beauty buzz | osmia organics honey-myrrh lip repair

Osmia Organic’s Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair is a true treat for your lips! Sarah, owner of Osmia Organics warned me that I might become addicted to this product after trying it and she was right. I use this every single night before bed and have seen instant results in my lips within just a week of use. It’s just so good.

Manuka Honey and Myrrh extracts are the main ingredients in this as well as Castor Oil, Vitamin E and Bergamont Essential Oil.

Although I drink plenty of water and herbal teas and eat a balanced diet I still suffer from dry lips. Since using this lip repair every night for the past few weeks I have no more cracking in my lips or dryness at all. My lips have never felt more soft. This lip repair is like a makeover for your mouth and will be a life saver for the winter months!

Osmia Organics, you have done it again with another irreplaceable product! I cannot be without this!

You can buy Osmia’s Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair for $22.00 here.

What are your favorite lip treatments and lip balms?



9 responses to “beauty buzz | osmia organics honey-myrrh lip repair

    • I am dying to try out RMS products!! This lip repair from Osmia and also the Hurraw! lip balms are my absolute favorites. I think you’d love Osmia’s products.. they are so natural and do wonders for the skin. I’m a huge fan! I love bergamont too!

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