Holiday Season Giveaway Week 4 – African Botanics *Closed*

Holiday Season Giveaway – Week 4- Compliments of African Botanics


One lucky reader will win the beautiful Marula Shimmering Gold Body Oil!

Congrats to the winner… Comment #10, Summan!!

And, from today until Dec. 8th, African Botanics is having a “Friends and Family sale. Get 20% off your order with the code: thankyou20

Oh…just in from Julia…for Cyber Monday ONLY, 50% off their African Wanderlust Travel & Gift Set. Regular Price $110.00. Cyber Monday price $55.00

Now is your chance to experience for yourself what beauty product everyone is lusting over: Marula Shimmering Gold Body Oil. Wouldn’t this be the best gift ever for you to keep for yourself? African Botanics makes some of the most eco-friendly body and skin care treatments on the market today. All the products from this luxurious line are made in South Africa with a focus on craftsmanship, luxury and quality. Thank you to Craig and Julia the creators of this brand for offering one lucky reader of beautybybritane a chance to win this gorgeous Body Oil!

With a home base is Los Angeles, Craig & Julia founded African Botanics in 2012. The passion they share for the land and their South African roots inspired them to create a wellness line of beauty products that has successfully captured the immense beauty and pure floral wealth of their homeland.

‘An ultra-nourishing gold shimmering, rare fusion the illuminates every complexion and can be used on the face, body and hair. Infused with an exquisite antioxidant-rich complex of restorative African Marula, Moringa, Baobab and Kalahari Melon seed oils especially chosen for their resilience to harsh climatic conditions and ability to deeply nourish, soothe, soften and maintain skin youthfulness and firmness.’

‘Unique properties: Light and airy in texture, it captures and reflects the radiant splendour of glimmering African sunsets, beautifying with translucent mother of pearl minerals to illuminate skin and enhance its natural radiance. Meadowfoam oil improves skin vitality, while an aromatic blend of Gardenia and macerated Magnolia enhanced by fresh Neroli and Vanilla Bean create a beautiful floral scent.’

Check out the benefits of this luscious beauty oil:

illuminates every complexion and can be used on face, body and hair.
leaves the skin soft, smooth and glowing.
soothes and moisturizes
maintains skin’s youthfullness and firmness.
boosts the production of collagen and provides an antioxidant protection against free radicals.

dry shimmering beauty oil with a delicate natural fragrance and gold mother of pearl minerals perfect to enhance and help extend a tan aromatherapy benefits: relieves stress, calms and stimulates circulation.

So how do you win? Leave a comment on if you’ve tried any products from African Botanics and if so, what is your favorite? And what body oil are you currently using? And finally, if you win will you be keeping this beautiful oil for yourself or gifting it? (I think I know the answer!!)

Then, like African Botanics and BeautybyBritanie on IG & FB. That’s it!



One random winner will be chosen and announced each Monday at 12:00 noon EST. THEN get ready for the next giveaway (each week until Christmas). AND, just because you entered last week (unless you won….) you may enter again. Good Luck Everyone!

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31 thoughts on “Holiday Season Giveaway Week 4 – African Botanics *Closed*

  1. I haven’t tried this brand, I am currently using coconut oil and it works well. I will definitely be keeping this!

  2. I adore this company. I have used the Neroli Marula Oil and the Pure Marula Oil on my face for about 6 months now. I love, love, love them both. I use a body oil I make, but would probably keep this for me because their products are AMAZING. Thank you for this and the info on their sale!!

  3. Liked both pages on fb 🙂 Sadly i have yet to try this brand products , however i really have to been wanting to try the body oil it looks so luxurious and who doesnt want healthy glowing skin? good luck to all that enter!

