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These adorable gluten-free lip butters are delicious, healthy, environmentally friendly and if that wasn’t enough, they also go towards an amazing cause. My favorite flavor is the Orange Vanilla but all three smell just like their names and best of all they moisturize and leave a little bit of a glossiness to the lips 🙂 They contain amazing ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Honey, Olive Fruit Oil, Vanilla Oil, etc. Something else super exciting, Rooted Beauty  just recently came out with biodegradable Facial Wipes!

Rooted Beauty prioritizes consumer health and environmental sustainability, which is why their lip butter is packaged in the eco-tube. The eco-tube is the industry’s first lip butter package that is: Completely biodegradable · Capable of composting in just two weeks · Made from 100% post consumer paper.


At Rooted Beauty, we believe that the skincare products you use every day should be made with safe, recognizable ingredients and enable positive change in the environment and in the lives of women around the world. All of our products are carefully crafted with botanical and fruit extracts to naturally nourish your skin and are delivered in innovative sustainable packaging. In addition, we take global impact seriously and are committed to genuinely impacting the lives of women around the world. Our Woman2Woman™ project links each product we create to the project of a specific woman burdened by extreme poverty, abuse or sex trafficking. You can read here about some of the amazing projects Rooted Beauty has supported.”

Each lip butter has a unique story tied to it, and is tied to a specific project. These lip butters  come in biodegradable tubes. They’re made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and compost within 2 weeks!

When you purchase one of these lip butters for only $4.99, you are directly enabling real women to break free from the bondage of extreme poverty and sex trafficking. On their Woman2Woman page, you can learn more about their partnering organizations and each woman whose life is being changed through your purchase.

If you want to learn more about Rooted Beauty,  Visit their Website, Like on Facebook or send them an inquiry through their contact us page.


Have you ever tried these Lip Butters? What flavor would you like to try most?



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7 thoughts on “Beauty Buzz | Rooted Beauty Lip Butters

  1. These look amazing, and what a wonderful thing to support, I want to try the facial wipes for sure and the orange vanilla butter. That scent always reminds me of those little ice cream cups I used to have as a kid, half filled with vanilla, half with orange sherbet and they came with a little wooden spoon to eat it with…yum!

  2. What a great product! I like how the company is committed to health and environmental sustainability and designs their packaging with this in mind.Definitely want to try one of these lip butters. The packaging also reminds me of push-up ice pops! 🙂

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