When I introduce any product, or discuss any topic on my blog I do so because I want to share my discoveries with you. I will only ever bring you products from trusted brands that I’ve experienced myself. The ones that make it here are the ones I’m passionate about. 

I really love Spa Heroes monthly Subscription Box. The Founder, Jeannie Jarnot takes the hard part out of wading through the green beauty jungle of products, (all the while eliminating the “villain ingredients”, to securing the best and highest performing choices in natural beauty. I also love surprises and to me there is nothing more fun than seeing my Spa Heroes package in my mailbox! I know that Jeannie’s mission as a Spa Superhero is to put in my hands the products that result in greater health, beauty and more joy. She has years of experience and knowledge of screening products for the spas she managed to search out what she refers to as, ‘Hero Products.’ Also known as: the individual chosen ones that define a brand AND that deliver consistent results and with safe high performance formulations.

This very special August box contains two full sized products, each with a retail value of $48. This is a $96 value and one of the advantages for Spa Heroes members who pay $39. per month.

You may choose one of four plans that work with your lifestyle and budget: $39.00 month to month, $115.00 three months Pre-pay, $225.00 six months Pre-pay or $450.00 twelve months Pre-pay.

As a Spa Heroes Ambassador it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to August’s Spa Heroes Expert Selection of the Month: Nutrify Tonic Level 1-6 by Previse Skincare.

Let me give you a quick background about Previse. Previse Skincare has combined the science of skincare with fully sustainable practices. Using a questionnaire based on the Fitzpatrick UV Index scale, Previse can evaluate a client genetics, behavior, skincare history, and geographic location to customize optimal skin regimens for visible benefits and healthy results. The Founder, Sean Patrick Harrington is an environmentalist and philanthropist. True to his ideals all ingredients are the highest quality, sustainably sourced as well as environmentally friendly.

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This was my first encounter and experience of using Previse Skincare! I’ve read the online raves about this brand, but I had yet to try anything myself. Here is how it’s described in the Spa Heroes Expert Selection Guide:
Nutrify Tonic 1-6. ‘This innovative skin tonic is formulated to deliver the ultimate does of active smoothing ingredients. In a league of its own, this next wave daily skin treatment is a game-changer for irritated, aging or stressed complexions.Suitable for all skin types this beauty elixir combines red algae extract, and sodium hyaluronate to deliver deep, instant, oil-free hydration that soothes and plumps skin. Each drop of featherlight Nutrify contains active daisy flower extract, a plant whose botanical name, Bellis Perennis, says it all- “everlasting beauty.” An efficient, natural skin lightener, the extract helps to both reduce the appearance and prevent the formation of brown spots.’
My experience: I love that Nutrify Tonic is vegan, cruelty-free and gluten free. In the morning, after I splash my face with pure filtered water, I then put  five drops in the palm of my hand to warm. With my fingertips I massage into my face in an upward and circular motion. I love the way this special formula (water-like) absorbs immediately. I’ve never experienced a product like this! It’s not a serum or a toner and it’s featherlight. But yet it’s so power-packed with Superpower ingredients like: Green Tea, Daisy Flower Extract, Red Algae, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin, Panthenol (plant derived) and more.
I have noticed an immediate reduction of inflammation around my nose area. I have environmental allergies, so this area is always a concern for me. Nutrify Tonic has also helped significantly with some areas of hyperpigmention (resulting from some hormonal acne issues left over from last month) and evened out areas of my skin. I really love this product and I will be absolutely be reordering this. I’ve found Nutrify Tonic 1-6 intensely hydrating, quick absorbing, refreshing, and instantly smoothing. I have to agree that this is most assuredly a “game-changer” for skin and and I won’t be without this product. It just goes to prove that you don’t need, “villain ingredients” in your beauty products to be able to create an skin enhancing product with efficacy. I’m going to stick with Mother Nature’s gift of active daisy flower extract, or rather, “everlasting beauty”, for my natural beauty arsenal.
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The accompanying August Side-Kick, Defend, is described as a, ‘Pre-sun serum that helps to prevent oxidative skin damage from sun exposure while aiding in the protection of skin cells, collagen density and elasticity over time. “Our ZeroSilicone recipe is free of harsh preservatives, skin clogging silicones, petroleum and synthetic oils. Defend is the ideal barrier between your face and our increasingly harsh environment. Defend is the first advanced prestige recipe developed to deter oxidation from free radicals while promoting vitamin D generation. Defend clarifies while soothing and hydrating for a clean and well protected appearance for women and men. As with all Previse products our Defend fragrance is derived from natural sources to provide aromatherapeutic benefits and yet is non-lingering.’
My experience: After using the Nutrify Tonic in the morning, I squeeze a nickel sized amount of Defend into the palm of my hand. With my fingertips I then in upwards circular motion apply to all areas of my face, neck and chest. Anywhere I know I may get sun exposure. This serum is so soothing, protective and hydrating. With algae extract, sodium hyaluronate, Bulgarian lavender oil, fennel fruit extract , sunflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil and other rich ingredients. I love this serum formulation! It has the most perfect faint, calm inducing lavender scent, and goes on so smoothly over the Nutrify Tonic. I’m hooked on these two products and have just added them into my daily skin care regimen. I have not seen a product line like, Previse, in a very long time  that works so fast that I’m seeing the benefits already. I literally started the daily use of these two products three weeks ago. I haven’t been this impressed in a really long time. This is a reorder (obviously).
If it weren’t for Jeannie, it’s possible that I may not have been introduced to Previse Skincare. Thank you Jeannie for introducing me and thank you, to the Founder, Sean Patrick Harrington for creating  Previse Skincare. I also love definition of, “Previse”, to know or see in advance a quality brought to life through the originality of the product lineup.
Spa Heroes is the simplest way to safer skincare and ultimately saves you significant time and money. I can’t tell you how many beauty products that I’ve purchased impulsively, only to find out later that they “looked good” on the outside, but they never were effective in the promises they made in regards to performance. I love the detailed pamphlet you will receive each month,  announcing the chosen, “Expert Selection”. You will learn the complete list of ingredients, read about the Superpower list of benefits of the Hero product as well as fun facts about the company that created your beautiful (full-sized) surprise of the month! You will also get the Spa Heroes Pocket Guide, ‘Ingredient Intelligence At Your Fingertips’, to keep in your purse. Not only does the Pocket Guide help you to stay away from the Villains, but it points out the Superpower healthy alternatives to keep in mind before you make a purchase.
USE LESS. LOVE MORE. Each month one Hero product, plus a surprise “sidekick” arrives at your home. This month the sidekick happens to be a full size of Defend which is packed with antioxidants to combat inflammation! 

I’m so happy to announce that if you decide to try out the Spa Heroes monthly subscription box and sign up now you will save $10.00 with my special promotional code:  BRITANIE / Members also get a 15% everyday discount on ALL items in the online shop. The value is there in each box and there are limited quantities.

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Have you signed up for Spa Heroes yet or tried anything from Previse Skincare? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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