this more than anything. She is a positive roll model. She made me look at things in a different perspective. Everyone needs someone like her in their life. I appreciate all her help with my skin and my health. There’s only been a couple people I’ve talked to online/phone that own companies that are so passionate and seem to really care about the person they are talking to, Sarah is one of them. Keep up the good work Britanie, I enjoy reading your blogs-also you are one of the few people that talk about their endometriosis-which I also suffer from. I wished it was talked about more, I feel it’s a silent disease.

  2. I love all of the other Osmia Organics products that I have tried, I just know this mask will be wonderful too!!

  3. I don’t do Twitter or Instagram, but I love you and what you do for people like me that need all the advice they can get and I’m sure I’ll love Osmia Organics just as much!! Thanks for all of your helpful reviews and DIYs. I don’t buy anything unless I’ve read a review from you and you’re always spot on!

  4. Would love to try this product.
    Following on Facebook, Instagram and wordpress, I don’t have a twitter account.

  5. I love that this mask uses natural ingredients! I’ve never tried any of Osmia Organics products before, but it looks like a great mask! I am following email, Facebook, and Twitter; I don’t have Instagram 🙂

  6. I just received my first osmia order and I love everything I received. I’d love to try this mask too, Sarah is so sweet and helpful.

  7. I would love to try this mask! I subscribe to your blog and also liked you and Osmia Organics on Facebook.

  8. I’d like to try this mask just to mix things up. I’m still learning what treatments are best for my skin and I’ve really only tried a couple of different masks. (I don’t have Instagram, so I couldn’t follow you ladies there, and I subscribed to your blog with Bloglovin instead of email, I hope that’s ok and I’ll still be entered!).

  9. I’d like to try this mask just to mix things up. I’m still learning what treatments are best for my skin and I’ve really only tried a couple of different masks. (I don’t have Instagram, so I couldn’t follow you ladies there, and I subscribed to your blog with Bloglovin instead of email, I hope that’s ok and I’ll still be entered!).

      1. Hi seriously I won?? You want me address right, not email right??


        Sent from my iPhone

  10. Since I’ve been making the transition to natural products I’ve had to prioritize certain products over others, which means no masks for me, well except for those I do myself 😉 From what I’ve been reading on your blog, Osmia sounds like a awesome brand, which i would love to test out for myself! I’m not very much into social media, I just have my bloglovin’ account. I will however, subscribe to your blog through email as well (for the purposes of the giveaway). 🙂

  11. I have never tried Osmia Organics but would love to try this mask! I love the fact that it is made with all natural ingredients.

  12. This mask looks so beautiful! I’ve been wanting to try osmia organics for a long time now. Their products seem so amazing and pure. I love the fact that scents are so important to Sarah, that makes me want to try everything even more! x) followed you on everything <33 love your blog!!

  13. following your blog via wordpress and email,
    fb: shake maj twitter: @wannastayme
    The manuka honey and the easy to use ceramic dish and spatula are some the things that appeal to me. The ingredients list sounds divine and that it can be used once a week makes it worth the cost.
    name: ann shake
    email: extremelyanno at hotmail dot com

  14. have followed you on everything!
    i would love to try because i’m in a bit of a transitional phase in my life with lots of stress, and my skin is really feeling it. this would be an amazing opportunity to treat myself with a beautiful organic product i wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford 🙂

  15. This mask sounds wonderful! I’m transitioning over to organic products, to still on the look out for great lines. I would love to try Osmia!

    Following everywhere! at TAdoubleMY on Instagram and Twitter.

  16. I would love to add this mask to my routine. I was blessed with oily skin and I’m always in the look out for the mask! Thanks for the awesome give away and happy birthday!

  17. aww shucks…don’t have Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.
    what interests me is that every ingredient sounds perfect, that each one has a specific task on the skin instead of just to make the product smell good or look appealing.

  18. Hey! I love reading your blog! This mask is appealing to me because I am just now making the transition to clean, good for your skin products, and this one looks lovely!
    Name: Chelsea Augerson
    Thanks for all of your great reviews!

  19. I always am looking for great natural masks. And this would be perfect for me because I’m always needing good exfoliation! I get clogged pores and love to have that fresh feeling from a mask, without feeling dried out. This sounds like the perfect mask, and this could hopefully lead me to more of Osmia Organics’ products!

  20. Already subscribed,following you since forever and Osmia on facebook :Anusha puri and twitter ;@nami_shopaholic..i love to read their facebook updates and tweets..don’t have instagram
    i would love to have anything Osmia,and your reviews have already tempt us.I have slowly started making the transition (and still am) to natural products. They give me a sense of peace in my beauty routine and in my life in general. When I feel healthy and naturally beautiful, it gives me a certain freedom to live my life in a more healthy way as well. Osmia organics embodies all of those aspects to me; Sarah really puts so much thought into them, and that is something that is very important to me! will be waiting for 8/10/13 to wish you 🙂

  21. I would really like to try this product! All of the ingredients are so beneficial, and with the harsh Canadian weather and pollution in my city my skin needs regular tlc and detoxification. I’m currently testing a variety of facemasks and would love to add this one to my trial and hopefully my regular routine! Thanks for the chance!

  22. Looking to switch to natural, organic skincare and osmia has caught my attention – mainly b/c of your blog. The mask sounds delightful with every ingredient serving a purpose – simple pure product that makes sense. Fingers crossed : )
    Following on all social media;

  23. This masque has piqued my interest! I have the Problem Solver and the ingredients seem to work well for my skin, so I’m interested to see how this one compares. Also, this would be my first intro to Osmia Organics’ products 🙂

  24. I love everything I’ve tried from Osmia Organics’ . This mask is one I’ve been wanting to try =)
    I’m following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & through wordpress

  25. I follow you & Osmia Organics on Twitter (naturallymarcy), Facebook (Marcella Tam), Instagram (ecobeaut). I honestly would love to have this mask because I recently gotten the hang of using dry masks. Love that they are shelf-stable. Plus, I need some serious detox action right now (summer months wreak havoc on my skin!).

  26. This mask excites me because quite frankly, any new Osmia product is exciting to me! I am an active girl, so my skin needs a rejuvenating boost from time to time. I would love to add this to my repertoire of organic beauty items! I have been following your accounts on the social networks for a while now and I feel in many ways we are kindred spirits. Love what you do & advocate! Sarah Villafranco is a joy–I have been in communication with her for over a year now and she, as well, is someone I appreciate and relate to. Would love to win this fabulous product! Hugs to you, Brit! Blog is look fantastic as usual. Best to you, Jesica Cockerham: :

  27. I have never tried Osmia Organics and I am interested in trying the mask to see if it will improve my complexion. I’m also dying to try their lip luster. I am following you and Osmia Organics on twitter, facebook and instagram.

  28. I love Osmia’s facial care for perioral dermatitis. I haven’t used a mask in long time due to it but it is so much better, I am ready to use this mask!

  29. I have been dying to try products from this line. Everything I’ve read has me believing that these are fantastic products. I really like your blog too and appreciate your ethics with what you will test & write about. Looking forward to reading more now that I’m following you. Thanks.

  30. I have been wanting to try Osmia Organics products after seeing it on another beauty post.. I LOVE that it’s organic as I’ve been trying to find something like this without much success – I hope I love this product line as much as you!

  31. I have been making my own very simple, usually 1-3 ingredient masks for awhile. But I would love to try this one from osmia, the ingredients look really wonderful. Thank you for offering this giveaway !

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