Makeup Look: Divinely Sensuous


I reviewed Kjaer Weis’s Sensuous Plum Lip Tint a few days ago and this is the full look I wore in that review. I am a huge smokey-eye fan but it’s been quite awhile since I actually have dabbled with grey tones. I usually go for more brown colors but lately I am really, really loving grey, dark blue, purple and even black colors for a beautiful smokey eye look.



If you want to see how I achieved this look just read below 🙂

The Look:



I prepped my skin with a moisturizer and then added Christopher Drummond Duo-Phase Concealer in “Fair” on any areas that needed concealing. Next up I contoured my face with RMS Beauty Buruti Bronzer.I used my fingers to apply this creamy bronzer first and then blended it out with a contour brush. To add some color to my face, I dabbed Kjaer Weis Desired Glow Cream Blush to the apples of my cheeks using my fingers (this is my favorite way to apply this blush).


I filled in my brows using Jane Iredale’s Brow Gel in “Brunette”


I used the Duo-Phase Concealer as a primer for my eyelids (this works really well) and applied a light wash of Kjaer Weis Cloud Nine Eyeshadow (a universally flattering light beam) all over my lid, focusing on the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone. I then applied Kjaer Weis Divine Eyeshadow (a matte smoke graphite grey) all over the lid, staying under the crease. After blending Divine out very well I then added Kjaer Weis Wisdom Eyeshadow (a metallic taupe shimmer) to the crease for added definition. I also applied this on the lower lash line. To add a more dramatic look to the eyes I applied Zuzu Luxe Raven Liquid Eyeliner to the outer third of my upper lash line (this is a good tip if you have small eyes and want to wear liner without making your eyes appear even smaller.) I finished with two coats of Pure Anada Mascara on my lashes.


Using a lip brush I applied two layers of Kjaer Weis Sensuous Plum Lip Tint


What do you think of this look? Have you ever used any of these products? Please share your thoughts in the comments section! xo



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28 thoughts on “Makeup Look: Divinely Sensuous

    1. It’s AMAZING. I plan to do a review soon. I just started using it so I want to give it a little time but honestly it’s one of the best natural mascaras I have ever tried to date.

  1. Love, love, love this look! It’s natural and sophisticated at the same time. I also really like how you applied the eyeliner, I think I’m going to give Zuzu eyeliner a try 🙂 You look gorgeous Britanie! xoxo Liz

    1. Thank you so much Liz! The Zuzu eyeliner is by far the best natural liquid eyeliner I have used so far, hands down. it works sooo well and it really easy to apply (I often have a hard time with liner). If you try it let me know what you think 🙂

  2. You look so beautiful and natural in this look, I have a hard time with grey shadow so I think I will be giving Divine a try! Also I think I really really need that lip tint, it looks like such a go to color that would suit so many looks, and I may sneak the Goddess color into my order as well!

    1. Thank you Autumn (LOVE your name!). I would definitely give Divine a try. it is a very flattering and easy to use Grey that I really think would work on everyone. Just make sure to really blend well! Sensuous is the perfect go-to everyday color. I want Goddess next!

  3. Hi Britanie. What an amazing look, so natural and beautiful. I love it and I am so excited for the products you used. I am hoping to get my hands on some more rms products soon, think I will order the bronzer now! Kjær Weis looks amazing too but very pricey. Hoping for full reviews on the products someday (I could use this look as a shopping list!). Do you have recommendations for good, natural pressed eyeshadows? I have been using mostly all loose products for about 2 years now, but am slowly trying to change them out for cream/fluid/pressed products. The loose ones are so messy and I need stuff that is more practical on the go.

    I have been following your blog for really long but this is my first comments so would like to add that I cracked up when you posted your Suki shrine on fb. I have done exactly that with my beloved Suki 🙂 Thank you for this great blog.

    1. Hey, thank you for your comment!

      The RMS bronzer is to die for! A MUST HAVE (in my opinion). I have fair skin but it works like a dream. Kjaer Weis is definitely pricey but it is worth the splurge, at least once and awhile and the refills make it a lot easier to afford. I will have more Kjaer Weis reviews in the future!

