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These are all natural, plant based, cruelty-free, paraben free products and  they come in recyclable packaging Size: 4 oz  $19.95

I’m so happy to introduce you to a company based out of Philadelphia that I just discovered (but Organic Spa Magazine already featured them here: ). Just one more reason I love Organic Spa Magazine! They know how to find the most up & coming natural Indie brands that perform. I love to support companies that put their heart and soul into handcrafted products,  and that help make our world a better place…

There is scientific data to prove what we already know intuitively about the power of scent. Our sense of smell really is the gateway to trigger memories and emotions. What we smell effects mood, energy and passion. Franklin & Whitman have created some of the most unique salt and sugar scrubs that I’ve ever tried. And they have a very clear vision of why they “do what they do”. Their vision is simple and that is to handcraft cruelty-free natural plant based products and to share some of their proceeds with a social mission that their passionate about. More on that below!

I had the pleasure of testing out two of their salt scrubs and two sugar scrubs. I have to say my absolute favorite is the Midtown Village! It was hard not to eat this blend. The scent is incredible and I even wrote to them asking for the exact name of the coffee they use in this formula so that I can purchase some of the fair trade beans to grind up for my morning coffee. It’s that good! Oh, and it has vanilla in it too. So can you see “why” I’m in love?

For each of these scrubs, I recommend using a small amount in the shower after getting your skin moistened. The steam will make the essential oils in these formulas come alive. Be really careful not to slip in the shower. These products are on the wet side so shake before you open, then use the small spoon to mix completely. Take a bit in your hands and with the water turned off for a minute, just work the scrub into areas that need a nice exfoliation (the sugar/salt crystals are not too large, so it makes for a comfortable scrub!) use small circular motions. I don’t recommend using either of these on your face.

Then rinse completely. After your shower, pat dry. I didn’t need a moisturizer for my body after using these scrubs. These are extra rich with oils and skin nourishing natural ingredients so it saved me that extra step in my “usual ” after shower body lotion application!

I leave a jar of the East Passyunk Sugar Scrub by my kitchen sink. After doing the dishes, I love to treat my hands to a mini spa treatment after working so hard. Somehow it makes doing the dishes a lot more pleasant. (No dishwasher in my home!). This leaves my hands scented with vanilla, grapefruit and brown sugar.

The Point Breeze Salt Scrub with Himalyan pink salt, coconut and lime is perfect for a foot scrub. It feels so refreshing and leaves my feet feeling rejuvenated and so soft. I use this before I do my own pedicure at home.

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Complete Ingredient List:

*Midtown Village Sugar Scrub: Sucrose, Coffea Arabica, Vitis Vinifera Oil, Olea Europaea Oil, Vanilla Planifolia, dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Oil (Vitamin E)

*East Passyunk Sugar Scrub: Sucrose, Vitis Vinifera Oil, Olea Europaea Oil, Vanilla Planifolia, dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Oil (Vitamin E), Fragrances (Essential Oils)

*Logan Square Salt Scrub: Celtic Sea Salt, Vitis Vinifera Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Camellia Sinensis, dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Oil (Vitamin E), Fragrances (Essential Oils)
*Point Breeze Salt Scrub: Himalayan Pink Mineral Salts, Vitis Vinifera Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Oil (Vitamin E), Fragrances (Essential Oils)                                                                                                  

If the man in your life happens to love his beard (and you do too) you will find a large assortment of grooming products (Beard Oils) for him. Or if a clean shave is what you both prefer, there is a great Shave Sampler for him to experiment with.

They have categories for Body Butters, Scrubs, Hair Oils, Grooming, and even have created a product called:  Paw & Nose Balm for your canine with a dry nose!

I love to support brands that not only have superior products, but that give back to meaningful causes close to my heart. Enter Franklin & Whitman! They LOVE dogs. All kinds. Big Dogs. Small Dogs. And part of the reason they created their company was to be able to give back to causes dear to their heart that they are passionate about. They pledge to donate 5% of all profits to Dog Rescue organizations to help our “Hairy Animals” social mission in every way. Win and win again.

Thank you, Christopher Cieri (Founder & President) for offering my readers this promo code for 15% off  for all orders over $50 using: beautybybritanie15  And for creating a company with a heart. 

Have you tried any products from Franklin & Whitman? Leave me a comment and if you have any questions ask away! I love hearing your thoughts on these Indie Beauty Brands. And I love to support small businesses like this by promoting brands that create such great products and that give back to our “Hairy Animals” fur babies.

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  1. After one use my skin was so soft and silky smooth. It’s a very gentle exfoliator that gives great results. But you don’t recommend this scrub for face and i agree with you, because they have special spruce hill face mask in assortment. Did you try it?

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