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Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope you all had a happy and safe NYE and are enjoying the new year. I am here with my first post of 2014 and I am bringing you some of my current favorite products. Some I literally just started using a few days ago while others I have been using for the past month.

Kjaer Weis Foundation – I have been reaching for this foundation whenever I want a flawless finish. It’s absolutely beautiful. I am the color “Like Porcelain” and it’s literally the perfect match for my very fair skin. Spirit Demerson owner of one of my favorite online shopping destinations: Spirit Beauty Lounge put it perfectly when describing this new foundation when she said “it’s none of the shiny, heaviness of an oil-based foundation, but with all of the velvety coverage of one.  It applies like a thin veil yet still has significant coverage.  When I use it, I almost scratch my head like ‘how did that happen?” — exactly. Look out for a full review + swatches of this foundation coming very soon!

Mineral Fusion Concealer – I feel like when it comes to under eye concealers, I can never quite find “the one”. I have an especially hard time because I have severe dark circles and because my eye area is extra sensitive. Combine those things with the fact that I use only natural products and it makes it even harder to find a concealer that not only lasts but covers darkness well and doesn’t irritate my eyes. Enter my newest discovery and love: Mineral Fusion Duo Concealer. I found this at my local Whole Foods Market. I really love duo concealers. I love to mix the lighter peachy shade with the more pale pink shade to create the perfect coverage. I took a look at the ingredients and while it’s not as clean as I would ideally like (it contains Phenoxyethanol – ugh) it’s still clean enough for me. After ONE use of this concealer I was sold. hooked. in love. I can say (for now) that my search is over for the perfect under eye concealer. This baby is a keeper. I use the shade “Cool”

Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit – I really, really love this little brow kit. Not only does it come in the cutest packaging that’s super easy to travel with but it comes with a brow powder and wax. I actually recommended this product to May Lindstrom the other day when we were texting back and fourth about brow products and I told her that this is the one I use and recommend most. It shapes my eyebrows perfectly and does a great job of lasting all day. I use the color “Brunette”.

Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo – Okay so I literally just bought this shampoo yesterday. I know it seems crazy to mention a product after one use but honestly this stuff has made my hair look healthier in just ONE USE than it’s looked in a long time, not to mention how incredibly soft my hair is! I CAN’T STOP TOUCHING IT! I have been loyally using Rahua hair products and will continue to use them because they are truly the cleanest hair products I have found that really work amazingly well. The thing with Organix is that they are not as clean as I would like. They do contain “fragrance” which is not very comforting but they are free of a lot of nasties, including harsh sulfates. They are also extremely affordable and easy to find. It’s nice to have a shampoo that I know I can get at my local CVS. My best friend Nour actually recommended this product to me and after her description of it I literally went to the store that night and picked it up! This is definitely going to be my go-to affordable shampoo of choice. If you want instantly softer and shinier hair, GET THIS. It also smells like a tropical paradise in your bathroom after using this. Amazing.

Osmia Organics Active Gel Toner – I am trying to think of a way to describe my love for this toner without being too dramatic. I’m not sure I can do that. The first thing that comes to mind when I apply this serum every day is “how did I ever live without you?”  – seriously though, how? This cleared up a few breakouts I had within two days. It also is diminishing redness around my nose and keeping my skin super clear and glowing. Full review coming soon.


Tell me what you are currently loving and if you have tried anything that I mentioned above, let me know your thoughts!



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*All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. I am never paid to give my honest opinions and will only review and recommend products and brands I love and use myself! All Photographs are (C) Britanie Faith unless stated otherwise.*

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31 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Loving…

  1. I love the Awapuhi GInger Organix shampoo & conditioner. I agree they are not as clean as some others out there, but I also love that I can grab it at my Target or Wegman’s. 🙂 I need to try the Osmia Gel toner and I need to get back to using the Jane Iredale brow products since nothing is helping mine….:-/

  2. i’ve tried the coconut shampoo, i didn’t love or hate it really. it smelled nice though! i tend to only wash my hair 2x a week and with the dry shampoo buildup i need something a little more clarifying. i have been OBSESSED with brows lately and am growing my out a lot (think cara delevingne) i currently use a brow gel duo by pixie that i really like. the pencil and gel are in the same stick!

  3. Do you notice much difference with Osmia’s newer formulation? My skin loved the old Active Gel Nutrient Serum and I’ve been debating picking the new one up, but I know I’ll be crushed if I do and it’s super different!

    1. Honestly I wasn’t even aware it was different until someone else pointed that out to me. Do you know what exactly is different about it? I had tried a sample of the original version and I loved it but I don’t remember loving it THIS much so this version is perfect. If you loved the last one then I can’t imagine you not loving this one because it’s truly perfect.

      1. Caitie and Britanie,
        The Gel Toner is pretty similar to the Gel Serum. We changed the name to avoid confusion with our other serums, which are oil based. We added an extract of the Resurrection Plant, also called Rose of Jericho, which aids in plumping skin, and we increased the hyaluronic acid slightly. Finally, we added Gotu Kola extract to help calm red, irritated skin. But, the base recipe is quite similar to the old formula. Hope that helps! S.

  4. Looking forward to your review on the Kjaer Weis Foundation! I’m really interested in trying the Osmia Organics Gel Toner too! I’ve just started using some things from Osmia and I am hooked! 🙂

    1. My Kjaer Weis Foundation review should be up within the next week! The Osmia Gel Toner is a true must-have. I highly recommend you try it, especially if you love everything else you’ve tried from Osmia!

  5. I also have trouble with severe underye circles, so I may have to look into the Mineral Fusions concealer. I usually avoid Whole Foods like the plague due to massive crowds, but I may have to brave it!

    1. I would definitely recommend braving the crowds for the mineral fusion concealer! it’s worth it, trust me. I have really bad dark circles and it’s helped so much

  6. I’m using a few of these too! ( =
    I LOVE the Mineral Fusion concealer in Cool. I am fair with cool undertones and most concealers are way too yellow for my skin. Agreed it’s not the cleanest, but the color can’t be beat. Makes a great eyeshadow primer btw.
    Also love the Coconut Milk shampoo. I keep trying other (cleaner) shampoos but always go back to this one: I have fine hair that gets so tangled with other shampoos, I can’t even get a comb through it! Love the smell of this too.
    Also sampled “Like Porcelain” and liked it but not sure I want to spend so much on it …great color for fair cool-toned women though.

    1. I am so glad to hear you love the mineral fusion concealer as well! I wish it were cleaner but it’s still very clean compared to most. I agree it also doubles as a great eyeshadow primer!

  7. I love Organix hair products too, although they’re not exactly natural – they work amazingly! I love their argan oil hair mask, it makes my hair so soft and easy to style afterwards. I’ll take a look at their coconut line next time, this brand just started selling in Dutch drugstores 🙂

  8. Hey Britanie! I have the old formula Osmia and LOVE it! You reminded me to start using it again — wow, it seriously cleared up my skin in a few days. Had a few stubborn blemishes hanging around after the holidays that are now gone. Loving your insta wearing the Kjaer Weis foundation – your skin looks flawless (as always!)

  9. I’ve been really needing to purchase a new concealer. Trying to decide between the mineral fusion or Christopher Drummund Duo concealer (which you have reviewed in the past)….which one would you suggest?
    Definitely going to have to try the Coconut Milk Shampoo….sounds lovely!

    1. Hey! What are you looking to use the concealer for? Mainly for blemishes or dark circles? I recommend the mineral fusion for dark circles and under eye area. The Christopher Drummond is great for blemishes because the coverage is very full. I recommend both though!

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