GIVEAWAY | Modern Minerals Makeup and Lotus Wei (*CLOSED*)

Modern Minerals Makeup + Lotus Wei Present: “A Love Themed Mother’s Day Giveaway”

*Giveaway begins today Saturday, May 2nd. One winner will be chosen on Wednesday, May 6th at 9:00 p.m. EST. So check back here on Wednesday to see if you have won.

Congratulations to the winner: LARA!!!

And a huge thank you to everyone who left comments and tried out for this giveaway. All of your comments were so beautiful and heartfelt. Please check back for more giveaways Soon!!

*Please leave a comment below on why you would love to win this giveaway! We read every single comment 🙂

*If you have the following sites Then follow Modern Minerals on IG, FB & Twitter and Lotus Wei on IG, Twitter, FB , if you don’t, just a comment is fine!

This giveaway is open to everyone regardless if you would like to win this to honor your biological Mom, chosen Mom, or if you’re a Mom! Even if you really really want to become a Mom. Share with us! 

A Mother’s Love lasts throughout eternity. There is nobody more sacred or deserving of love than the person whom you call “Mom”. Modern Minerals Makeup and Lotus Wei want to share the love with  you or your Mom. Prepare  to be spoiled on Sunday, May 10t! 

How nice would it be to win this giveaway of these love themed products? Let’s have a look, shall we?

From Diane at Modern Minerals:

Love BlushTea Rose Finishing GlowFace Brush


Three Loose Mineral Eye Shadows ~ RoseCharmPetal and Mini Round Brush

 Modern Minerals Makeup MSRP $115.50


From Katie at Lotus Wei:

Infinite Love Perfume  –  Infinite Love Energy Mist  Infinite Love Balancing Serum

Lotus Wei  MSRP $135.00

Total Giveaway Value =$250.50

Good Luck everyone! Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day~ Don’t forget to leave your comment below and then like Modern Minerals Makeup and Lotus Wei on their Twitter, FB and Instagram pages. AND, sign up for their newsletters !



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31 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY | Modern Minerals Makeup and Lotus Wei (*CLOSED*)

  1. This day has a lot of meaning for me. My mother has always been there for me and my older sister. Recently, she has shown us just how important family is and how we are number one. I won’t go into detail but my mom shows us unconditional love and has taught me how to pass this along to my family. I love my mom and can’t ever imagine my life without her 🙂

  2. I cherish every Mother’s Day more now since I’ve lost so much visitation with my son over the past year due to being with a soon to be ex spouse. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  3. There is nothing more special to me than the gift of being a mother. I also appreciate my mom so much more, now that I understand all that she sacrificed for me and my siblings.

  4. I feel like too often we can take for granted the things in our life that are the most cherished and amazing, and that includes mothers. I think it’s lovely to have a day to celebrate them and all that they do for us. From caring for us everyday, to instilling us with good values and virtues.

  5. Mother’s day is very important to me. Every year I surprise my mom with a gift or some money I’ve saved up along with a homecooked meal of her choosing. I remember being a kid growing up in a small one bedroom apartment and how she would work nights to put food on the table and she always managed to provide me with the best of everything. She fell ill and was unable to continue working and no matter what our financial situation she gave me all the love and support I could ever ask for. I try to make everyday mother’s day because I appreciate and love my mom with everything I am and I hope I can be half the mother and woman she is. Happy mother’s day to all the wonderful moms out there.

  6. We live in a world where we tend to forget the value of motherhood. Mother’s Day is a great time to pause and appreciate all of the sacrifices your mother has made for you. Now that I’m a mother of two little girls, I’m able to appreciate my own mother even more.
    In my family, we try to celebrate each other everyday, but on Mothers Day, my husband makes sure my girls understand the responsibility of a mother and the unconditional love we have for them.
    Happy Mother’s Day! ❤

  7. I feel like being a mother is a blessing and a huge responsibility. Everything I say and do is reflected back in my three kids. I want to send them into the world as better people. I know that I have made and will make parenting mistakes, but everyday I am reminded that each one is a wonderful individual. So I reinforce my love for them and hope the wins are more than the fails,

  8. To me it’s about showing appreciation for all your mother had done for you. I didn’t have any idea the extent of her care and sacrifice until I became an adult; I’m sure it will become more apparent when I have children of my own.

