Makeup Look: Lust For Life

Happy Holiday’s everyone! I wanted to do a makeup look that would be appropriate for Holiday parties and events. I was inspired by Ilia Beauty’s Tinted Lip Conditioner in Lust For Life which is a beautiful dark berry stain and is moisturizing and super pigmented. I paired it with a purple smokey eye. Keep reading below for how I achieved this look!




Get This Look:

1. I prepped my face with May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon before applying W3LL People’s Narcissist Foundation as both my concealer and foundation.

2. Add color to the cheeks by applying a dusty rose color like W3LL People’s Multi-Use Stick in “8”.

3. Apply a purple eyeshadow to the entire lid. I used Kjaer Weis Pretty Purple. Line the upper and lower lash-line with a shimmery purple, I used Alima Pure Eye Shadow Aubergine. To add some depth take a gray color like Kjaer Weis Divine Eye Shadow and apply it to the outer corner of the eyelid up into the crease. To brighten up the I used Kjaer Weis Cloud Nine Eye Shadow to the inner corner of the eyes and right under the brow-bone.

4. Apply a rich and dark red lip using Ilia Beauty Lust For Life Tinted Lip Conditioner.

5. Finish the look with two coats of Kjaer Weis Organic Mascara!

You can purchase all of these makeup products on Eco Diva Beauty !


Do you like this look? Are you a fan of any of the products used? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!



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23 thoughts on “Makeup Look: Lust For Life

  1. I may actually have to get that lip conditioner, it looks so perfect. The purple of the shadow works really well with the bold lip actually (I know that it’s kind of a hard look to pull off sometimes). Also I’ve got a weird question for you, do you dye your brows? They’re such a pretty chocolaty brown lol.

    1. It’s such a beautiful color and it’s great because it’s buildable. You can wear it somewhat sheer or build it up to be more dramatic. I think you’d love it. Not a weird question! I don’t dye them. I lightly fill them in with brown eyeshadow or brow powder!

  2. That look is so pretty! I just recently got Lust for Life and I’ve been pairing it with Alima Pure’s Black Violet liner.

  3. I’ve been hanging out on your blog quite a lote lately, and I must day, I’m crushing. I love you’re natural yet super glamourous take on beauty! I just heard that you received the Kjaer Weis foundation, I just CANNOT wait for you to review it!!! I’m waiting for a real look to it, as I never saw it worn or reviewed, but, I have very high hopes for it to be my next skin savior!
    Thank you for all your lovely posts!

    1. Hey Alex! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I am so flattered 😉 I just started looking at your blog and followed it. It’s wonderful. The Kjaer Weis foundation is absolutely lovely. I am just in the beginning phases of testing it out but I have a review in works. So far it’s my favorite foundation. Look for the review in the next few weeks 🙂 Thank you again for your comment and sweet words xx

  4. Very beautiful! Just wanted to ask: Are you still using the May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt? I saw your review of it from a long time ago but haven’t seen it mentioned in your routine products. It’s a hefty price tag and I’m trying to see if it has longevity. 🙂

    1. Hey, thank you so much for your comment! I actually am not using The Clean Dirt right now and that is only because I had a reaction to a specific product I was trying a few months ago and it gave me a severe case of contact dermatitis. Since then I have had to stay away from anything that contains spices as the dermatitis is aggravated by these things. I will start using it again in a few months but for now I am using the simplest of ingredients and if I exfoliate it’s with a light wash cloth, that’s it! I do highly recommend it though and one bottle for me lasted a year!!

  5. Blusher can be put on your cheek bones if they’re not very prominent, but if they are, be careful not to over accentuate them. Apply blusher a bit below the cheek bones in that case.

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