As we begin 2016, Beauty Heroes brings us yet another extraordinary value with their January Box. And a chance to experience not only one, but two Beauty Hero Expert Selections with a Sidekick that is not even sold in stores yet!! This is so exciting and I couldn’t be happier to tell you more about one of my very favorite companies and the Founder, Dr. Sarah Villafranco of Osmia Organics. Start 2016 with a clean slate and some serious organic beauty that you will absolutely fall in love with. This is truly a “return to your senses” by indulging in pure effective green beauty.

‘Return to their senses….’ And I think the purity and simplicity of these two Heroes is perfect for starting the year off with a clean slate, with purity and some serious organic beauty staples that can be used throughout the year.  I hope you agree and always want to hear your feedback.

You may choose one of four plans that work with your lifestyle and budget: $39.00 month to month (this month value alone is $96.00!!!) , $115.00 three months pre-pay, $225.00 six months pre-pay or $450.00 twelve months pre-pay. The products are incredible and all the work of  “finding” them as been done for you. Each one is carefully selected and goes through all the extensive testing for “Super Hero” status. If your brand makes it to the Beauty Heroes Subscription Box,  then you’ve “made” it and you have quite the winner product / brand!

As a Beauty Heroes Ambassador it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the Beauty Heroes Expert Selection of January 2016: Osmia Organics Black Clay Facial Soap, Purely Simple Face Cream and their exquisite Sidekick- Nectar Vital Rose Drops Face Serum*

*These are available for replenishment at Beauty Heroes and as a Member, you automatically receive an exclusive 15% ongoing discount on all Hero products in the beauty shop. You can totally transform someones like with a Beauty Heroes gift subscription. By gifting the best in healthy beauty you are inspiring others to consider that they are putting on their body and their skin.

Full Disclosure (!) I’m a devoted “Osmia Girl” and have been for years! Soooo, I’ll never forget my excitement three years ago when I received my first beautiful Osmia Organics package with a handwritten note from Sarah! The products were so unbelievably beautiful even before I used them!! I remember thinking just how amazing Dr. Sarah Villafranco is and what a powerful infulencer she has been to me on my journey into green beauty. I did a full interview on my blog here.

Dr. Sarah is trained as a doctor of emergency medicine. She left that career to begin Osmia Organics. Her new practice is intended to help you tap into nature, enliven your senses and detox your beauty cabinets from unhealthy products. Fueled by her knowledge and inspired by her own struggle with perioral dermatitis, (Sarah helped me so much when my skin acted up with this condition. These Hero products are exactly what “the doctor ordered” for me and they cleared up my annoying perioral dermatitis.) Sarah studies the effect of each ingredients that goes into Osmia’s range of face and body products in careful detail and combines the best gifts of nature for optimal skin health.

Osmia Organics was started four years ago in Carbondale, Colorado and are made exclusively with carefully sourced ingredients. This is effective, organic, wild crafted skincare and is a prescription for beauty as medicine.

You need to discover all the products from Osmia Organics….wait until you smell the perfume she creates!! (Remember my disclosure!!)

As a Beauty Heroes Ambassador it’s with the greatest pleasure I bring to you two of my absolute favorite Hero products from Osmia Organics.

Black Clay Facial Soap (and it comes with the Soap Saver in this month’s box) is full of mineral rich dead sea mud exfoliates leaving skin cleansed and balanced. Lather the soap between your hands with filtered water and wash your face, neck and chest. Rinse well. You will find this gives your skin soothing relief from seasonal dryness and flakiness and super soft skin. The organic coconut milk, mango, avocado, coconut and olive olive butters make the perfect lather. You also get a gentle exfoliation and increased cell turnover. And always use the soap saver to place your soap on. It really does make the soap last for a really long time.

Follow with a pea sized pump of Purely Simple Face Cream and massage into your skin day and or at night. This is such a mild skin loving cream with organic aloe vera & sweet almond oil. It absorbs on contact and leaves skin plump and protected. It’s been the only cream I have used on my face in two weeks and I cannot speak highly enough about it for sensitive, acne prone, dermatitis prone skin. I LOVE THIS CREAM.