  9. I would love to say that I have the relationship with my own mom that I always wanted, but I don’t. Her and I have our differences and will never be close. But on the other hand it has made me stronger and the best mom I can be to my little girls. I have always wanted children and struggled to get pregnant because of endometriosis. I had to have two surgeries to remove the endometriois, I was one of the fortunate ones to get pregnant both times. I know lots of women suffer infertility and it breaks my heart. Mother’s Day means the world to me. These two little girls have shown me more love than I ever thought I could experience. I just wish they would stay little for a little longer, I never want the holding hands, cuddling, sitting on my laps, the singing, dancing and hugs to end.

  10. My most cherished memory with my mom is whenever we used to go on short little walks in the park during the summer and just pick berries or enjoy the nature around us.
    Thank you so much for the amazing giveaway Britanie.
    And Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s and soon to be Mothers (:

  11. I love my son beyond words, so Mother’s Day means a lot to me! It’s a day for me to be thankful that I have my amazing little guy, and it’s a day for the hard work of moms everywhere to be celebrated. I cherish every Mother’s Day with him.

  12. Before I became a mom, Mother’s day was just another hallmark holiday to me. (That sounds awful, I know!) I’ve had some difficult jobs in the past, but being a mom really tops the list. You truly can’t comprehend the sacrifices and love of a mom until you experience it for yourself. Along with being challenging, being a mom is incredibly rewarding! I can’t imagine life without my daughter and hearing her cute giggles every day ❤
    My husband is out of town, so it will be just my daughter and I to celebrate the day. I haven't decided what we'll do yet…maybe ice cream for breakfast?? haha 🙂

  13. I’d love to win and gift this to my mom. These beautiful products would enhance not only her beauty but her spirit also. What a wonderful treat it would be for my mama 🙂

  14. This will be my first Mother’s Day as a mother to my beautiful baby girl. After wanting to be a mother so badly and losing twins when I was 11 weeks pregnant, this day holds a lot of significance to me and makes my first Mother’s Day so special. You realize it truly is the most important job in the world. My heart is so full of love for this little person 💕 and I can’t wait to spend Mother’s Day with her.

  15. I’ve never been close to my own mother, but there’s nothing I want more than to be a mother, so honestly this day can be a little sad sometimes. Growing up as a strong, independent, woman sometimes I feel the pressure to not be as invested in becoming a mom and putting my all into my family – but there’s nothing more important to me. The last few years I’ve struggled with health issues that have me worried I may never have my own kids, but I do hope no matter what I can create a home and a family and be a mom in some way. I think the definition of motherhood is so fluid – I know the mothers in my life have been – so I love how open your definitions are for this giveaway. Happy Mothers Day to all the nurturers!

  16. My mother is one of the most amazing and selfless human beings on the planet. She never takes care of herself, so this gift set would be perfect for her.

  17. this is a really sweet giveaway. I’d love to win this for my mommy because she has been through a lot these past 2 years. With unexpected family bills, and her back injury, I’m sure this will really brighten up her day. ❤ This gift will help my mommy know how much she is loved and appreciated by not only me, but by my younger sister as well. Cheers to the strength of mothers!

  18. My mama is a total product junkie like me, especially when it comes to healthy and wholesome ones! I would love to add this special gift to her surprise this weekend! THANK YOU BRITANIE!

  19. What a wonderful prize pack for a lucky lady to win! Mother’s Day is important to me- both for my Mom and myself since becoming a Mother. Especially now- as I’m half a world away from my Mom living in Europe and missing her like crazy! I’ve been encouraging and trying to educate my Mother on being more green and the importance of using more natural products- this would be a GREAT gift to support her in doing so!

