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I was introduced to the brand, Pollen & Wax, “for the organic being”, from the lovely Megan from Seed to Serum. If you read her article you can feel her enthusiasm jump off the page for this relatively new line! That kind of love for a product always makes me really curious to see if I feel the same after I personally experience it for myself. I always have to give new products some  time to acclimate to my skin, because I have a very sensitive and reactive complexion. Well, I’m happy to report that Pollen & Wax is a brand that I will use and continue to recommend. What began as an Etsy shop in May of 2013 (which they still have) has grown to have their very own domain.  Take a look over at: 

Bee, the owner and creator who hails from Seattle Washington has this to say:

“This company grew out of a dream to create holistic and  luxurious items that will love you back and protect your health (and the earth!). It is so inspiring to be a part of a community of mindfulness and conscientious action, and uplifting to realize that we can make a small difference in every corner of our lives. It is my wish that P&W products help you indulge in self-love and healing while supporting our fragile ecosystems and honoring our own bodies. In love and health” – Bee

This line of organic beauty and wellness care is hand-crafted in small artisanal batches. The names of her products are so eclectic, you will have so much fun discovering what’s in each one.

I especially love the process that Bee has invented called, Typology. This will help you narrow down and craft a skincare routine for your individual needs. She based it on the energetics of the four seasons.



You choose the season that best describes your complexion: 

For me, I chose April. Over the past year whether it’s partially attributed to hormones, my monthly cycle, or the amount of testing of products I do for my blog, my skin has become reactive.

Here are the products that Bee recommends for the April Typology:


*product photos are copyright Pollen & Wax*

Cleansing Milk

APOLLO – Cleanses away dirt and pollutants while gently exfoliating with a blend of kaolin clay and oats, stimulating circulation and decongesting the complexion. This soothing, no-soap formula gently buffs away dead skin and excess oil with Irish moss and marshmallow root, preserving the skin’s naturally protective mantle.

My thoughts:  this is one of the nicest and very subtle exfoliates that I’ve tried. It’s not abrasive at all. Just a no-soap blend that really leaves my skin feeling newly buffed and clean at the same time.


LAPIS – This deeply calming anti-inflammatory toner calls on the heavyweights of the herbal world to soothe and heal inflamed, sensitive and damaged skin – lavender, calendula and chamomile team up with elderflower and aloe to bring cranky, irritated skin back down to earth.

My thoughts: the smell of this had me at “lavender”. It’s a great combination of herbs to really calm my reactive skin down. A little goes a long way. I’m also a huge fan of aloe. I even drink aloe vera juice daily to help with digestion and it’s documented soothing effects on my whole body.

Face Serum

GOLD  PETAL – The keystone of any ritual for sensitive, inflamed skin; this satiny serum soothes, nourishes and repairs frayed and sensitive capillaries with  powerful anti-inflammatory compounds while protecting against harmful pollutants and environmental stress. Deep, penetrating moisture with a gorgeous dry floral scent.

My thoughts: I love this face serum! I used this up so fast. The chamomile is so calming for my skin. It also has helichrysum that helps with skin repair and St. John’s Wort  that helps with healing and works as an anti-inflammatory. The floral scent is very light and calming as well.

Complexion Clay

ROSES & ROSES – A blend of rose and rhassoul clays gently  draws impurities from the skin and supports healthy circulation while restoring natural minerals and nutrients to improve skin vitality and elasticity. Powdered rose, the patron saint of dry and troubled skin, tones the capillaries and nourishes dry and damaged cells. Marshmallow root eases inflammation and excessive dryness.

My thoughts: This is a wonderful complexion clay. I mix it  with a little local raw honey and keep the mask on my face for about fifteen minutes. The rhassoul clay won’t dry as some complexion clays do with the honey mixed in , so don’t wait for that to happen! But after rinsing it off with warm distilled water (I only use distilled water on my face because the chemicals in our local water really irritate my skin) my face feels soft and rejuvenated. I’m such a huge fan of roses.  I adore anything with roses as an ingredient.

