Makeup Look: Simple & Glowing Autumn Inspired

Autumn is almost upon us here in New England and I for one am super EXCITED. It’s my favorite season of all. Time for bringing out the chunky sweaters, gem colored scarves, dark lipsticks, leggings and stylish boots. To me it’s also a time for slowing things down a bit and going for walks in the woods, catching up on reading and lots of steaming hot cups of tea!

Today I created this super simple, yet glowing and sophisticated look that was autumn-inspired. Keep reading below to see all the products used and how I achieved this look!

(click on photos to see larger versions. You can also see a short video of me wearing this look here.)

Prep + Prime: I started out by moisturizing my skin using CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture Cream which is incredibly moisturizing for my dry skin and especially great before using mineral makeup as it will help the minerals to adhere to the skin so much easier and not look dry! I also misted my face with R.L. Linden & Co. Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist before and after my makeup to prime and set. The addictive scent of this just makes putting on makeup that much more enjoyable.

Correct + Conceal: I applied Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation in “Neutral 2” using the #25 Foundation Brush all over my face and neck. I then applied Kari Grain’s Mineral Concealer to my under-eye area and on a few blemishes on my chin (hey hormones!). This mineral concealer works amazingly well for hiding blemishes, it also does a great job at lighting up my under eye area which is usually scary dark.

Bronze + Illuminate: To bring some color to my cheeks I applied Alima Pure Soft Plum Blush. I then applied a light layer of Alima Pure Lumina Shimmer Powder to the highest points of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose. For contour and all-over bronze I used Alima Pure Maracaibo Bronzer (perfect color for fair skin).

Eyes: This eye look couldn’t get much simpler. I applied a light wash of the Kari Gran Concealer over my lids to even out my skintone and then I applied Vapour Beauty Organics Mesmerize Eye Pencil and blended it out using the smudge-brush at the other end of the pencil. For lashes I applied two coats of the Lash Perfection Gel by PER-FEKT which I received from Citrine Beauty and have literally been obsessed with. Full Review to come soon.

Lips: I am wearing Mayberry Lipstick by Red Apple Lipstick. This color is obsession-worthy. So perfect for Fall.


What do you think of this look? Are you a fan of any of the products I used? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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20 thoughts on “Makeup Look: Simple & Glowing Autumn Inspired

  1. Ooh! Gorgeous! I love that lipstick! Your sweater and earrings are pretty awesome too. 🙂 I think it is a official. One of these days, I’m going to bite the bullet and try a lipstick from Red Apple. I just have such a hard time buying products online. Do you have any favorites, alongside Mayberry, that you would suggest?

  2. i love the look and totally agree, autumn is the best! i cannot wait 🙂 i really would like to try that lippy but i think it prob wouldn’t be enough color for me. i am a medium skin with yellow undertones and my lips have a pretty decent medium pink color to them naturally. to give you an idea..when i wear rms ‘dizzy’ it looks pretty neutral on me!? i have to put so many layers on for it to show up even a little :/ i’m trying to find a pink that will work with my skintone but i’m at a loss!

  3. Gorgeous!!! This makes me really want to try alima pure. And your skin looks incredible! I really gotta try cv skinlabs. Sounds like it might be good for the changing seasons. I always struggle to keep my skin looking nice in fall/winter. Any tips?? What changes do you make to your routine? Maybe a good future post 🙂

  4. Hi there! Are you planning on reviewing the kari gran makeup or skincare line?? Im so curious and would love to hear your opinion on either (or both)!!
    P. S
    If you could review a makeup line ive been wanting to try called, “Borne Cosmetics”, it would be super helpful!!

    1. Hey! I am planning on doing a review on the Kari Gran skincare review – I am in the testing phase right now but but I can say that so far everything is beautiful and so is the makeup!!

      I haven’t heard of Borne Cosmetics but I will definitely look into them!!!

  5. Hi there : )

    I’m loving this makeup; you look fab! And you really do have lovely brows : ) Do you do anything special to grow them out/encourage thickness?

    P.S.-I’ve just become a subscriber; keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you so much! The biggest thing I recommend for growing out brows is to STOP PLUCKING. I don’t mean in between the brows, that you should pluck, unless you like the uni-brow look but I personally think that only worked for Frida Kahlo. lol I also do recommend using organic oils at night to nourish the brows and encourage growth, such as jojoba, castor, almond and adding in a few drops of lavender oil. ❤

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