NYC Trip & A Night For Green Beauty Recap!


First things first: I am so sorry for the lack of updates on my blog but as soon as I got home from my trip my entire laptop crashed! I was updating over on my instagram as well as on my twitter. Now that I have my laptop back I am finally able to do a proper post and recap of my trip! I spent two nights in NYC with my mom and we had a blast. To kick off the amazing trip we stayed at my absolute favorite hotel in the city; Hotel Giraffe.

Note: You can click on images to make them larger and also hover over all photos to see captions and names of everyone I took photos with πŸ™‚

After arriving into the city and getting some lunch, I later met with May Lindstrom, her lovely assistant Leilah and her husband Robert. May invited us over for tea and talks. She had the most delicious raw honey and Pukka tea’s. We talked about skincare, life, love and she shared with me some of her newest creations including a jasmine facial mist she is working on that I became a little obsessed with and kept spraying my face with. I also tried her newest face cream and honey mud cleanser. I love them all!

Alex, Laurie, Katie, Pemberley and Me

The day of the event I slept in as I didn’t get much sleep the night before due to being so excited for the event! I met up with Alex, Laurie, Katie, Pemberley at The Coffee Shop . It was really great to meet these lovely ladies beforehand so we could have some time to chat before heading over to the event!

James Corbett Studio

When we got to the event it was already packed! I was overtaken with so many familiar faces and honestly I didn’t take as many photographs as I intended to because I was so distracted with talking to so many people! I immediately went up to May and gave her a huge hug. She had her table all set up and she looked beautiful as always.


Later on in the night May’s hubby stopped by with their daughter Talia (who I am in love with) and I was able to capture this of the two of them.This candid shot of the inspiring couple is one of the most beautiful moments I have ever had the pleasure of catching with my camera.

Not long after arriving to the event I noticed Caitlin from RoostBlog. I was so in awe over seeing her and she immediately said “Britanie!” I was like “omg you know who I am!” haha I have been a huge fan of her blog for quite some time now and am immensely inspired by her constant creative content and beautiful images. We went outside and took photos and talked for awhile. We also had a chat with Jolene Hart while sipping on the most delicious juices from Pressed Juicery! I had the Strawberry Lime with a splash of Champagne πŸ™‚

I absolutely loved seeing Kimberly who I just love and adore and feel like I’ve known for years! I also met and posed in some photos with her friends Carolyn and Gina.


Other highlights of the night:

Meeting Victoria from La Bella Figura. She is such a gem. The LBF table was so packed the entire night I didn’t end up being able to try out as many products as I wanted to but I did purchase their hair oil which I have been lusting after for quite some time now! I was honored to meet and talk with Britta of CV Skinlabs for quite awhile and left with a few of her products which I can’t wait to try out more (The Rescue + Relief Spray is wonderful!!!) and review in the future. She explained the history and inspiration behind her brand. She was a true beauty and breath of fresh air.

Hanging out with Garcy and her beautiful mother, Meeting the beautiful Lina Hanson, talking with Brandie and Kristen Arnett, Meeting Katey Denno, Learning more about Hope Gillerman’s products (I am especially interested in trying the Stress Remedy and Neroli Face Oil), Trying on my favorite lipsticks from Ilia Beauty with the owner and creator Sasha (I ended up buying Arabian Nights and Wild Child and my mom purchased Pink Kashmir), Getting my face spritzed with Vitamin D Facial Spray by Susanne from One Love Organics (which I then had to buy), Smelling oils from Olie Biologique (I purchased a travel size of the Huile Moderne Oil), Getting samples of Lurk natural perfumes, Being introduced to Dr. Alkaitis thanks to the amazing James Corbett who lit up the entire night with his presence. Seeing Megan, Susannah, and the lovely Shirley of W3LL People.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mayna (Victoria’s sister) and talking about life. We bonded quickly after realizing that we both suffer from some of the same chronic health issues. She gave me great insight. She is a wonderful person and I am so happy to have met her. I also talked and bonded with with Danielle. What a sweetheart. I can’t wait to hangout with her more in the future! I seriously met so many incredible people that to talk about every one of them would be the longest post ever. I loved and was inspired by every single person I talked to.

To see more photos from the event you can look up these hashtags: #GreenBeautyNYC and #GreenBeautyNYFW in twitter, instagram and facebook!

Overall the entire night was such a fantastic experience. I did have moments of being star-struck but majority of the time I felt so comfortable with everyone I met and talked with. I felt a deep connection with so many people and it was so wonderful to have people come up to me and tell me they love my blog, it honestly made my night. I can’t thank La Bella Figura, James Corbett Studio and The Chalkboard Magazine for making this night possible. Also to everyone who came up to me and who I talked to for so long, what an amazing experience. It all seemed to go by way too fast! I was sad that I ended up missing some people and brands I wanted to meet but I am hoping there will be another event next year!! πŸ™‚

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15 thoughts on “NYC Trip & A Night For Green Beauty Recap!

  1. It was our pleasure to meet you and your lovely Mom. We had a wonderful time meeting everyone, especially all the bloggers that support green beauty, purchase our products and share with readers at how truly wonderful all these brands are. We look forward to doing it again and psst, between you and me we have ideas for a bigger and more green beauty packed event. xo-Victoria, La Bella Figura

  2. Lovely post! It was great to see all the green products and bloggers at this event.

    -Sandy (

  3. You’re all gorgeous! I wish NYC were just a bus or train ride away. I feel so excited just looking at your photos. Did your Mom attend the event, too, or did she just fly to nyc with you? I think I’d brought my Mom, too. She’s not an ‘eco beauty’ yet but I’m sure she’ll love meeting lots of really cool and gorgeous people.

    And wow, How do you girls get your hair to look red carpet ready?!

  4. So jealous my friend, Kimberly, got to meet you!!!! I’ve been following your blog since we got featured on The Curvy Fashionista together and I flipped when I saw your photos together! I know you gals had an amazing time!

  5. These pics are all so great Britanie. I’ve never been in a room filled with so much natural beauty before! It was invigorating, and inspiring. Love you and all the ladies mentioned above!

  6. Britanie, I’m so happy we met and got to spend some time together before the event! Your mom is so sweet and it was fun hanging with her, too! Gorgeous pics — and OMG, May and her husband (and sweet baby) absolutely melt my heart. Lovely moment you captured there!

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