  20. I would love to win this for my mom. She’s retired now & can’t afford beauty products like she used to. Plus she is such a hard worker. She raised me & my brother. Sometimes it was rough my mom & dad came to Canada as immigrants. They had to work long hours in the beginning to save money. So I appreciate both my mom & my dad for all their work in raising us & taking care of us.

  21. I would love to win this to share with my mom! I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to natural beauty and skincare products and making sure that I take care of myself. My mom always makes sure that my siblings and I are healthy and taking care of ourselves even though we’re grown and have our own families now. She tirelessly makes us her homemade laundry detergent, shampoo and conditioner, makeup, and sometimes organic desserts and meals she drops by at the end of a busy work day. She won’t accept anything in return, so this would be wonderful to surprise her!

    On another note, thanks so much for having a giveaway that allows people without social media to participate! 🙂

  22. What an amazing giveaway. I enjoy using Lotus Wei’s Inner Peace collection for my anxiety and health issues and would love to gift my mom with their Infinite Love. That is basically a description of a mother’s love actually so it’s very appropriate. I think she’d also like the Modern Minerals products. She has a lot of allergies to mainstream cosmetics and was actually the catalyst of my entry into the world of green beauty. My favorite memory of Mother’s day is from when I was very young and I would wrap up used pencils in construction paper and giving them to my mom as a present. Of course she accepted them so graciously and lovingly even though they were her pencils to begin with! She has always been the epitome of what a mother is or should be. My husband and I haven’t been able to conceive a child but if we ever do I hope to be half the mother to my child as she was to me and my siblings. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there! ❤

  23. Since I had the great blessing of becoming a mother 4 years ago, I came to realize that I am no longer the owner of my life; my children are, and this is a good thing. Every decision I make is going to affect them in a positive or in a negative way, from what I say to what I do, even what I don’t do. I have a beautiful four year old daughter, and just a few months ago I gave birth to my son. Being a mother is so time consuming, just as it is rewarding. For this same reason, we tend to not take enough time to really get to know the products we use in our homes, much less how they affect our health. I am currently breastfeeding just like I did with my first, and I’ve just learned about the benefits of using organic cosmetics not only for myself, but for my breastfed baby as well. Did you know that chemicals from makeup/skin care products seep into the bloodstream and, in extreme cases, can cause birth defects and allergies, and affect breast milk? But even after I’m done breastfeeding, I’d like to stay as clean and organic as possible with everything that we eat/drink/use. I am new to organic makeup, and I feel like this would be a great opportunity to not only get to know two of the most influential brands in the organic beauty industry: Modern Minerals and Lotus Wei, but it would also be nice to pamper myself with the reassurance that these products are safe, and encourage other moms to look beautiful without all the harsh chemicals found in other products.

  24. Hey Britanie! Hope you have an amazing mother’s day. My mom has a lot on her plate every day (our moms are such superheros) and I know she would love lotus wei! I gave her a few other essential oils and aromatherapy things over the years and she’s said it’s helped so much when she’s feeling crazy and anxious. I know these awesome products have helped calm you tremendously too! Wishing you all the best

  25. These products are so amazing! I would love to own those blushes and eye shadows, I’m in need of an all natural blush, big time! I’m embarrassed to say I’m using a NYX blush right now and I know it’s not good for me. Also my mom doesn’t really ware make up but those oils/fragrances she would love and I think the names are just perfect for a gift to show my mom how much I love her. Because what mom wouldn’t want/need more love. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! xox

  26. I would love to win this giveaway so my mom and I can both try out Lotus Wei and Modern Minerals. I am a natural beauty addict and I would also love to review those products 🙂 My mom has done so much for me and she is my best friend, I try to share everything with her =) Especially this coming up Mother’s Day ! =)

  27. My grandmother was like a mother to me and helped raise me to be the woman I am today. I lost her about 15 years ago and I miss her everyday dearly. She would make me these wonderful sandwiches that no one could duplicate and she said she made them with extra love. When I had my daughter she was absolutely delighted. She unfortunately never got the chance to meet my son, but I’d like to think she’s always around and watching over us. I’m glad to have had her in my life.

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