Embracing my face makeup-free and freckles galore!

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Bare-Faced & Freckled (besides the lips & eyelashes, of course). I have started to really embrace not wearing any face makeup lately. I love makeup and I love colors but sometimes I think we all get too caught up in trying to “cover” so much of ourselves instead of focusing on enhancing and embracing. I used to wear full coverage foundation to cover my freckles because I hated them and now I honestly love them. They make me -me-. I am more focused on colors and things that bring light to my face, not cover it up. Of course I will still use foundation and concealer because lets face it, there’s almost always a time for it, but for the most part I am trying to let my skin be free of coverage.

Who else is with me on not trying to cover-up so much as enhance and embrace!?


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23 thoughts on “Embracing my face makeup-free and freckles galore!

  1. Wow you look gorgeous without foundation! I am not behave enough. I actually did not wear foundation at all until I was 20. I only started because I began to get acne and I wanted to cover it up. It was so bad it ravaged my face and I still have scars now. It changed my life because I turned to a healthier lifestyle. Its bee 5 years and my skin has only started to look like it did before my whole acne ordeal. I love your blog! I follow it for ideas and admire your work. I hope I can soon go makeup free again! My favorite part of makeup is the pretty colors too!

    Much love keep up the fabulous blog ❀

  2. Good on you πŸ™‚ I think your freckles look lovely and once in awhile you gotta take a step back and love you for you. I love makeup but sometimes I like having days off! Lol keep it up πŸ™‚

  3. I used to have light freckles on my nose when I was a kid. Then the meds I used for acne had the unintentional effect of lightening them. I still think freckles are so cute

  4. I am practically a poster child for wearing no foundation and just lipstick, I only wear foundation for events or nights out that I want a certain look. I use concealer a little more often, but most days my skin is makeup free. Love the way your skin look au naturel, all glowy and with a little flush on the cheeks, foundation would have taken it away. Love the lip colour too, what did you use? Xx

  5. So glad to see you looking well and happy! You absolutely do not need to cover your beautiful skin, it’s pristine and -omgawd- I want your freckles. I love makeup free days, but my skin has been acting up a lot these past 6 months so haven’t had many of them 😦 I must know that lip colour you’re wearing too….

    Mayah x

  6. Looks wonderful! I am also wearing less foundation or bb cream lately. I love the look of pure skin πŸ™‚

  7. Back when I wore makeup it would just be a little foundation or concealer to cover acne, acne scars, and a broken capillary. I don’t mind my freckles or the chicken pox scar on my face. As a result people think I just had perfect skin. About two years ago I stopped wearing makeup. At first it was because I was busy taking care of my younger son Thomas as that’s when he was born. About every two hours I breastfed him and otherwise watched him nap on my larger than average bust. Unfortunately 7 weeks later he died of SIDs and since then haven’t cared about my appearance. Just care about keeping up with my older son Daniel until it’s time to join Thomas as my new dream is to be buried next to him when I die.

  8. Your freckles are really gorgeous and make people do a double take- especially since you “wear” them so confidently. πŸ™‚

  9. You have such great skin, I’ve always thought so! I love going bare-faced and am happy that it is getting a little more acceptable. By truly taking care of ourselves as so many people are learning to do and actually making it a priority, we are creating an inner glow that we don’t want to cover up every morning with thick makeup. Cheers Ms. Brit! I still love reading your posts about flower essences and other things besides make-up.

  10. Natural Beauty for life.

    Using make up every time or every day will drastically harm the skin but also i agree with you that there are some moments that we will need to use them but for sure i prefer to use them just on those occasions.

  11. Oh, I want to do that so badly! My skin is so uneven though… Maybe if I found a really good concealer, I could pull that off. I’ll let you know as soon as I take the plunge!

  12. Beautiful article! I agree with you that it’s time to let our true selves shine, and our bare skin is such a beautiful mirror of that. I’ve felt that need too lately – to uncover, and discover myself more! I was surprised with myself when last time I went out for the night, I wore nothing but a bright red lipstick. I struggled with acne for years, and though there are still remains of scars on my skin, well, it is me, and I am finding myself more and more beautiful and authentic with a bare face πŸ™‚ Plus, the texture and color of bare skin is just unbeatable. It has a glow and beauty that no makeup (as much as I adore makeup) can recreate.

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