Fresh-Deodorant Cream

I don’t have to reiterate how many dangerous ingredients can be  hidden in mainstream choices such as hormone disruptors, parabens, aluminum, oh my! Pollen & Wax’s Fresh Deodorant Cream is a new favorite. I use a very small amount because for some reason, if I use too much of any product with baking soda as an ingredient, my underarm area gets irritated. This has not done that to me. Fresh-Deodorant Cream is  a blend of butters, oils, clays and  essential oils. These beauties help to absorb moisture and keep ordor causing bacteria away. The consistency is one of the things I love about this product. It’s like dipping your finger into a buttery frosting. Some other natural deodorants I’ve tried are stiff and hard to apply to my skin. Not this one. It’s creamy and luscious with a very soft scent from the essential oils. Take a look at the clean ingredients in this…

INGREDIENTS: shea butter, coconut oil*, arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, baking soda**, apricot kernel oil, tea tree*, lavender*, tangerine*. *certified organic. **aluminum-free

Have you tried any of Pollen & Wax products? Do you love them? Also keep a look out for a giveaway with Pollen & Wax on my blog very soon!



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*All products were generously provided for my honest opinion. All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. I am never paid to give my honest opinions and will only review and recommend products and brands I love and use myself! All Photographs are (C) Britanie Faith unless stated otherwise.*

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14 thoughts on “Brand Focus: Pollen & Wax

  1. I just ordered the Lapis toner and I can’t wait to try it! I have eczema so calming products are a must for me. I definitely plan on trying more of the products (I heard about them through Megan as well!). Also, I just wanted to note that I also find with deodorant creams that use baking soda that if I use too much, I get irritated too. Funny, huh?

  2. You did justice to Pollen & Wax. I also read about this lovely indie company on Seed to Serum and knew I had to give it a try. It’s a lovely line that truly works. The Gold Petal serum + the Lapis Toner work beautifully together. I pair them at night before bed and wake up to nourished, dewy skin. LOVE!

  3. I purchased the Provence Complexion Clay a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it! It heals blemishes like no other and it came packaged so nicely! Love, love, love!

  4. I too discovered this lovely brand from Megan’s blog. I ordered the trial sizes of the Velvet repair cream and Provence mask- both are really lovely products. The Velvet cream is so hydrating & rich, yet not greasy. My skin is very easily prone to congestion (combo skin with dry patches), and this product did not clog my pores at all! Definitely a keeper as a night cream as it left my skin soft as a baby’s butt the next morning 🙂 The Provence mask is also very good, I even used some on my husband and his skin was smoother and brighter the next day. I really want to try the Apollo cleansing milk next.

  5. I love everything about this company. I’ve tested several of the products and just ordered some of her new ones. Bee was kind enough to give me some advice when I asked for specific product recommendations because my skin doesn’t neatly fit into one of the types.

  6. This looks like a lovely brand, and I love the aesthetic. Added to my “to try next” list. I’m curious about your use of distilled water on your face – how do you go about this? Do you keep some in a spray bottle in your bathroom? I’ve been using the oil cleansing/hot washcloth method for awhile, which wouldn’t work with distilled water, but I’m curious about seeing if stopping using tap water on my face would make any discernible difference.

  7. Britanie, how long does it typically take your skin to adjust to new products? I have sort of terrible skin, and a couple weeks ago I started a new skincare routine that involves oil cleansing a couple times a week, masks a couple times a week, and daily using a Pollen & Wax toner and serum–but it seems like my face is breaking out more! It’s discouraging when I’ve invested so much money in new products. I’m not sure if I’m using the wrong things or if I just haven’t given my skin enough time to adjust.

  8. Britanie, how long does it typically take your skin to adjust to new products? I have sort of terrible skin, and a couple weeks ago I started a new skincare routine that involves oil cleansing a couple times a week, masks a couple times a week, and daily use of a Pollen & Wax toner and serum–but lately it seems like my skin is breaking out even more! It’s discouraging when I’ve invested so much money in new products. I’m not sure if I’m using the wrong products or if I just haven’t given my skin enough time to adjust.

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