Butter Me Up Organics | Fresh Face Cleansing Bar Review

I have been discovering so many amazing and natural brands over on Etsy lately. Butter Me Up Organics is my latest discovery and I was especially curious about their best-selling product, the Facial Cleansing Bar with French Green Sea Clay. After using this bar for the past month, I can see why it is such a big hit! This bar is also great if you are on a budget or if you just simply don’t feel like paying a lot of money for a great cleanser!

A little description about the brand and shop:

“At Butter Me Up Organics we believe in an organic and sustainable environment. All of the ingredients we use are organic when possible and from ethical and sustainable sources. We are a zero waste company who believes in recycling and upcycling at every opportunity. We are completely cruelty free and require that certification from all of our vendors as well. Each product you receive was made with the utmost care and best products available on the market. You can rest easy using our products knowing that each product was made with the best ingredients for both you and the world overall.

Our plastic use is as minimal as possible. All of our products are in glass or tin with the exception of our lip balm which we’re working on an alternative to! We store our oils in glass bottles and minimize the amount of plastics in our storage too. All around we are committed to your health and the heath of our planet.”

On to this lovely cleansing bar!!!

All of Butter Me Up Organics products are Organic, Completely cruelty free, No sulfates, phthalates or parabens…ever, No synthetic dyes or fragrances, Completely all natural and safe, Zero waste company, Packaging upcycled when possible, Everything is made with love ❤

photo credit: butter me up organics

What It Is: French Green Clay Facial Cleansing Bar

What It Does: This cleansing bar made with French Green Clay and Organic Castile soap is great for all skin types and balances the amount of oil on your skin. The Clay pulls the oils and buildup from your skin leaving your pores smaller, blackheads gone/reduced, and giving you a vibrant glow. The Castile soap is a great base and balances out the powerhouse of the clay. Just to top off this mix, we’ve added Rosemary essential oil for it’s beautifying astringent properties and Frankincense essential oil that is great for your face by keeping it youthful and firm, minimizing wrinkles and acne and toning the face. This cleansing bar will have your skin looking and feeling great in just one application. Won’t dry your skin or strip it of the necessary oils. A great all around facial bar.

Key Ingredients: French Green Clay, Castile Soap, Rosemary Oil.

For: Great for all skin types, especially acne prone skin or those with sensitivity to harsh cleansers.

Price: $7.00

Storage: Will last for months if stored in a clean, dry place.

My Thoughts: When I first used this soap in the shower I noticed that it foamed up really nicely and removed all of my makeup really easily! Most facial soaps make your skin feel tight and dry after using, but not this one! It didn’t leave my skin feeling even slightly dry after, if anything it made my skin feel more moisturized and after a few uses I could tell that my pores were less noticeable. It also helped to clear up a few blemishes quite nicely! There is no scent to this bar which is great for anyone who is sensitive to smells. You can’t beat the price of this cleansing bar. If you are looking for an affordable and gentle but affective cleansing bar, I highly recommend this one. For just $7.00 it is a really nice size and will last you months if you store it properly!

Have you ever used a Soap Bar to cleanse your face? If so, what are your thoughts and favorites?


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*All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. I am never paid to give my honest opinions and will only recommend products that I love and use myself! All Photographs are (C) Britanie Faith unless stated otherwise.*

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3 thoughts on “Butter Me Up Organics | Fresh Face Cleansing Bar Review

  1. yum this looks so good! i am really loving cleansing bars/cleansing lotions that contain clay … i feel a really nice tingle and i think it’s helping me degunk my pores. putting these on my list to try! xo

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