MONDAY MUSINGS | Lilacs, Forsythias and The Language of Flowers.

Hello Beauties,

I picked Lilacs and Forsythias yesterday which have been making the house fragrant with Springtime.

I have always been a self-proclaimed “Flower Child” and can remember stringing together the leaves of daisies as a child and making flower crowns. They bring me so much joy. I am very fascinated with the meaning of flowers as well, one of my very favorite books ever; The Language Of Flowers taught me about so many of the different meanings behind flowers. The Victorian’s actually used flowers to express their feelings and came up with a meaning for each flower. I find this so beautiful and fascinating and wish we expressed our feelings with flowers more.

Meaning of Lilacs: First Love

Meaning of Forsythias: Anticipation

Lilacs will forever be my favorite scent. These flowers are so special to me. Growing up we had (and still have) a Lilac bush growing next to our home. Every Spring, when it is “Lilac time” as my mother and I always call it. We wait for this very special time so we can collect the spring buds and even make Lilac Flower Water from them. (When I can’t use my own Lilac Water I buy it here & I also wear this all-natural Lilac Roll-On Perfume which is the closest scent to real Lilac that I have ever smelled!)

I would often wake up with the windows wide open and the Spring breeze wafting in the scent of fresh Lilacs. Just stepping outside, I would get whiffs of their fragrance and it is such a familiar and intoxicating scent.

Lilacs come as quickly as they go. They only last for a short time and that is why I appreciate them so much more. I think they are a very a good metaphor for all things in life. Enjoy the beauty and happiness while it’s there, don’t worry about how long it will last. Just immerse yourself in it and relish in it as long as you can.

Forsythias are a beautiful addition to the scent and look of styling these two flowers together. The pink with the yellow just screams Happiness and Sunshine to me.

Try to look at these photos and not smile 💛☀️


The beautiful candles in these photos are from House Of Good JuJu and Red Flower (thanks to Credo Beauty).

Love, Health & Blessings,



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7 thoughts on “MONDAY MUSINGS | Lilacs, Forsythias and The Language of Flowers.

  1. So pretty! If you’re ever in the Boston area during this time of year, the Arnold Arboretum has so many different varieties of lilacs. I had never seen so many different kinds. It is so mcuh fun to wander around and sniff them all. Mother’s day weekend is the Lilac Festival at the park but it is crazy busy. I prefer to go the weekend afterwards…the flowers are still blooming but less people are out and about.

    1. I will take note of this. I was about to head to Boston this May but the Boston Hostel was full 😦

  2. Lilacs are one of my all time favorite flowers/scents too – we had a huge bush of them hanging over the porch of the house I grew up in and everytime I smell lilacs, it brings me back to my childhood. I’m trying to convince my husband to get a lilac bush for our house..fingers crossed! 🙂 xo

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