  4. I have not tried this brand before but have heard good things about it. Currently I am using a body oil from Boots. If I win of course I am going to keep it. 😉

  5. wOw! This product looks amazing , I never tired before and I love organic and none animal testing products.I think I would love to give this to my mom for Christmas , single mom with 3 kids . She would love this . So crossing my fingers here 🙂

  6. I have not tried African Botanics!! But since I found out that the most beautiful woman on earth (Charlize Theron) swears by Marula Oil, I have been searching for one! I use argan oil for my knees and elbows. If I win I would selfishly keep it because none of my friends would appreciate it as much as I would 😉

  7. Hi Brittanie,
    This body oil does look gorgeous! I haven’t tried anything from African Botanics before, but have been eyeing their products for a while. I’ve heard great things about their shimmer body oil. Currently, I am using Yuli Harmony Body Oil; most nourishing body oil I’ve tried so far. If I win, I will most likely gift this to my mom as a replacement for her less clean shimmering Nuxe body oil; but I’ll sneak some uses out of it I’m sure as we live together (;

  8. I’ve never tried African Botanics but I’d love to! I like the fact that they support South African communities with thoughtful, sustainable sourcing. Totally gonna look into their sale now! I currently use a simple sweet almond oil on my body. And on my face I use facial oils from Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve.

    So anywayyyy, if I win I’m totally keeping it for myself (gotta treat yourself once in a while)!!

    p.s. following both of you on IG and FB!

  9. I haven’t tried this brand, and I use a coconut water lotion (when I have the time!) instead of oil. I would definitely keep this exotic treat!

  10. I’ve never tried anything from them! I would love to though. It would be so hard to give this away, ha! Maybe for someone extra special I might make an exception 😉 thanks for the chance

  11. I have not tried anything from African Botanics. I am currently using Hugo Naturals lotion, but would love to try a body oil. I would definitely keep it 😉

  12. I have never tried anything by African Botanics. I’ve actually never heard of the brand before this… one of the reasons I love your blog!

  13. I don’t have any kind of social media but I absolutely love your blog! I have yet to try any of their products or any all natural products. It would be great to try something like this! I will definitely keep this product, though I might share because it is the season of giving 😉 great giveaway! Hope I win 🙂

  14. This oil seems like it would smell fantastic! I haven’t tried anything from African Botanics but it’s been on my radar. I’m currently using Meow Meow Tweet’s body oil. And yeah, if I win, I’m totally keeping it.

  15. I’ve never tried African Botanics before, but they sound lovely. Though I’d be tempted to keep this body oil for myself, but I probably give it to my friend who I know would love it. Then again, I have been on the market for a new body oil.

  16. LOVE THIS! Thank you for this giveaway; I’ve been wanting to try this one! I LOVE African Botanics. My favorite is their repair balm and their pure marula oil. Both are amazing for healing skin. Currently, I’m using May Lindstrom Good Stuff Oil. If I win, I’m definitely keeping it! Plus, I don’t know anyone who would really love to receive it . I’m the only one who is super into green beauty ♥

  17. I have not tried this brand before but it looks amazing. I currently am using nothing because I just ran out of the lotion I was using. In the past I tried coconut oil and olive oil and I also used an oil called midnight oil from Grateful Body. I would love to try something new!

  18. Ooo this sounds amazing!! I havent tried any of their products. I just finished using some oil from Leahlani skincare 🙂 And I would definitely use it myself!!

  19. I haven’t tried this brand.. or any organic/vegan brand. I think my favorite oil is olive oil, doesn’t smell good, but i like to put natural things on my body and its a cheaper way to moisturize my body. I’m currently using nivea body oil q10 because my cousin gave it to me, it smells amazing!. Dollars are so expensive here in Bolivia thats why i never order on websites and buy in markets natural oils. If i won i will gift this to my mom because shes reaching her 40’s so.. .she never put ANYTHING on her skin, just soap. Hope i win!! 😍

  20. African Botanics has been on my wish list a while now. For winter, I am breaking out the coconut oil… too heavy for me to use in hot weather, but perfect for chapped skin from head to toe! I am also sampling May Lindstrom good stuff ..its delicious and i’ll be keeping it if i win -almost can’t believe this is up for’s so lovely

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