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Virga Botanicals is based on Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Western Herbalism principles. The company is owned by Kristen, a licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist who has been making her own skincare products since the age of 12! Kristen considers herself “An aesthete, pure and simple. Beauty is, to me, nothing less than a spiritual principle. Not vanity – the mere concern with personal appearance – but the real, pure beauty of living things everywhere. I intend my products to affirm that in their users, and I prepare them with a deliberate mindfulness that I hope facilitates this (that is the ‘good qi’ listed under ‘materials’).”

The word “Virga” is Latin for “a green twig”. It connotes something new, fresh, always growing. Kristen says “I have made it the name of my skin-care line to denote ever-new, ever-fresh beauty and realness. The renewing, constantly regenerating power of nature is tapped to make these highest-quality skin and self-care products, carefully sourced and formulated using both Western and Eastern botanical principles, and of course no petroleum or unnecessary additives. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty…” Keats said it best, and timelessly. My take on that sentiment: real is beautiful.”

Virga Botanicals uses only the finest of natural, organic, plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients that they can find. Everything is made my hand from start to finish! and contains NO parabens or animal products!


Green Tea Light Facial Moisture Serum

What It Is:
a unique, versatile oil-free light-weight serum facial.

Key Ingredients: green tea, licorice, oat extract. in chinese herbology, green tea is cooling, licorice is harmonizing and grains are supplementing.

How To Use: can be used alone for normal to oily skin, or under a moisturizer  for extra hydration. Works best if you pump a small amount into your palm and pat onto your face with fingers. Then you can put your moisturizer on immediately at it leaves virtually no residue, only the finest layer of radiant protection!

Price: $16.95

Ingredients: purified water, sodium PCA, aloe vera, hydrolyzed oats, green tea extract, licorice extract, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, good qi.

My Thoughts: This is my favorite product from the line! My first time applying this I noticed that my face had an instant glow to it. After a few seconds it really felt moisturized and although you can wear this under a moisturizer, and I often do, I find that it works well on it’s own. I was playing around with a few home made facial masks not too long ago and my face turned extremely red. I put this serum on and within minutes the redness went away and my skin felt calm and soothed. For a serum with such little ingredients this really packs a skin-boosting punch and works immediately. This is my new favorite serum to apply before makeup in the morning!!


Pumpkin Carrot Mask

What It Is: Luscious pumpkin has so many skin-loving properties; this mask makes skin glow outrageously, right from the start!

Key Ingredients:  Rich in vitamins A and E, the golden-orange pumpkin (Nan Gua in Chinese) is also considered a superb detoxifier. What better, more balancing thing to put on gorgeous skin? Goats’ milk – another super nourisher, as well as a gentle exfoliant – is also known for evening out skin tone. It does the job amazingly here; results usually show up immediately! Honey and carrot seed oil tighten and rejuvenate tired or dry skin; on the other hand, they are clarifying for breakout-prone complexions – seriously, what could be better?

How To Use:  just scoop out a couple of tablespoons and mix in a separate ceramic container with water to a paste consistency. Spread over face and neck. you will be bright orange and crazy-looking for a few minutes; glowingly gorgeous for days afterwards! I’m thinking its a worthwhile trade-off…

Price: $16.95

Pumpkin, ground oats, honey powder, white clay, goat’s milk, carrot seed oil, vitamin E, good qi.

My Thoughts: So good I could eat it! This mask is incredibly refreshing and leaves my skin feeling extra soft!! I like to leave this mask on for at least twenty minutes or until completely dry. Your face will feel tight when the mask dries as it contains white clay which is great for pulling out toxins! The mixture of the honey powder and pumpkin makes this mask smell so good!


Organic Rose Supernourishing Sugar Shea Body Scrub

Oh, the Queen of Flowers, classic universally beloved rose! The Chinese call it mei gua and use it for its qi-tonifying, nourishing and healing properties. In Western herbology, well – most of us just love the smell, for starters!

This luscious body scrub is sublimely scented with pure Bulagarian Rose Made of organic sugar in very emollient, nourishing shea butter and almond oil, it is formulated to leave skin beautifully soft and exfoliated. And, not least: you will smell softly of roses for a good while afterwards!

Key Ingredients: Bulagarian Rose, Shea Buter, Almond Oil.

How To Use: Rub on a handful in the shower or bath to soften arms, legs, anywhere skin can use a bit of sweet-smelling glow! Rinse gently with warm water; rinsing tub is recommended to keep slipperiness from forming.

Price: $12.95

My Thoughts: I absolutely love body scrubs and I love to make my own but this one is so good that I might have to stock up on it! The scent of the rose lingers throughout the day on my skin and it is such a calming and beautiful smell. It also leaves my skin so soft!! Just be careful after using because it will make your tub really slippery!

Vanille and Yin Star Aromatherapy Perfumes

All fragrances are made with the highest-quality essential oils; no synthetic fragrance oils, ever. True essential oils are ‘bio-active’ – they interact dynamically with the system on an organic level, affecting body, mind and soul. In Acupuncture terms: they have Qi!

Vanille: For vanilla-lovers! A sensuous, lush true vanilla that lasts long and subtly. Made with organic vanilla bean (the sediment sits on the bottom of the bottle) perfectly enhanced with the slightest hint of spices. Delicious, warm, soul-loving…

Yin Star: An exquisite, long-lasting floral Oriental with strong, bright citrus notes. Vanilla, amber, rose, neroli, tangerine and basil. Complex and sophisticated, long in the making, intoxicatingly unique.

My Thoughts: When I saw that Kristen made a Vanilla perfume, I had to try it! and then when I saw that Yin-Star contained not only Vanilla but rose and amber as well, I knew I had to try it too! Both of these perfumes are delicious!! I have to say I think I actually prefer Yin-Star more, which is surprising because Vanilla is my favorite scent in the world but I find that Yin-Star is so much more unique. I have never smelled any perfume like it. It also lasts all day on my wrists. Vanille is great to keep in my purse because I can never have enough of the scent of Vanilla! I will definitely be purchasing one or both of these in the full size glass roll-on. I recommend these to anyone who is looking for a natural and healthy perfume!!


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Have you ever tried out anything from Virga Botanicals? Please feel free to share your experiences on this post!!



*All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. I am never paid to give my honest opinions and will only recommend products that I love and use myself! All Photographs are (C) Britanie Faith*

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4 thoughts on “Real Is Beautiful | Virga Botanicals Review

  1. I love Etsy! They have so many options for makeup and skincare.Thank you for doing this review. I have never heard of Virga Botanicals before this. The serum sounds fantastic. 😀

  2. oh wow! i am always intrigued by acupuncture and herbalism just how naturally they work really interest me. this is such a great product review i love lines that try to incorporate unique ways and techniques into their products and plus their ingredients are so short making it simple but v effective. i am saving the products on my etsy for future references.

    love love love discovering awesome brands on etsy thanks for letting us know about this one!

    1. I am so intrigued by acupuncture and herbalism as well!! It has changed my life drastically. To have a skincare line that incorporates the same principles is amazing. I am so happy to have found this line.

      I love to discover great brands on Etsy too! if you have any recommendations please let me know! Please let me know if you try anything from Virga Botanicals and what you think!


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