Beauty Buzz | Blue Orchid Botanicals – Wildflower Grains & Citrus Body Scrub

Blue Orchid Botanicals – Mind.Body.Soul Vegan Skin Therapy

The lovely Falon Thomas created this holistic skincare line after the birth of her second daughter who had atopic dermatitis. She was fully inspired to  use her accumulated knowledge and benefits of living a naturally centered and plant based lifestyle for herself and her family. She transitioned into a wellness warrior!

Falon extensively researched herbalism, extracts, and natural ingredients, and then began experimenting with the recipes that would become her product line at Blue Orchid Botanicals. I love her commitment and passion!

I have always believed that whole, natural wellness starts within. My motto is mind,body,soul skin therapy because our state of mind is the source of positive patterns. Beauty is brilliant because it’s state relies on the individual.

When Falon asked me to try two of her products, I was very excited! And here is what I received…


The Wildflower Grains were a featured product in the April Gluten Free Conscious Box! This an extremely delicate exfoliant for your face. My favorite way is to use this as a mask. I mix a little with a teaspoon of local honey and a piece of a very ripe avocado. I pulverize and warm up the mixture with my hands and apply to my clean face. I let is soak in and work it’s magic for about twenty minutes. I then take a washcloth with warm water, and let that soak on my face for a moment and then gently remove the mask. I follow with a toner. My skin feels plump and radiant after. I love that you can use anything to activate this  product. Some other choices are plain water, aloe vera, or yogurt. Go wild and have fun!

Ingredients: gluten-free oats, organic coconut flakes, organic red roses, walnut shell, kelp powder, kaolin clay, green tea extract, white willow bark extract.

**made with hardcore love and gratitude


The Citrus Essence Body Scrub

I have tried many, many body scrubs in my lifetime and I admit it, I’m very fussy! I’m like Goldilocks & The Three Bears, with her gluten free porridge….some are too abrasive, too runny, or not exfoliating enough. Well, I love Citrus Essence! It’s just right! The scent is divine without being too overpowering. The consistency is the perfect combination of walnut shell, organic oats and lemon peel. It’s almost jam like in appearance. The best part after the wafts of cinnamon, grapefruit and sweet orange is the way my skin feels after my treatment. Some body scrubs are just plain messy and there is no noticeable benefit for all the trouble. Not this one! My whole body feels soft and rejuvenated. I love this scrub! Not to mention, Falon’s entire line is so affordable. I’m a fan-

Ingredients: organic avena sativa (oats), juglans regia (walnut) shell powder, citrus limon (lemon) peel, cinnamomum verum (cinnamon) bark, vitis vinifera (grapeseed) oil, vegetable glycerine, vitamin e tocopherols, plant essence oils of organic citrus paradisi (grapefruit) and citrus sinesis (sweet orange)

**made with hardcore love and gratitude


Thank you, Fallon for your creations! They really are made with hardcore love and gratitude.

Have you ever tried anything from Blue Orchid Botanicals? Share your thoughts in the comments! xx

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4 thoughts on “Beauty Buzz | Blue Orchid Botanicals – Wildflower Grains & Citrus Body Scrub

  1. I’m currently testing the Wildflower grains… Love them. I’m loving this new wave of powdered exfoliants. They are way more gentle than what I have tried in the past… My skin is loving them!

  2. I’m testing the Wildflower grains… loving it! Actually I am loving this new wave of powdered exfoliants on the rise. They are much more gentle and leave my skin feeling pretty awesome.

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