      As for good natural pressed eyeshadows my favorites are actually Kjaer Weis (surprise, surprise). The pigment is fantastic and you can purchase the refills for around $20 which isn’t bad at all in comparison to many other natural pressed shadows. If you are looking for a more easy to find and affordable pressed shadow I LOVE Zuzu Luxe. They have wonderful pressed shadows that you can often find at Whole Foods Market. Also their other line Gabriel Cosmetics has great pressed shadows too. Also I have heard great things about Ecco Bella’s pressed shadows but have yet to try them. I would definitely try Zuzu Luxe!

      Thank you so much for following AND for commenting. It means so much. I love that you also have done a shrine for beloved SUKI! Such a great brand, right? I love everything from them. Can’t seem to get enough. xoxo

  4. Yet another lovely look.

    I’d be interested to know; your profile says you’re a makeup artist, but did you have formal training? It amazes me how you come up with all of these color and makeup combinations, and all of them look so good! Course you can pull anything off 🙂 , but your skin and eyeshadow always look impeccable.

    1. Hey Kris 🙂
      I actually am a self-taught makeup artist. I have always had an eye for colors and always loved working with makeup and skincare. Friends started having me do their makeup for events and from there I studied on my free time and then the more work I put out there the more people noticed and I started having paying clients. I do have intentions of going for an Esthetics degree which would include formal makeup training. I am always open to learning more! It means a lot that you like my combinations! I don’t think I can pull anything off but I try to step outside of the box from time to time 😉 Thank you so much for your comment. xx

      1. Even more impressive you’re self taught. I’ve been “studying” makeup for almost 15 years and can’t get it to look as good as yours lol. I think I speak for many who would love you to do makeup tutorials on your Youtube channel (if you have the time). You certainly have talent so best of luck with your degree 🙂

  5. hi britanie, love your blog and makeup posts! have been wondering though, why are kjaer weis eyeshadows considered “clean” when their first ingredient is talc? isnt talc a no-no? or am i misinformed? thanks!

    1. Hey Char! So Talc – here’s the deal… Talc is a naturally occurring mineral and isn’t actually a “toxic” ingredient but many people have sensitives and/or allergies to it so from there it got a bad name and many companies say “talc free” because of this. The other issue is that it can be unhealthy to breathe in large quantities of Talc being in a pressed eyeshadow this is not a huge concern at all (for me at least). I think everyone needs to do their own research and decide what they think is best to avoid. I only avoid talc in loose mineral face powders. Other than that I do not mind using it and have personally never experienced a sensitivity to it!

      Also I found this on Fig+Sage where they asked the founder of Kjaer Weis about Talc in their eyeshadows….

      F+S: Can you address the concern about talc? Many woman who read labels try to avoid this ingredient as it is on many “Ingredients To Avoid” lists.

      KKW: I’m aware of the concerns in regards to talc, but follow the CCPB and EU on what they allow and advise in regards to talc, which is considered completely safe to use, especially in the very small quantities used in the eye shadow. In the past, “borotalco” (body powder) raised concerns, but mainly caused by other ingredients contained in it:

      Hope that is helpful! xx

    1. Thank you!! I love the Jane Iredale Brow Gel… I was on the hunt for a good natural brow gel and it works wonders.. makes my brows stay in place all day! I also love their Bitty Brow Kit!

  6. This is one of my favorite looks! One day I might splurge and buy the whole line up! (I’m a new mom…I deserve it right! 🙂 Very lovely and you are stunning as always!

  7. hey britanie! just found your blog since i am a natural skincare junkie.! this look is insanely pretty! i just did a recent skincare post and prefer to use diy masks/treatments/oils too yay! anyway, i’ve used the zuzu eyeliner before and have heard amazing things about jane iredale. right now i’m using a pixi brow gel in brown but will most likely switch over. i swear by my boscia bb cream, rms beauty white finishing loose powder and ilia red lippy. i’m in the market for a blush and was thinking of a multi product by ilia. i have combo skin so i’m always afraid of creme blushers but it’s wintertime so i think my skin could def use the extra moisture!

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