BEAUTY | What’s In My Makeup Bag #2

What is currently in my makeup bag…


Hello loves,

It’s been awhile since I did a “What’s In My Makeup Bag” post (you can see my last Makeup Bag post here) and recently I added some new additions into my makeup routine and also into my makeup bag. Of course these things are always on rotation which is why I think it’s a good idea to do these types of posts whenever I change my makeup bag and the contents. Recently this is what I have been carrying with me when I go out. I usually don’t carry a full foundation, especially mineral, as it can be messy but I actually have found it quite easy especially with the right brushes and bag. It’s great for touch-ups. I also always carry crystals in my makeup bag so you will see the ones I have been carrying around with me lately. They also rotate a lot, depending on my mood and what I am using them for. xx





Spot any of your favorites!? Share your thoughts and what your current makeup bag favorites are in the comments section!!

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23 thoughts on “BEAUTY | What’s In My Makeup Bag #2

  1. Yeah- love the Tata Harper Be Adored!! I just used mine up; so sad. CV Skinlabs is another favorite. I have yet to try Studio 78 but have heard so many good things!

    1. Isn’t it wonderful!!? I am almost done with mine as well.. need to repurchase another soon! I can never have enough CV Skin. Never! and I would definitely check out Studio 78. I am tempted to try more from them after the blush because it’s lovely.

  2. These are lovely products and brands! I’d love to try the Lina Hanson Satori perfume, Nudus, R.L. Linden, CV Skinlabs, Antonym, and Lily Lolo. Also, how does the Au Naturale Organic Cream Concealer compare to other concealers you’ve tried?

    1. Hi babe! So many things to try, right!? It never ends!!!! ❤ I really love the Au Natuale Concealer… highly recommend. It gives good coverage, I would say light to medium but it's buildable. It doesn't seem to crease and it wears really well. I like how moisturizing it is.

  3. I love your blog header! Every time I visit your page I always take a double-take cuz its so pretty haha. Does the RMS eye polish crease on you and does it make your mascara smudge on your upper lid? Currently I am loving the Juice Beauty cc cream, w3ll people color stick (nude flush), and ecco bella powder. I recently purchased the w3ll people mascara b/c everyone raves about it but it smudges on me pretty badly 😦 have you tried it yet?
    – Heather

    1. Oh, this makes me SO happy!!! Thank you so much. The eye polish DOES crease, however, I find if I apply an eye primer first or a light wash of powder, like rms un powder over the polish it stays perfectly fine for hours! It definitely ends up creasing though but it’s worth it and such an easy fix. I love the Juice beauty cc cream as well! and just bought the W3ll People Nude Flush and LOVE it! I have been using it as a light bronzer for my pale skin 🙂 I have tried the mascara and I do like it, however, I recommend others more… I personally LOVE the Lily Lolo Mascara, PerfeKt Lash Gel Mascara and Red Apple Lash Conditioning Mascara. Those are my favorites 🙂 xoxox

    1. I go through the beautifying mist so fast!!! It’s just amazing. and I think everyone loves the Lily Lolo mascara!!! It’s just amazing!

  4. What a beautiful collection! Do you have a recommendation for a BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizer with SPF that has more of a matte finish? I recently ordered the Ilia tinted moisturizer but I’m not loving it, my skin doesn’t seem to be absorbing it very well and it remains sticky throughout the day. I love and usually use the W3LL People stick foundation and powder but I’ve been wanting to try something new for summer. Thanks! Love your blog and reviews!


    1. Hi Laura!
      Forgive my late reply. I am catching up with all my comments! I really adore the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream, however since you are looking for Matte, I don’t think you would like that as it gives a very glowing look (not over done though, just perfect). I don’t usually for for matte finishes because my skin is on the dry side but I have heard great things about the Coola Matte tint (which was mentioned below as well!). Also for a mineral powder with a matte finish I would recommend Alima Pure… their mineral foundation is SPF and is wonderful. Also thank you so much for the compliment!!! I appreciate that so much 🙂

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