I find the “Expert Beauty Rituals” section that’s included in the pamphlet each month for the Expert Selection of the month so incredibly helpful. Here is what’s recommended this month:

To activate, exfoliate, and smooth the skin’s surface, lather Black Clay Facial Soap onto the face, neck, decollete while in the shower. Allow to activate and deeply purify for 2-3 minutes while continuing to wash or shave. For an overnight skin recovery treatment, pump a generous amount of Purely Simple Face Cream and add 3 droplets of Osmia Nectar Vital Rose Drops. Massage upwards from the decollete and neck over cheeks to the forehead and with 10 circles at the temples. Breathe in and release daily tension. Massage leftover cream into dry lips and fingertips.


Black Clay Facial SoapSaponified oils/ olive, palm kernel, mango, sweet almond, coconut, castor bean, avocado, jojoba, coconut milk, dead sea much, Australian black clay, proprietary blend of essential oils, rosemary antioxidant GMO-free Vitamin E oil.

Purely Simple Face CreamAloe Vera leaf juice, sodium olivoyl glutamate and cetearyl alcohol and glycerl stearate, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, lactobacillus ferment, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil, sodium benzoat and gluconolactone, castor oil, GMO-free Vitamin E oil and a proprietary blend of organic and wild harvested essential oils.

Beauty Heroes is the simplest way to safer skincare and ultimately saves you significant time and money. I can’t tell you how many beauty products that I’ve purchased impulsively, only to find out later that they “looked good” on the outside, but they never were effective in the promises they made in regards to performance. 

I love the detailed pamphlet you will receive each month,  announcing the chosen, “Expert Selection”. You will learn the complete list of ingredients, read about the Superpower list of benefits of the Hero product as well as fun facts about the company that created your beautiful (full-sized) surprise or surprises of the month! You will also get the Beauty Heroes Pocket Guide, ‘Ingredient Intelligence At Your Fingertips’, to keep in your purse. Not only does the Pocket Guide help you to stay away from the Villains, but it points out the Superpower healthy alternatives to keep in mind before you make a purchase.
When you think of all the beauty products that you purchase on your own, get home and try them only to realize they just don’t work, a regular subscription is good way to avoid making that mistake. It also makes an incredible gift to someone that you are trying to educate about the efficacy of green beauty products.  Spread the love because I truly believe this is a gift that you will enjoy month after month.

Don’t forget that Members also get a 15% everyday discount on ALL items in the online shop. The value is there in each box and there are limited quantities.


>>>>Click here to sign up <<<<<<

Have you signed up for Beauty Heroes yet or had the pleasure of trying Osmia Organics skincare products? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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  1. I would like to buy the Black Clay sometime in the summer when my skin gets oiler. I’ve been meaning to try an organic beauty subscription for sometime but I need to declutter my stuff.

  2. Hi Britanie! You inspired me to finally bite the bullet + subscribe to Beauty Heroes. Totally hooked now! Would love your input – how do you layer moisturizer with facial oils/serum/ampoules? There seem to be varying opinions on what comes first. I feel that even with the lovely oils I’ve used this fall (Root Science and now Vintner’s), my face seems to still seek some more moisture in the dry Cali weather but I’m not sure what the best mixup is. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the detailed and helpful review! Do you know if we are supposed to use this along with the Vintner’s Daughter from last month or in place of it? That is, would you mix it in with the lotion, apply it before the lotion, or skip it if you’re using the lotion?

  4. I gave away the soap as it was way too drying. I used the facial oil with great love until I broke out with my first acne in something like 10 years. However, the oil is divine.

    1. Wow really!? This is just yet another example of how not every product works for everyone. I’ve been dealing with hormonal acne and this oil has been one of the only oils that has not only caused more breakouts but is helping to clear! Also I have super sensitive skin and I noticed if you use a little of the soap it doesn’t get drying. I think if it causes drying maybe you are using too much? A little goes such a long way. Also how much of the oil were you using and were you using it with the cream as well?

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